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29 arresting traffickers

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        After the end, otherwise Zhou returned to Pengcheng on the same day, because the show would not be broadcast until the weekend, otherwise Zhou could only regretfully tell the netizens in the live broadcast that he would not be able to see his handsome and radiant scene for the time being!
        As a result, netizens in the live broadcast room vomited!
        "You ugly bastards, take advantage of Brother Fatty's live broadcast now! Hurry up and watch more! If Brother Fatty gets married in the future, how can you show up like this!"
        Zhou Butan glanced at the camera provocatively.
        The water friends in the live broadcast room suddenly fried the pot!
        "Fatty brother, what did you just say? I'm ugly?"
        "It's the first time I've been called ugly when I'm so old! If you don't talk about it, I'll let you see if I'm ugly!"
        "The routine upstairs is so deep! Does Fat Brother face Ji?"
        "The anchor threatened me, I'm going to quit!"
        "After a tiring day, watching a live broadcast will be disgusted and ugly!"
        "Didn't you notice that Fat Brother said he was getting married?"
        "Otherwise, are you sure there is a girl who wants you?"
        "Brother Fatty, let's introduce Fatty Sister-in-law! Let's see which heroine is so quick!"
        "Don't make trouble, I don't have it yet! I do so many good people and deeds now, just so that God can give me a peerless beauty like flowers and jade in the future!"
        After talking about the week, or else turn a corner, it will be dark, and the air will be cool when there are fewer people running by the lake at night.
        While running, was arguing with the netizens in the live broadcast room, and heard a heart-piercing scream from the forest path in the distance!
        "Come on someone! Someone is robbing the child! Help!"
        After a long period of training, Zhou Bai's reaction speed is no less than that of the special forces!
        When heard the scream, first reaction was that something was wrong!
        A sudden change of direction, then jumped high across the roadside fence and rushed towards the incident.
        "what happened!"
        Before Zhou Erren arrived, he saw a young woman in sandals and slippers, stumbled and chased forward.
        Seeing someone coming, the young woman with eyes full of tears and messy hair immediately pointed to the front.
        "Someone stole my baby!"
        "What's the other party like? What's your child like?"
        "The other party, the other party is wearing a black dress and a hat! My daughter is only 1 year old wearing a white top!"
        "Call the police!"
        After listening to this sentence, Zhou Wuhuan dropped this sentence, took out the speed of a 100-meter impact, and rushed in the direction she said!
        The netizens in the live broadcast room were also furious.
        "Fuck it, Nima! It's not dark in the downtown area to grab children!"
        "Can you be a little more mad?!"
        "Fat brother caught the trafficker! Hack him to death!"
        "As long as you catch it, fat brother! I'll give you 1,000 and beat me to the death!"
        "Fat brother probably doesn't want to. If there are people in the same city, I will pay to help fight for you!"
        At this time, Zhou Bei had already seen the trafficker. He carried the child under his arm and heard the child's miserable cry from a distance!
        Otherwise, continue to speed up! Seeing that he is about to rush to the side of the road to catch the man!
        Suddenly, a gray van stopped in front of the man with a sudden stop, the door was pulled open before it could stop, and then the trafficker got into the car with the child!
        Zhou Beiruo said a dirty word, and when he looked around, there was not a single car around!
        I can run 5 kilometers with a weight of more than 60 pounds. I donโ€™t believe that I canโ€™t catch up with you in the city!
        After sprinting for nearly ten minutes, after turning the intersection, was fortunate to see that the van was caught in the traffic!
        The driver of the van thought that he would get rid of Zhou otherwise, so he started to behave himself, fearing that he would easily attract the attention of the traffic police.
        Looking up at the countdown at the traffic light at the intersection, there are 15 seconds left for the green light!
        Otherwise Zhou didn't even look at the traffic on both sides, and rushed straight to the van. Vehicles that were too late to dodge slammed to the brakes!
        For a while, the whistle of the vehicles at the intersection was loud, and the drivers kept sticking their heads out to scold Zhou or else he would kill him, but he ran away in a flash!
        The change in the rear also attracted the attention of the van driver. He glanced at the rearview mirror. A young man in sportswear ran towards his car, and the driver was shocked!
        Isn't that the kid just now! He actually ran four or five kilometers behind him? !
        The driver of the van was also frightened by Zhou Beibu's grim look. He was at a loss for a while. Seeing that the gap between the two cars in the right lane was a bit wide, he slammed the accelerator and drove the car to squeeze the road. The gap rushed through from the inside.
        Who would have thought that if they hit him head-to-head, the other party didn't move at all. Instead, the bumper of the van was knocked off.
        In a few seconds, Zhou or Zhou was even closer to leaving the van! The driver made a bold decision: backing the car and killing the young man, no one will know that we are traffickers!
        Just when Zhou Beibu was less than 10 meters away from the van, the van quickly reversed back with a bang and aimed straight at Zhou Beibu!
        The van driver has been staring at the rearview mirror, his eyes are red: you brought it on yourself!
        Seeing that it was about to hit, even the drivers who were taking pictures of videos with their mobile phones couldn't bear to watch it, who would have known the sudden change!
        Zhou Buuuu changed direction slightly, one leg slammed on the body of the car on the right, and jumped up with strength, and the position he stepped on immediately dented!
        All the people at the intersection were stunned and stared at the scene in front of them. Is this filming?
        This guy is too sneaky!
        Everyone only saw Zhou Bu's body crossed in the air, clinging to the roof of the car and brushing past the van!
        With a loud noise, the butt of the van, which was too late to brake, slammed into an off-road vehicle behind.
        "get off!"
        The van driver made another stupid decision. The two behind them didn't care about the baby. They opened the door and prepared to drill into a crowded place.
        Zhou Beier glanced at the crowd around who were taking videos with their mobile phones, grabbed a mobile phone, and threw it out!
        "Hey! My phone!"
        The driver whose phone was robbed didn't react, and then he saw that his phone had hit the van driver exactly.
        The driver screamed "Ah" and fell down!
        Seeing that the situation was wrong, the two behind them were ready to run away, leaving the baby behind. Zhou Buran sprinted and kicked one person's lower back with a kick.
        Another trafficker saw the idea and took out a bright dagger from his waist and aimed at Zhou Beirui's neck and stabbed him hard, but Zhou Beirui moved to the side to hide.
        The trafficker was still about to continue the murder, but unexpectedly, Zhou Beirui grabbed the hand holding the knife. The trafficker felt like his hand was being clamped by a pair of iron pliers, and the pain was terrible.
        If Zhou or else tried harder, the trafficker would be too sore to hold the dagger, but otherwise Zhou would not be polite to him. He took a step forward to resist the trafficker's arm and threw his arm over his shoulder and smashed into the van, and then was bounced back by the van and fell. On the ground, there is no movement!
        After seeing the three of them knocked down and unconscious, Zhou Beibu walked over and picked up the crying baby in the car.
        "Who help to report to the police, these three are traffickers!"
        "Fuck! I thought I was filming!"
        "110, 3 traffickers have been caught here, come here, the location is..."
        "Damn, I told you to grab it!"
        A male driver next to him saw that the police didn't come, and kicked the trafficker fiercely. In the back seat of his car, a baby of about 1 year old looked curiously at the scene through the car window.