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28 Fat man on CCTV

        Zhou Bei had always thought that the programs on TV were live broadcasts, but he didn't expect that they were recorded in advance. The recording of the gorgeous life made him look like a douchebag.
        "Sister Dan, this is Zhou Beibu, our guest in this issue!" The young man who led the way led Zhou Beibu to a dressing room. An intellectual and temperament beauty sat on a stool and looked at the manuscript in her hand. The hair stylist was helping her organize it behind her.
        "Hello, I'm Zuo Dan! You can also call me Sister Dan. I look much older than you. Can I call you?"
        Because he was fixing his hairstyle, Zuo Dan had to turn his head slightly and waved with a smile, which was regarded as a greeting.
        "Ok, Ok!"
        Zhou Beirui smiled and scratched the back of his head.
        "I'm also your Zhuxian fan! By the way, Xiao Zhou, this is a question I'll ask in a while, so please familiarize yourself with it first."
        Otherwise, there is no such thing as an unsavory anchor such as Zhou, and there are no sensitive questions that cannot be asked.
        After a few more greetings, the staff took Zhou Bei to another dressing room, this one was reserved for Zuo Dan.
        "Hello everyone in front of the TV viewers, welcome to Brilliant Life, I'm Zuo Dan!"
        "The guests we invited today believe that many young friends have heard his name. He reduced from 250 pounds to 160 pounds in a month and started a new life!"
        "His short films such as "Father" have been well received! Zhang Xiaofan, Baguio, Lu Xueqi, all such touching and profound characters are also written by him!"
        "The most touching thing is that he used all his income and savings to build schools for children in the mountains, while he still lived in a simple and cramped apartment!"
        "Fat man!"
        "Not Zhou!"
        When Zuo Dan was still introducing, there were already many audience members shouting, including water friends in the live broadcast room, and book friends.
        "Let's applaud - not Zhou!"
        Immediately afterwards, saw a young and handsome boy appearing in the passageway behind the stage. Under the spotlight, Zhou Bei looked even taller and taller.
        "Hello everyone, I'm Zhou Bei!"
        For the first time on TV, Zhou Eluan was obviously still a little nervous.
        However, the experienced Zuo Dan made a few words of ridicule to let Zhou Buu relax, no longer tensely holding the microphone.
        "Otherwise, I'm very curious about how you thought of doing all this in the first place?"
        "Sister Dan, what do you mean?"
        "From your live broadcast to the following series of things."
        "How should I put it? Although I am weak, I still hope to influence more people to pay attention to public welfare and those disadvantaged groups in society, because I myself came out of the disadvantaged groups."
        "Are fat people considered vulnerable?"
        "Forget it, when I met a lot of people on the bus before, the driver would ask me to buy two tickets, and some passengers would even point at me and scold me. Why would I come out to join in the fun when I'm so fat."
        "Then you're not angry?"
        "I was also angry, but I was angry with myself, so I decided to lose weight later."
        "As far as I know, are you still versatile, can you write novels, sing songs, play the piano, and what else?"
        "Guitar! Guitar!"
        "Speak a joke!"
        Otherwise, Zhou had not had time to say it, and the audience below had already helped him add it.
        "Actually, I know a lot more, and everyone will know it slowly in the future!"
        Zhou Beibu said solemnly, he carried the essence of civilization for five thousand years up and down the earth, where did he go.
        The audience below booed.
        Seeing this, Zhou Beirui said with a stern face: "I'll beat up anyone who shushes again!"
        The audience booed even more, and Zuo Dan laughed even more when he saw this: "I've never seen someone who talks to fans like this!"
        "We are all friends, ordinary friends!" Zhou Bubu smiled.
        "Fat brother, I want to be your girlfriend!" The girl below suddenly shouted, causing the audience to burst into laughter.
        Zhou Beirui hates iron not being steel: "It's too hard for you to bring fans this year!"
        "Ha ha ha ha!"
        "Okay, let's get down to business. Otherwise, you are only 18 years old this year, and you already have a fortune of tens of millions. What prompted you to take this money out without hesitation?"
        "I grew up in a welfare center, and I was raised by kind-hearted people from the country and society. I just want to do my best to give back."
        "Then your own life is also very plain, or simple?"
        "I'm eating enough for my family and I'm not hungry, and I have nowhere to spend the money. Besides, the next restaurant is at least 100 or 200 yuan. A child in a mountainous area can only pay less than 10 yuan for three meals a day!"
        "We're going to watch a VCR next, is it provided by a friend, can you guess who it is?" Zuo Dan said slyly.
        "Xu Lirong?" Zhou Bubu frowned and probed.
        "How did you hit it just by guessing!" Zuo Dan's face was full of disbelief, Xu Lirong was coming, but no one told Zhou otherwise.
        "I have very few friends."
        Zhou Buu said shyly, but he didn't know that the rest of the people had uncontrollable bitterness in their hearts when they heard this sentence.
        A faint piano sounded, and the big screen on the stage lit up.
        In the picture, Zhou Beirui and a few people are walking deep and shallow in the mountainous area after the rain, covered in mud. Zhou Beirui takes out the drawings from time to time to compare, pointing to the distance and saying something to others.
        Zhou Bu Bu was talking to a man in a corner of a hot construction site.
        "Mr. Xu, I have to give you this month's money later."
        "Nervous? I told you not to shop so big!"
        "It's okay, I'll think of a way, the school will be repaired with quality and quantity!"
        The audience can see his embarrassment and difficulty from Zhou Bubu's frowning brows in the film, and can't help clenching his fists tightly.
        Then the picture cuts to the Weibo battle in which Wei Dazui and Zhou Beirui were scolding each other, including many people in the live broadcast room who said that Zhou Beirui pretended to be poor and cheated for rewards, but he just smiled and turned a blind eye, with some emotional female audience in the eyes already red.
        Not long after, Yuji Qian Lele's Weibo "Where Has All the Money Gone For Zhou" was a shocking shock and shocked the entire network!
        The scene changed, and Zhou Beibu stood in front of the built school, with black villagers underneath. Although the video shooter was shaking and the wind was blowing, the audience could still hear what Zhou Beibu said in the picture.
        "What I can do for everyone is very limited, but I can guarantee it! The children of Lijiachang, as long as you are willing to learn and can learn well, you will go to university in the future! You study abroad! If your family can't afford the money, I will come! "
        Immediately afterwards, saw a large group of children kneeling in front of Zhou Beibu, trying to kowtow to him, but he stopped him and helped them up one by one!
        There were more and more people with red eyes in the audience, and these children moved everyone.
        The last scene is that when Zhou Rui was about to leave, the whole village sang folk songs to say goodbye to Zhou Rui, pure feelings, simple gratitude, and even the hard-hearted people couldn't help crying when they saw this!
        Zhou Bubu's minibus gradually drifted away on the winding and rugged mountain road, and finally disappeared into the depths of the mountain...
        "Clap clap clap!"
        There was thunderous applause, and suddenly an audience member in the front row stood up, and slowly all the audience in the studio stood up, and the applause continued!
        Seeing this, Zhou Bei hurriedly stood up and bowed to everyone!
        "Otherwise, the last question, can you tell me why it was named Xinghuo?"
        "A single spark can start a prairie fire, the meaning is relatively simple!"
        "Okay, thank you again for participating in the program today, and thank you for everything you have done for the children in the mountains. I wish you a dream come true soon! I sincerely hope that more people will be scorched by Zhou Bubu's spark! I'm Zuo Dan, see you next time!"
        As soon as Zuo Dan finished speaking, the audience below jumped up.
        "Fat brother took a photo with me!"
        "Help me sign my name!"
        "The people at the back line up, don't crowd!"