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30 Fat man's second visit to the palace and new ideas

        After amusing for a while, the baby kept crying. A young mother with the child next to her said, "The child may be hungry, let me make some milk powder for him!"
        Zhou Bei nodded gratefully.
        Sure enough, when the child's fleshy hands were holding the feeding bottle, he immediately calmed down and smiled sweetly at everyone from time to time.
        The piercing siren sounded, and several police cars with red and blue flashing lights stopped at the periphery.
        "Bang bang bang!"
        The sound of the door closing the car sounded.
        "Who called the police, where is the suspect!"
        "This way, this way! The police comrades are here! They even saved a baby!"
        The others immediately echoed loudly.
        Along with the police, there was also the child's mother. At this time, she was lost and lost like a walking corpse. As soon as she saw the child in Zhou Bu's hands, the expression on her face immediately came to life!
        "Ah! My baby!"
        There was a scream, and then the child's mother rushed over in three steps and took two steps and snatched the child, holding the child and crying extremely miserably!
        Losing a child means destroying a family. Most of the people present are people with children, and they can fully understand the feelings of a child's mother.
        Others immediately comforted the child's mother, the child has returned, don't scare the child like this.
        "Brother Chen, come and see!"
        A young policeman greeted another, a little older.
        "what happened?"
        "This one's head is slightly better, and the other two are probably fractured, and the injuries are not minor." The young policeman pointed at the three people on the ground and frowned.
        "What did you do?" The middle-aged policeman called Brother Chen looked at Zhou Beibu and asked.
        With so many people watching, Zhou could not rely on him if he wanted to, so he had to bite the bullet and say, "It's me."
        "It's so hard to start, and it's estimated that your family members are too tired to come over!"
        Brother Chen ignored Zhou after he lost a sentence.
        On the contrary, Brother Chen's words made everyone angry.
        "What do you mean? Is it wrong to be brave?!"
        "People have taken out their knives. If this young man hadn't had two strokes, he would have been lying on the ground long ago!"
        "I've helped you solve the case, but you still think people hurt people? If I rob my child, I'll spend the fucking money to kill these beasts!"
        "You want to lose money? I'll call too, count me in!"
        The man who kicked the trafficker just now roared.
        "I beat him too, even take me away!"
        "I have learned a lot today, and I have a share in cleaning up these beasts just now. Come on! Copy it to me!"
        Seeing this, Brother Chen's expression changed. Everyone was very excited and crowded towards the police. If something went wrong, a big accident would happen, so he hurriedly climbed into a car.
        "Don't get excited first, I understand everyone's feelings, and I am also a father! First of all, I am very grateful for what this young man has done today, our society needs such people of justice! But these suspects are seriously injured. It's also an indisputable fact, I said it doesn't matter how to judge it, it has to be decided by the court, but we definitely hope that the hero can't sweat and cry, everyone is right!"
        Either way, all the talents finally dispersed, and the two people who had been robbed of the mobile phone by Zhou or stepped on the car body did not want him to lose money. They both happily said that there was not much money, and they paid for it themselves. He drove away in a hurry.
        In the police station, other people who didn't call the police saw that Brother Chen was followed by a young man who was embarrassed and depressed, and thought that otherwise Zhou would be arrested for committing a crime.
        "Brother, do you smoke?"
        Brother Chen asked him to sit down and said politely.
        "Thank you, I won't."
        The other policemen asked the brother who had just called the police again, only to realize that this young man was actually a "hero" who took the child back from the traffickers!
        Immediately, everyone became enthusiastic. One helped hand the towel, the other poured a glass of water, and a policeman handed over a mobile phone to ask if it was Zhou.
        Hey! Sure enough, it's my own, and the live broadcast hasn't been released yet! I don't know where it went from the fight just now.
        A policewoman in the back leaned in to take a look: "You're still an anchor! Let's see, there are 10 million, 2.6 million people online?!"
        "Fat brother live broadcasts the second entry to the palace!"
        "Fat brother is mighty!"
        "I saw a video of a fat guy chasing a murderer posted by someone in the group of riders! Nima is so awesome!"
        "I've seen it too, and that's the effect of making movies!"
        "What video is upstairs, please share!"
        Someone quickly lost a group number and came out, saying that this is the fan group of Fat Brother, otherwise Zhou is at a loss, I don't even know when there is a fan group?
        "Are you Zhou?" the policewoman asked in surprise.
        There was a policeman beside him who wondered who Zhou was otherwise, and the policewoman immediately explained: "The anchor who donated more than 10 million yuan to build a school last week is this one!"
        Everyone immediately became awe-inspiring, and they all came up to take a photo with Zhou Beibu, causing the fat brother to laugh or cry.
        After a while, the father and grandparents of the kidnapped child came. heard that Zhou Bubu gave up his life to chase the car on the road, and finally got the child back. The old man held Zhou Bubu's hand and cried and thanked him constantly!
        This granddaughter is simply the top of the heart of the old couple. If there is a mistake, the old couple will not want to live!
        The child's father is a lawyer, but he couldn't calm down at this time. When his wife called him to say that the child had been robbed, he felt that the sky was falling! At this time, it was also red-eyed repeatedly thanking Zhou Bubu for his life-saving grace! If Zhou hadn't stopped him, he would have had the heart to kneel.
        Zhou Beibu has repeatedly said that anyone who sees this kind of thing will take action, just watch the child more closely in the future!
        After making a brief note, the police let Zhou go home, and enthusiastically asked if he needed to drive him.
        The next day, the video of Zhou Beirui fighting with human traffickers has been circulated everywhere on the Internet, and everyone in each group should applaud after watching it!
        Especially after the police retrieved the video of Zhou Buoru running wildly on the road chasing the van, the matter finally came to an end. Many netizens who love sports said that if they ran four or five kilometers at this speed, at least when they got there. After waiting for half an hour, the fat brother was not affected at all.
        At this time, Zhou Beibu was browsing the news about lost children and abducted children on the Internet. The data published on the Internet was shocking. Last year alone, nearly 150,000 children were abducted!
        After reading it, otherwise Zhou made a decision!
        He wanted to follow the example of his previous life and set up a website dedicated to finding lost children, called Baojiajiawang!
        I immediately found a website production company on the Internet, and asked for the fastest speed online!
        At the same time, he also wanted to actively expand the popularity of this website and allow more people to participate. After a little thought, Zhou would have thought of the content of the live broadcast tonight.