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        The original intention of Jianxian to write this book was because he had read novels for many years and simply wanted to write one himself.I am very grateful to have so many friends who like to read it, and I think this book is okay, which makes me feel very satisfied!
        There are also friends who feel that there is a problem with the logic of the book, and even scolded Jianxian for being brainless and without life experience.For example, in the previous episode of beating people into the police station, I think it is very mindless for the police to imprison the protagonist innocently. What I want to say is that if you have experienced such a scene, you will know that this is how it is handled in reality; some people think that it is impossible for reporters to break into the police station., I want to tell you that this is also normal, not all police stations are built so well-built that there are usually guards at the gates.
        Jianxian is in his thirties. He has run across the south and across the north. There are no big ups and downs, but at least he has seen a lot of things, and he has encountered a lot of things, so basically there will not be too many logical flaws.
        If some readers find it unbearable, then Jianxian can only say sorry here. It is impossible for one book to cover all types of readers. Thank you again for your support!
        Good luck starting work!