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43 The twists and turns of the hotel door

        Of course, Lin Manmiao recognized Zhou Bubu, who saved him. After being grateful, she asked him where he lived now, and said that if those people came back, she would go to him for help as soon as possible.
        Otherwise, Zhou didn't think much about it, and told her that the hotel and room number she stayed in were separated.
        After returning to the hotel, Fat Brother didn't take it to heart. He was about to take a shower and went to bed. Unexpectedly, just after taking off his clothes, he heard the doorbell ring.
        Otherwise, Zhou thought it was Director Wang who came to talk to him, but when the door opened, it was Lin Manmiao who was standing at the door!
        "Otherwise, can I go in and talk about something?"
        Seeing that Zhou was otherwise puzzled, Lin Manmiao spoke first before he could ask.
        Otherwise Zhou did not suspect him, so he let her into the room.
        Who knew that Lin Manmiao just asked if she could be arranged to play a small role in Xianjian, otherwise Zhou was just a little embarrassed, Lin Manmiao immediately got up and said that if the embarrassment was over, she left the room, only a minute or two before and after.
        It is inexplicable to see Zhou otherwise, what is this operation?
        Director Wang's room.
        "Otherwise, the entertainment industry is a big dye vat and a mixed place. I know you are kind, but you must be wary, like today's..."
        Then Director Wang told him that this kind of thing is too common in the entertainment industry, and most of the time, those incompetent actors are voluntary, even if they ask for the opportunity, like Zhou otherwise, it will block people's way to make money .
        Otherwise, Zhou knew that Director Wang was trusting and treating himself as a son and nephew before he said these words, and even said that the teacher was grateful to Director Wang for his guidance.
        Director Wang originally thought that what happened yesterday was over, but he didn't expect it to happen today!
        The assistant has collected all the entertainment news, front page headlines, hot and hot searches today, all of them are Zhou Bubu and Lin Manmiao!
        "Lin Manmiao late night hotel night party week is not so good!"
        "Why don't Zhou date Lin Manmiao?"
        "Zhou Bu is wearing a bathrobe, and the lonely man and the widow are in the same room late at night!"
        "Legend of Immortal Sword is facing a change of roles, and Lin Manmiao is about to play Lin Yueru!"
        "Is 19-year-old Zhou or Lin Manmiao, 26, really compatible?"
        When Zhou Bei received the news and rushed to the crew in a hurry, only then did he know that the matter had become known to everyone!
        Upon seeing this, he hurriedly explained to Director Wang that the woman stayed in the room for less than two minutes before going to Director Wang by herself, and wanted to leave without success, and nothing happened!
        Wang Dao certainly believed that this kind of trick could only deal with the unguarded Xiaobai like Zhou Buu, but the matter had come to an end, it had already caused a considerable impact on the fairy sword, which mainly focuses on youth and pure love.
        Many netizens expressed that they could not accept it! It is even more unacceptable that "Li Xiaoyao" and a woman like Lin Manmiao are mixed together. Netizens feel that Li Xiaoyao has been "tainted"!
        Fans began to boycott Legend of Sword and Fairy! Unless Li Xiaoyao changes roles!
        Seeing that the crew was surrounded by reporters, Wang Zhi wanted to hold a press conference to explain.
        Unexpectedly, Lin Manmiao moved faster, he just ordered to go on, and the results of Lin Manmiao's press conference have come out.
        In the camera, Lin Manmiao explained to the reporters with a pretentious expression that she and Zhou were innocent, but that expression did not look like she was innocent.
        "We are ordinary friends, don't think too much about it!"
        "I went to his room just to chat between normal friends!"
        "Please don't spread the word. After all, I'm still single, and such scandals will also affect my reputation."
        "I don't have a boyfriend yet!"
        "Me, my boyfriend should be tall and handsome, kind and versatile! I don't mind falling in love with boys younger than me!"
        Seeing Lin Manmiao's press conference, if Zhou had no idea what was going on, he would be a pig!
        Under the Weibo of Zhou's makeup photo, there were netizens who originally called him "first love", and the picture changed drastically.
        "Fat brother, are you thinking of spring?"
        "Finding a bus gives you a sense of accomplishment?"
        "No matter how much you donate to the school, it can't cover up your taste!"
        "Fat brother came over and told you: you can't be in a hurry to find a girlfriend, really!"
        "A horse with a rotten saddle, don't separate when you are together."
        "Brother Fat remember to live a good life with Lin Manmiao, don't let her out and harm others!"
        "Director Wang, what should I do?"
        Zhou Bu Bu looked at Wang Zhi blankly and asked stupidly.
        "Accept it."
        Wang Zhi shrugged and spread out his hands, indicating that there was nothing he could do.
        Catch the thief and take the stolen goods, otherwise Zhou must have evidence to prove his innocence! It's a pity that everyone only saw the evidence that the two of them had a tryst at the hotel in the middle of the night.
        Zhou Rui didn't give up and asked Director Wang to help him get Lin Manmiao's phone number, but he picked up the phone but couldn't put it down, what should he say? Let Lin Manmiao explain to the reporter? She explained every sentence at the press conference!
        A new text message alert sounded, and Zhou Bei picked up the phone to check, it was an unfamiliar number.
        "The paparazzi Lin Manmiao found was named Hu Chun, who was in charge of secretly taking pictures of her at the door of your room. The remuneration, including the seal fee, totaled 100,000!"
        Fat guy is shocked!
        He quickly called back, but the sound of the shutdown sound came from the receiver.
        From the content alone, this person is a friend rather than an enemy, but why does this person tell himself this? He wants me to pinch Lin Manmiao?
        Looking at this anonymous text message on his mobile phone, Zhou Beiran suddenly wanted to try the authenticity of this message!
        "Hey, Lin Manmiao, I'm not Zhou!"
        "Oh, it's you! What's the matter?"
        The impatience and contempt that came from his tone, even over the phone, Zhou Beiren could feel it clearly!
        "Is it convenient to meet now? I have something to tell you!"
        "I'm not free, just say anything on the phone!"
        "Hehe, are you sure you want me to speak on the phone?"
        At the other end of the conversation, Lin Manmiao was silent for a few seconds: "Wait for my call!"
        At 10 o'clock in the evening, Lin Manmiao, with her big sunglasses and hat "fully armed", rang the doorbell of Zhou Bubu's room.
        "You designed this on purpose?"
        Otherwise, Zhou is straight to the point.
        "I do not know what you're talking about!"
        Lin Manmiao replied calmly.
        "Hu Chun told me all!"
        Lin Manmiao was shocked when she heard the name, her eyes struggled for a while, and finally her eyes softened, fat brother knew that she believed it!
        "Tell me, what else do you know." Lin Manmiao was no longer arrogant and arrogant. She took off her sunglasses and hat and stared at Zhou Bubu's eyes and asked.
        "I also know that you gave Hu Chun 100,000 to take pictures of you when you entered my room, do you want me to continue talking!"
        "Otherwise, if you listen to me, there is nothing I can do. You have nothing to lose anyway, right! Or I can compensate you! Please help me keep it a secret!"
        "Confidentiality? Thank you for saving you yesterday! Has your conscience been eaten by a dog?"
        "Save me? Do you know how much effort it took for me to make an appointment with Mr. Xu? He just wanted to have sex with me! The last time I got a bed was a bargain!"
        Lin Manmiao had already given up and said with a wry smile.
        "Then you're making fun of my reputation?"
        "Then what do you want? Why don't I sleep with you too?"
        "I want you to apologize publicly! Make things clear!"
        "Can't do it!"
        "Then I'm the only one here!"
        "You? Humph! A stunned young man, the water in the entertainment industry is deep enough to drown you!"
        "Director Wang, it's alright!"
        Suddenly hearing that Zhou Buu called Wang, a bad premonition flooded Lin Manmiao's heart.
        Immediately afterwards, I saw the staff of the crew push the door in, walked straight to all corners of the room, took out the camera inside, and Wang Zhi also followed behind and entered the door, looking at himself with a half-smile.
        "It's over!"
        This was Lin Manmiao's only thought at this time.