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38 The game company and new book of Pengcheng's first handsome

        When Zhou Beirui arrived at Spark Games, the company was silent.
        When got closer, saw that they were all fucking playing games!
        The fat man was instantly furious, and turned into a vicious capitalist: Did I pay you money to play games!
        "The boss is here!" Sun Bin, one of the three founders, said loudly when he saw Zhou Bubu.
        The fat brother made a nasal sound in disgust, pointed to the two rows of employees who were so obsessed with playing games that they didn't see his boss and asked, "What are they doing?"
        "The final test, to see if there are any bugs or something." Sun Bin quickly explained.
        "Come on!" The fat brother patted Sun Bin on the shoulder, embarrassed.
        After Zhao Qizhi reported the progress of Xianjian to Zhou Buuuuuuuuuu, the game had been tested, but the employees were not at ease doing the final inspection, so they talked about whether there was a game exhibition in Pengcheng recently, whether Xinghuo wanted to participate.
        If Zhou Beirui heard it, he immediately made a decision - go!
        Don't go to how to make a name for yourself!
        If we don't go, how will others know that we have developed such a great game!
        Otherwise, Zhou is full of confidence. Compared with the other three, he looks embarrassed. If this game is not good, the plot is really good!
        To say it well, with that picture, that setting, that degree of freedom, and full of slots, no one is sure how this game will go on the market.
        After discussing the business, Zhou Beiran felt that as a boss, he should often invite the employees to have a meal to cultivate feelings or something, so at noon, the Lanzhou Ramen shop downstairs was full of employees from Spark Games...
        Employee A: "I want to go back and warm up the food I brought..."
        Employee B: "You don't want to!"
        "My fans, your most handsome fat brother misses you all! Do you also miss fat brother so much!"
        Zhou Beibei has been stunned since he was sentenced to 8 years in the first trial. This is his first live broadcast, and his whole person is like a wild dog who has lost its rein.
        "Dude, did you forget to take your medicine?"
        "Yo, we've changed houses!"
        "I feel that fat brother is stupid and cute!"
        "Fatty brother, you are a good place. Show everyone your new nest!"
        "Fatty brother, how can you still have girlish feelings for a man of five big and three thick, and you are pink and tender at home!"
        "How fast you can find a house! You stayed in a hotel yesterday and moved to a new house today!"
        Seeing this, Zhou Buran was extremely proud: "You don't even look at who I am! There are thousands of fans of Pengcheng's first handsome female! This is rented by Fat Brother's admirers to Fat Brother."
        "Fat brother, you are bloated!"
        "That admirer is so miserable, he lost his sight at a young age."
        "Brother Fat, why didn't you say that it was the house that your friend gave you on his 60th birthday!"
        "Fat brother, I love you! I'm going to give you a monkey!"
        "I especially want to know if your admirer will clean you up after he finds out."
        The fat brother saw the ID of this message - Miss Aojiao Han!
        I don't know why, but Zhou Buu always feels weird, it seems, it seems, maybe, maybe, it feels a bit like Han Yuyun...
        Otherwise, Zhou could only smile in embarrassment, and then chatted with fans.
        "I've watched Zhuxian almost 10 times. When are you going to open a new pit?"
        "Yes! I have all my money ready!"
        "Is it still more on the pole network?"
        "Don't worry, fat brother, I will support you as always, as long as you don't abuse!"
        "Remember not to change your pen name!"
        "Please don't abuse!"
        "Reading a fat book is better than being dumped 99 times for a broken love!"
        "It feels so bad upstairs!"
        "As for the new book, to tell you the truth, I have already saved the manuscript for a long time. I believe everyone will like it!"
        The bottom one begged him to publish a new book quickly. After the fat brother slammed into the live broadcast, he thought that he didn't have a computer. It's hard for this clever woman to cook without rice!
        It's almost 2 o'clock after read it. If buy it online, think won't be able to receive it today. The fat brother simply found a physical store to buy it.
        When he returned home happily holding the newly bought computer, he found that the lights in the house were actually on, and a pair of black high-heeled shoes were taken off the door of the house.
        "Why did you just go home, I'm going to starve to death!"
        "No! How did you come in, Han Yuyun?!"
        "How strange! Can't I go back to my own house?"
        "Okay! But don't I live here now?"
        "Where your chief commander of Pengcheng is, do I have to retreat ten miles?"
        Fat brother sighed in his heart!
        Han Yuyun watched my live broadcast 100% this afternoon!
        That message must be her!
        He quickly put on a dog-legged smile: "How can it be! The landlord takes a break! The little one will cook right away!"
        at the dinner table.
        "Cough! I heard that you are going to open a new book?"
        "What is your name?"
        "The days I lived with." The fat brother's voice was so small that he couldn't even hear it himself, especially the two key words were eaten by him...
        "Who do you live with?"
        Han Yuyun frowned.
        What the hell! Are you really a journalist? Lao Tzu was a special forces soldier in his previous life, and he couldn't hear it clearly, okay?
        "Airline stewardess……"
        The fat brother's voice was like a mosquito, as if it was a shame to say it.
        "Have you ever lived with a flight attendant?"
        "Hmph, no! I've never lived together anyway, so I don't sleep with anyone."
        "Men are big hooves!"
        After cleaning up, Han Yuyun dawdled on the sofa again until it was almost 9 o'clock before leaving.
        "Lord Landlord, go well, remember to buy vegetables next time you come to eat!"
        Zhou Buo waved his hand, and Han Yuyun, who was waiting for the elevator, said loudly.
        In response to him, another blank eye...
        You can finally code with peace of mind!
        Turning on the new computer, the fat brother took a picture and sent it to Weibo.
        "I haven't paid off the last computer I bought at in installments, so I bought another one. I hope you can stay with me for a while longer!" He added a cheering expression when he finished.
        Weibo has just been released, and the netizens who join in the fun are here.
        "How much money gives you, I'll happily buy you double!"
        "How much money HP gives you, I Hongji give you three times!"
        "Fat brother, stop being arrogant! Hurry up and upload it!"
        "I'm still waiting to read your book before going to bed!"
        Even Pan Shun, President of, came out: "Director Zhou is the VIP middle P of our! There is no need to pay back the final payment!"
        "May I ask how much Mr. Pan spends? I also want to be a VIP middle P!"
        "I'm going to wake up upstairs with urine! You can only be a P for how much you spend!"
        "Get out of the way upstairs, I'm urinating! Let me come!"
        The fat brother turned on the computer solemnly, and then created a book title - the days of living together with a flight attendant!
        Look at the time, it's almost 11 o'clock!
        What makes the other authors extremely speechless is that the fat brother only created a title, and there is nothing yet, and there are a large group of readers who are rewarding.
        Readers are still stupidly waiting to read the new book, who would have thought that the fat brother has fallen asleep safely...