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26 "Where did the money go to otherwise Zhou"

        Qian Lele is a well-known paparazzi in the circle, but few outsiders know him. He always feels that he lacks a chance to become famous!
        Soon the opportunity came. Wei Dazui approached him and offered 100,000 yuan to let him follow an anchor named Zhou Bubuo.
        Money is second, mainly because Qian Lele got to know about this week's failure and thought that maybe this was an opportunity for him to make a name for himself, so he readily accepted it.
        Zhou Wenxuan went out for a run every day, but Qian Lele was lost every time! This made Qian Lele deeply question his profession!
        But he didn't give up, and squatted for more than two weeks, otherwise this fellow is finally going to go out!
        Qian Lele followed the bus with his little broken car slyly, watching Zhou Buo enter a leather bag company called Kunpeng Construction.
        Qian Lele snuck the cat under Kunpeng's window and listened to the movement inside.
        "Boss Zhou is here! Just in time to try my new tea!"
        After speaking, he poured a pot of cold water out the window, pouring Qian Lele from head to toe under the window.
        "No quality!" Qian Lele cursed secretly.
        Then I heard a vague message from inside: 6 million more... The other party asked for the price... You are really brave... I will do things, you can rest assured... Guaranteed inspection...
        Qian Lele under the window was shocked when he heard the words!
        Is it money laundering? Or drug trafficking? I might have caught a big fish this time!
        After Zhou Beirui left, Qian Lele decided to change his target and follow the person from the Kunpeng Building. Zhou Beifang kept getting lost!
        Qian Lele felt like a hero who fought against the dark forces for justice and social peace.
        Recalling that I always secretly photographed those celebrity gossips before, and this comparison is simply weak!
        Qian Lele deliberately dressed up in disguise, after all, the target this time was a bunch of vicious gangsters!
        The people who followed the Kunpeng Construction Group in the small broken car thought they were going to do some illegal business, but they didn't expect them to drive straight to the mountains.
        But when Qian Lele thought that if he succeeded in destroying a criminal group, how many families could be saved indirectly, he gritted his teeth and followed up!
        As a result, followed Kunpeng Construction to several mountainous areas in a row. Everyone went to the construction site, and the camera was filled with a bunch of useless construction site photos.
        "These people are really cautious, they must be using a construction company as a guise!"
        In the last mountain area I went to, the house over there was basically repaired. There was a golden plaque covered with red cloth hanging outside the house. Qian Lele quietly walked over and opened it: Xinghuo School.
        School? Qian Lele was dumbfounded.
        "Uncle, are you also here to help us build the school?"
        When Qian Lele was wondering, two children with dirty faces and tattered clothes looked at Qian Lele curiously.
        Qian Lele knew what was going on after a few words. Didn't Zhou build schools everywhere in the mountains?
        What is he drawing?
        "My friend, why are you here alone? Let's go and eat at my house!"
        Two mountain people carrying desks went out of the school and greeted Qian Lele warmly when they saw Qian Lele with a pestle at the door.
        Without waiting for Qian Lele to refuse, he dragged him away involuntarily.
        "Your village is so warm to outsiders!" Qian Lele said with emotion while sitting at the dinner table.
        "There are no outsiders in our village! Apart from the villagers, there is only Mr. Zhou's construction team in the valley."
        The village woman who was cooking came in with the dishes from the kitchen and said, "Eat more! It's been a long time since I saw Mr. Zhou. He should come when the school is built, right?"
        Qian Lele was at a loss for words.
        The villager continued: "Mr. Zhou is really a kind man! If he hadn't helped us build this school for free, the baby would probably be like us in the future. It's a pain in the ass to shave food in the soil and herd sheep on the mountain, haha!"
        "Come on, you're welcome! Eat more food! This is the chicken just killed!"
        The meal that Qian Lele thought was extremely delicious just now was like chewing wax!
        It was as if the bottle of five flavors had been knocked over in my heart, and all kinds of tastes came to my mind.
        He finally knew where Zhou Bu's money had gone!
        Before leaving, the villagers packed a lot of local specialties for Qian Lele, and kept telling him to remember to remind Mr. Zhou to come early, the villagers miss him very much!
        Qian Lele went home without stopping, looking at the photos on the computer that he took secretly. In the photos, all the old and young in the village were happily working on the construction site. When everyone looked at the gradually forming school, their eyes flashed. Light is the look of hope!
        He had so many doubts about Zhou before, and he followed him and kept criticizing him, but he never stood up and explained a word.
        "You don't care about these false names, but I will never allow people like you to be slandered again!" Qian Lele swore secretly looking at the photo.
        The next day, Qian Lele used his Weibo account "Entertainment Circle Gossip Reveal" to post a super-long Weibo titled "Where did all the money go if you didn't Zhou?".
        The popularity of Zhou's event has not subsided. In the past few days, Zhou's live broadcast has often encountered audiences insulting him, saying that he pretended to be poor and deceived people to reward him, because the money donated by the orphanage was only a drop in the bucket for him!
        Although they were all banned by the administrator, more and more people have the same idea.
        As soon as Qian Lele's Weibo came out, it greatly satisfied everyone's curiosity, including those loyal fans of Zhou Bubu.
        At the beginning of Weibo, Qian Lele apologized to Zhou Bubu, because he questioned his thoughts, so he began to follow and secretly take pictures, including his mental journey along the way.
        But after five or six mountain villages, Qian Lele began to feel puzzled and puzzled.
        It wasn't until he reached the eighth mountain area that Qian Lele began to contact the local villagers, and only through chat did he learn that the controversial Zhou Beibu had actually built a free school for the children in the mountain area and provided various educational resources for free!
        In the article, he said very emotionally: "I don't know how Mr. Zhou Beibu will feel when he is facing the controversy in the outside world, but when the editor found out, it was very uncomfortable! I owe Zhou or else a word of apology! I am more Hope to have the opportunity to apologize to you in person!"
        Each photo of the construction site on Weibo is marked with its location, which can stand up to scrutiny and inspection. Netizens can distinguish the true from the false at a glance, and the gratitude and joy in the eyes of adults and children cannot be faked!
        At the end of the article, Qian Lele specifically mentioned the villager who sent him away: "They thought that I was with Mr. Zhou Beibu, and they warmly entertained me, and they killed the only chicken that lays eggs in the family and entertained me! The meal is the most unbearable meal I have ever eaten in my life, and the chicken soup is more like a bowl of holy water, washing my dirty soul!"
        "Finally, please allow me to say one more thing to Mr. Zhou Beirui: I'm sorry! The editor bows to you again and apologizes!"
        On the Internet, there is an earthquake!