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48 South China Sea Fleet dispatched

        At this time, the number of online users in Fat Brother's live broadcast room has exceeded 70 million, and countless media are stationed here to convey the latest information first-hand!
        The family members of more than 1,000 compatriots kept losing their minds in the live broadcast room and generally asked Fat Brother how his family was doing. Unfortunately, Fat Brother had no time to take care of it, but other netizens were comforting these family members one after another.
        "Don't worry, family members, Fat Brother is very cool!"
        "Fat brother will definitely find a way!"
        A bright red barrage suddenly appeared in the live broadcast room.
        "Ministry of Public Security of China: Comrade Zhou, please try to delay the time and ensure the safety of the hostages and yourself! Relevant departments are actively communicating with the US side, and will soon obtain law enforcement rights on the high seas for American ships!"
        Then, as Fat Brother said, it was as easy as a cat catching a mouse!
        The dagger seals the throat!
        The hand knife smashed the throat bone and locked the person in the toilet!
        Lift your pussy legs and throw them into the sea!
        The whole cruise ship is Zhou Bu's playground! He is like a tyrant hiding in the shadows, taking a life every time he appears!
        No one in the live broadcast room felt cruel, and they all felt that Fat Brother was too cheap for these inhuman terrorists!
        Every time Zhou Eruo killed a terrorist, a frenzied reward would flow in the live broadcast room! Fat brother murder is simply art! Let everyone have a pleasing illusion!
        "17 killed, and they are expected to have about 10 more!"
        At 7 o'clock in the evening, the fat brother was sitting on the kitchen counter to rest, adding some energy by the way.
        "Huaxia Ministry of Public Security: The latest information shows that this American cruise ship has a total of 28 people illegally boarded this time, and one of them is an international A-level wanted criminal. Comrade Zhou, please be careful and contain them!"
        Fat Brother also saw this conspicuous barrage, and whispered: "Guaranteed to complete the task!"
        "The battle must be resolved within today. There are many children in the hostages, and they won't last long!"
        After speaking, the fat brother stuffed some food in his clothes, picked up the gun to check it, and quietly escaped into the darkness.
        After killing the three in the dark, another hour passed.
        At this time, on the sea 100 nautical miles away from the cruise ship, a fleet with a five-star red flag was heading towards the cruise ship parked in the high seas at a high speed of 40 knots.
        This is the first time the South China Sea Fleet has encountered such a serious kidnapping incident. In the past, at most, there were some conflicts between fishing boats and the patrolling navies of neighboring countries.
        The formation commander Huang Mingshan frowned. Facing those terrorists who were almost irrational, more than a thousand Chinese citizens would have their votes torn apart if they were not careful, and Huang Mingshan's brows frowned even more!
        But he still conveyed the high-level instructions to all the members of the fleet: "Be sure to ensure the personal safety of each hostage! And we must show military prestige! Show national prestige!"
        "Chief, latest information: There are now only 8 terrorists on board, and all of them are concentrated in the casino where the hostages are held!"
        "It was all done by that little guy named Zhou Bubu?"
        "Good boy! I didn't embarrass us Huaxia! Go back and thank him!"
        After the intelligence personnel finished reporting, they left, and Huang Mingshan looked at the dark sea outside the window again and fell into contemplation.
        The terrorists have already seen Zhou Beibu's "enthusiasm". At this time, no one dared to go out to fight him. For this reason, the brown-haired ghost shot two men who were blatantly disobedient, so the most accurate number of them should be 6 people!
        There were too many hostages in the casino, and while Zhou Beirui was thinking about how to lead them out, the walkie-talkie beside him rustled.
        "Li Xiaoyao, I think we can work together."
        It was the voice of the brown-haired ghost.
        "Collaborate to kill everyone on the ship?"
        "No no no! Our Holy Land Organization is not a perverted murderer, our purpose is just to coerce the RB government to release our people!"
        "I'm really going to be crying stupidly by you! Don't you fucking know that we are all Chinese on the boat!"
        "Of course I know that the RB government is not willing to talk to us, so we have to ask the Huaxia government to ask for people for us. Unfortunately, your government is not willing to stand up for us."
        "I can't see you being a dog. You are quite good at making small calculations! I can ignore it, but you have to promise me a condition!"
        "What conditions?"
        "You let the old people and children in the casino leave first. This request is not too much."
        The other end of the walkie-talkie was silent for a while, and then heard the reply: "OK!"
        In the monitoring room, Fat Brother saw that nearly a quarter of the elderly were holding their children and let them go. Many of them did not know each other, but parents knew that only by handing over their children to their compatriots, would their children have a trace hope!
        "Aunt, I kowtow to you! This is my bank card, the password is..."
        "Don't worry, if...then the aunt will definitely treat him as her grandson!"
        A single mother cries and pushes her son to an old lady.
        "Mom and dad, my son is unfilial, you take Lele to go first!"
        A young man kneeled in front of his parents for a long time and couldn't bear it, with tears streaming down his face, he dared not let the second old man see it.
        "Master, my daughter's name is Qin Duoduo. If the two of us are gone, can you help me deliver it to her grandfather! Please!"
        A young couple wept bitterly and handed their one-year-old daughter to a gray-haired old man. The child's mother almost fainted from crying!
        Scenes like this happen everywhere, and the brown-haired ghost seems to find this kind of life and death very interesting, and watch it with relish.
        However, Zhou Beibu was staring at the remaining 6 people in the monitoring room, constantly simulating any possible plan in his mind.
        At 8 p.m., the latest development of the cruise ship terrorist attack that affected hundreds of millions of people.
        "Princess terrorists have released about 300 hostages!"
        "Zhou's initial negotiation was successful, and more than 300 elderly people and children were rescued!"
        "In the 11th hour of the incident, otherwise Zhou would force the terrorists to negotiate by himself!"
        The relevant state departments were unusually quiet, because there were still 80 minutes before the fleet would catch up with the cruise ship, but at this time the United States had not given a reply!
        At this time, in the conference room of China's highest authority, several bigwigs were also in the final discussion.
        "We can't wait any longer! More than 1,000 lives are a joke!"
        "Once you start this way, won't we Chinese citizens become the sweet pastry in the eyes of those terrorists!"
        "Not only to beat! But also to beat them!"
        Several bosses agreed, and soon the fleet received the latest combat instructions: on the premise of ensuring the safety of the hostages, win the enemy at all costs!
        The formation commander Huang Mingshan understood what it meant at a glance, and immediately ordered: "Marine Corps, go!"
        3 fully loaded carrier helicopters flew towards the cruise ship at full speed!
        "Li Xiaoyao, you have already seen my sincerity. Shouldn't it be time for me to see your sincerity?"
        "You're a person who cares about everything! Tell me, what do you want me to do!"
        The fat brother was still staring at the remaining 6 people in the monitoring room, but unfortunately the camera was too far away to see the expression of the brown-haired leader.
        "It's very simple, you come to the casino and join us!"
        "Join your organization? No problem! But at least you have to do something like my guardians?"
        The ghost guy obviously doesn't know what the ghost protector is talking about, but it's nothing more than a condition, that the rich and beautiful girl can satisfy him!
        "Of course no problem! Can we meet?"
        The brown-haired leader said in a relaxed tone.
        "Wait, I'll be right here!"
        This is the only chance to get close to these terrorists. Zhou Buran has a bold plan in his heart, whether it can ensure the safety of these ordinary people, success or failure is here!