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31 On-site abduction teaching

        "Good evening everyone, everyone, I'm the fat guy you love but can't get!"
        "Fat brother, are you teasing me? I'm very good at teasing!"
        "Do you mind having one more person teasing you upstairs?"
        "I beg fat brother to do a crash course in martial arts, I want to learn your volley kick!"
        "I think that fat brother is the man to fly past the roof of the car in mid-air! It made me look wet!"
        "It's wet upstairs, you mean crying?"
        "Fat brother, are you not hurt?"
        "I heard that the family members of the traffickers are looking for trouble with Fat Brother, is there such a thing?"
        "I'm a lawyer, fat brother, I'll sue you for free!"
        "Thank you for your support! I was unscathed. As for the three traffickers, I don't know. If they really come to trouble, I'm not afraid, and I'm not afraid of shadows!"
        "I haven't sang to you for a long time. I was inspired by the incident two days ago. I dedicate an immature work "Dear Child" to everyone. I hope everyone likes it!"
        After that, he picked up the broken 50-dollar guitar and gently strummed the strings.
        "Did the little child cry today?
        Whether all the friends have left, leaving behind a loneliness that cannot be taken away
        Did the beautiful child cry today?
        Have you stained your beautiful clothes and can't find someone to talk to?"
        The audience in the live broadcast room listened to the beginning, and after thinking of the human trafficking incident two days ago, they guessed what kind of song it was. Many netizens turned on their cameras one after another. This is the first song of Fat Brother!
        The chorus part came, and the accompaniment that Zhou Buu spent all afternoon rushing out sounded, and he also sang the guitar acapella and raised it.
        "My dear child, why don't you let me see clearly
        Whether let the wind blow out the candles and walk alone in the dark
        My dear child, quickly dry your tears
        I would like to accompany you on your way home"
        It's a pity that the time is too rushed. If the harmony part is added, Zhou otherwise thinks the effect should be better.
        But even so, this song also touched the tears of many people, allowing these people to vent their grief through the Internet.
        "Baby, in your next life, you will come to see your mother, okay?"
        "I think of my parents who are far away from my hometown. It's been too long. I miss them so much!"
        "My university teacher is going to teach next month, and I want to sing this song to him!"
        "Remember to tell your teacher upstairs: what he is doing now is very meaningful!"
        "I want to be a child who is loved and loved forever. I really don't want to face all this alone!"
        "The song didn't tell me grit, it gave me solace."
        "Thank you fat man!"
        At the end of the song, Zhou Bu Bu pursed his lips and watched the chat flashing on the screen.
        "Actually, I chose to compose this song for a reason!"
        Then Zhou Buoran told the audience in the live broadcast room of his idea of ​​creating a baby home network, and sincerely invited volunteers to the online audience of more than 2 million!
        Not surprisingly, there are a lot of people who are eager to sign up. Some are willing to maintain the website for free, some advocate the assembly of volunteer groups by region, and even the bosses of two Internet companies said that they would advertise their products for free. of.
        The baby home plan initiated by Zhou Beiruo was officially launched under the witness of more than 2 million people!
        In the live broadcast for the next period of time, Zhou Beirui will use the experience of the previous life to teach everyone how to distinguish abducted children.
        For the sake of convenience, the way he live broadcasts has changed from holding a mobile phone to a badge-sized camera on his chest, but he still needs a mobile phone to view the barrage and chat records.
        "It's 12 o'clock in the middle of the night now, and the fat brother went to the food stall over there to pack a late night snack and go home."
        Walking through the streets and alleys for a long time and found nothing, Zhou Weibuo and all the netizens were both disappointed and happy.
        Just when Zhou Bu was waiting for a late-night snack, a young couple came to the store with a few-month-old baby.
        "Boss, can I pour a glass of water for the child to drink, the child is thirsty!"
        the young woman asked loudly to the boss who was checking out.
        The boss took a look and motioned for her to pour it herself, and the young woman poured half a cup of tea from a disposable water cup to feed the crying baby.
        After the baby drank the tea, it really quieted down, and netizens didn't feel that something was wrong, but Zhou Bu's brows were wrinkled more and more deeply!
        The young woman said thank you to the boss, and the young couple were about to leave with the baby in their hands.
        Zhou Bubu stood up and walked to the couple.
        She stared at the young man and asked, "Is this your child?"
        There was a trace of panic in the young man's eyes, but he quickly calmed down: "Are you crazy! Whose is not mine?"
        The young woman didn't even look at Zhou, she just pulled the man to urge him to leave.
        If Zhou didn't see the two of them like this, he knew there was a ghost!
        He reached out and stabbed the man like lightning, and the other's hands fell down weakly, but the baby in his arms reached Zhou Bubu's hands.
        "Steal the child! Help!"
        Seeing this, the woman hurriedly raised her voice and shouted, and the diners in the food stall immediately gathered around to clean up the week, otherwise this "human trafficker".
        Otherwise Zhou took out his mobile phone and made a call: "Hello, 110..."
        As soon as the young couple saw each other, they actually called the police. The two exchanged glances and ran out!
        Zhou Buo picked up the porcelain plate on the table and threw it out, "ping ping pong pong" a few times, the young couple were attacked almost at the same time, and fell in response!
        Seeing the two fall down, Zhou Beirui picked up the phone again and continued to tell 110 his location.
        The shop owner came out with a bewildered face and said, "Brother, what's going on?"
        "These two are human traffickers." Zhou Bubu replied while swiping his phone.
        "How did you know?"
        "Number one, what parent would walk down the street with a few months old baby without sleep at 12 o'clock?"
        "Secondly, when you go out, you can leave your adult's belongings alone, and your children's belongings must not be missing. This is the most basic thing about being a parent, right?"
        "Third, how can a few months old baby be fed tea? I don't think these two are like uneducated parents."
        "Fourth, this child is obviously hungry. The reason why he didn't cry after feeding tea is because the child mistakenly thought it was milk!"
        "Fifth, when I asked if it was their child, the man's eyes panicked."
        "Sixth, if I robbed the other's child, the parents should have taken it back as soon as possible, instead of shouting for help!"
        "Seventh, you also saw it. As soon as I hit 110, the opponent ran away."
        "Clap clap clap clap!"
        The diners in the food stalls for supper all stood up and applauded.
        "Young man, tall! It's really a cow!"
        "Brother is really living in vain. If you weren't here today, this child would have been ruined by these two beasts!"
        "As long as my shop is still open, come if you want, I don't want any money from you!"
        "Come on! Let's all toast this hero!"
        The food stalls and the diners from nearby food stalls all came over and toasted Zhou Bubu together.
        There were also a few people who were obviously drunk, and they were ready to get started after catching the two traffickers. Fortunately, the people next to them stopped them.
        110 came, and they were still acquaintances.
        "Fat brother! It's you who called the police!"
        The person who came was the young policeman who went out to police with Brother Chen a few days ago. As soon as he saw Zhou, he would say hello.
        "Two traffickers caught, the kidnapped children are here!"
        The young policeman was stunned for a moment, looked at a man and a woman lying on the ground, probed his nose, and breathed, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.
        "What do you mean? I'm not a murderer!"
        Otherwise, Zhou would not know whether to laugh or cry.
        "Fat brother, I'm not afraid that you will stop it, it's not worth it to put yourself in for this kind of scum!"
        On the way back to the police station, Zhou Beirui didn't know that the young policeman's surname was Ma, so he jokingly called him Brother Ma.
        After simply making a note and entrusting the baby to the female police officer in the station, the two were still in a coma in the small single room, otherwise Zhou didn't bother to brag about how wise he was at that time, and went home after a few words of greeting.
        When opened the live broadcast room, the reward in it had already taken off.
        "Han Mo Shu Yun gave the anchor a rocket! Everyone, go grab the treasure chest! - Thank you Fat Brother for saving a little life!"
        "Shen Huang gave the anchor 10 rockets! Everyone, hurry up and grab the treasure chest! ——Fatty brother's plate made me want to be defeated, and it's a hit!"
        "Shujiu gave the anchor a rocket! Everyone, go grab the treasure chest! ——Even if I doubt it, I may not dare to ask questions. Today, Fat Brother taught me another lesson!"
        "Dugu Duanren gave the anchor 9 rockets! Everyone, go grab the treasure chest! —— Meeting on a narrow road is a fight! Our society needs more people like Fat Brother!"
        "Thank you for your reward, your money and fat brother will be used to help more people in need! Today's live broadcast is here, we will continue tomorrow!"