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51 faded bracelet

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        Not long after General Chen left, someone sent a cowhide bag to the ward. Before Fat Brother could look at it, Miss Han rudely opened it.
        "What, is this your phone? What is this?"
        He casually threw the phone to the fat brother, and then asked while holding up a box that should have been beautiful, but it was tattered at this time.
        "This thing is still there!"
        When he saw this familiar box fat brother, he felt better. After all, this thing cost him 5,000 oceans!
        "Gift to you, I tell you, this thing is expensive! And I lost most of my life buying this thing!"
        The fat brother said with an exaggerated expression and an extremely vivid expression.
        Han Yuyun was instantly amused by his winking appearance, and said in a good mood, "Why did you suddenly think of giving me a gift?"
        "Hey! Think of it as the rent!"
        The fat brother waved his hand with a coy look on his face.
        When Han Yuyun heard this, her face suddenly collapsed: "Is it the relationship between the landlord and the tenant!"
        "Aren't we still friends! Besides, look at how well this bracelet matches you, right?"
        Since Fat Brother has Han Yuyun as a friend, his rank has skyrocketed!
        "Hmph, count you wise! Put it on for me!"
        While helping her put on the bracelet clumsily, the fat brother wondered, "I don't remember this bracelet in this color. Could it be that something so expensive has faded? Profiteers..."
        "It's okay, I like the color!"
        Miss Han raised her wrist and looked at it, and her mood seemed cloudy and sunny again.
        The fat brother's cell phone was no longer available, so he wanted to borrow Han Yuyun's cell phone to use it.
        "Don't rummage through my phone, I'm going to dinner, I'll be back later to bring you something to eat!"
        When logged into the live broadcast room, saw that there were thousands of people chatting and paddling in the dark live broadcast room. When they saw the screen suddenly lit up, everyone was extremely surprised!
        As for those who haven't been online yet, they have also received mobile phone pushes: the ordinary fat brother you are following has started broadcasting!
        "You fat fans, have you eaten yet!"
        The fat brother leaned on the head of the bed and waved hello to everyone.
        The news of Fat Brother's reappearance in the arena spreads ten, ten, and hundreds, and soon nearly two million people crowded into the live broadcast room.
        Seeing that the fat brother is neither stupid nor demented, and can still joke, everyone is relieved, and they all followed suit.
        "For the first time, because of the name of the fans, I have the idea of ​​​​wanting fans to turn passers-by!"
        "So fat brother's fans are called fat fans?"
        "Sure enough, people who haven't gone to college are not literate!"
        "It really spoils an obsessed fan like me!"
        "I also wanted to wish Fat Brother King's return, but you asked me if I had eaten..."
        "Did the fat man have a good face, why does he look so handsome today!"
        "This fan, I want to criticize you severely! When will I not be handsome?"
        The two things that Fat Brother likes the most, one is picking up money, and the other is when someone praises him for being handsome. At this moment, he will laugh like a boiled dog's head.
        "If you don't like me calling you fat fans..."
        "Not accepted!"
        "Then I'll call you Fat Si..."
        The fat man was complacent and seemed proud of his wit.
        "Fat brother, I'll pay you, go to a university! Pengcheng University is good!"
        "Pengcheng University: I'll add 10,000 to you, go to the university next door!"
        "The university next door: I'll add 20,000 to you, go to Yangcheng to study, there are many universities there!"
        "Yangcheng University: If you can't afford it, pass it!"
        When everyone was talking, the number of people online in the live broadcast room began to surge, and it soon reached 8 million!
        And many media also joined in, pretending to be fake fans and kept asking questions inside.
        While the fat brother was still laughing and joking, the door of the ward was pushed open.
        "No Zhou! What are you giggling at my phone!"
        Han Yuyun rushed over and grabbed the phone, wanting to see what kind of mess Zhou Buu was watching, but turned over and saw that this product was actually being broadcast live!
        "Fuck! What did I see!"
        "I'm in love!"
        "Brother Fat, I've made a deal with your brother!"
        "No wonder I feel that there is something wrong with Fat Brother's live broadcast today. It turned out to be my goddess's mobile phone!"
        "Is this the fat sister-in-law?!"
        "Fatty brother, you pretend to be single and cheat female fans of money, do they know?"
        "Don't get me wrong, this is my good friend! I'll eat first, after all, I'm a patient!"
        "Don't hang up! I want to see the goddess!"
        "Fat brother, please point your phone at Miss Goddess!"
        "If you hang up I'll jump out of our window!"
        Maybe it was because of the misunderstanding caused by grabbing the phone just now, Han Yuyun became more honest next time, while the fat brother was eating, he watched news and some updates on Weibo.
        For the Princess incident, his actions are not all praises. Many netizens and Weibo publicists are desperately advocating that Fat Brother should be sentenced to the crime of disturbing social order and intentional homicide.
        No matter how others help Fat Brother "rehabilitate", they still go their own way. After all, they attract so many negative energy fans by singing against the mainstream every time.
        Just pick a few, enthusiastic netizens and his fans can't stand it.
        "Otherwise, you have done all the affairs of the country. Who do you think you are?"
        "You show the limelight without thinking about the lives and deaths of the others on board?"
        "There are still minors in your live broadcast room, and intentionally killing people in front of them, do you know how bad the impact is!"
        After more than half a month, this group of people has really received a lot of brainless fans. Just when they were about to "make a big show", they received a notice from Weibo: "Suspected of spreading seditious information, the account has been permanently closed!"
        What the fat brother said during the live broadcast on the cruise ship has also become a spoof mantra of netizens.
        "I, Li Xiaoyao, are going to teach you how to be a man!"
        "Do you want to feel my passion!"
        There are also foreign directors shouting from the air, trying to adapt the cruise incident of Fat Brother into a movie. After all, this kind of lonely hero is very popular in the West. When Fat Brother saw it, he just smiled and did not respond.
        After more than a week of training in the hospital, he was finally able to be discharged after repeated requests from Fat Brother. As for Han Yuyun, she went back to work a long time ago and said she would be fired if she didn't go back.
        Two days after got home, received a call from Wang Zhi.
        "Big hero, you really don't want to ask about the fairy sword?"
        "Director Wang, look at what you said, even if I fight against terrorists, I haven't forgotten to promote our fairy sword! You see, I tell people that my name is Li Xiaoyao!"
        "Young poor! Let me ask you something. Now I'm stuck on the theme song of Xianjian. I don't think it's appropriate to collect a few songs. After all, you are doing original music. Are there any friends who can take this job?"
        "Are you rich?"
        The fat man asked what he cared about the most.
        "There must be money, but it depends on the quality of the songs."
        "You wait, I will answer later!"
        After saying that, the fat brother couldn't wait to hang up the phone, rubbed his hands excitedly and prepared to start "original"!
        There are quite a lot of classic pieces of Xianjian, but the fat brother only chose two songs, Xiaoyaotan and Always Quiet, mainly because he was worried that he would put out too many and "stunned" others...