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55 The First Brother of Aoba Town

        Fat brother and Sun Zhenchang exchanged a few words and then left.
        This made the fat brother a little unsure of what to do next. After leaving the town government building, he walked alone on the street. After walking for a while, he received a call from Xu Lirong.
        "Otherwise, have you been to Qingye Town? I just received a call from the head of Qingye Village, saying that a group of rogues are making trouble on the school construction site. You hurry up and I will leave immediately!"
        "Lao Xu, don't be in a hurry, I'll go take a look first!"
        Seeing that the Chinese New Year is approaching, it is not easy for Lao Xu to help him run outside for more than half a year.
        When the fat man arrived in the village on a motorcycle, the scene was already chaotic.
        The originally reorganized construction site was already a mess, and the troublemakers were trapped inside the construction site by the villagers.
        Every villager came out, one who resisted hoes, one who held a dung fork, and even one who was carrying a homemade soil gun! The child was carrying the small medicine hoe at home and hid behind the adult and grinned.
        When the villagers saw that Fat Brother was coming, they hurriedly made way, and complained a lot.
        "Mr. Zhou, you are here! Look at the good things these beasts have done! The school will not be repaired in the spring of next year!"
        "They also injured Lao Chen and Lao He!"
        "If you don't let this group of people go out sideways, the people from Shili Baxiang will think that our Qingye Village is a soft persimmon and can be bullied!"
        "The worker said that those who were kicked down are useless. You paid for them! We don't recognize them!"
        "That's right! Don't worry, Mr. Zhou, we will kill them and throw them in the mountains to keep them safe without anyone talking!"
        As soon as the Orion with the earth gun said this, the group of people trapped inside immediately broke out in cold sweat.
        "Send the injured to the hospital first!"
        The fat brother looked at the two workers who were lying on the side, clutching their chests and stomachs and screaming in pain.
        Seeing that the other party seemed to be reasonable, the first one shouted boldly, "You guys are illegal!"
        The fat brother was enraged when he heard it: "Illegal? Isn't your nature illegal?"
        The man laughed when he heard it: "We were sent by the town, you guys are illegal! If you don't believe me, go to the town and confront us!"
        The fat brother was about to ask who ordered the group of people in the town when he heard the sound of a police siren coming from behind. He turned his head and saw that two blue and white vans with police lights were struggling to climb on the way into the village.
        "The police are here!"
        The group of people trapped in the construction site cheered like they wanted to see their father.
        The police car stopped, and a black and thin policeman in his early 30s got out: "Who called the police, what's going on!"
        When the villagers saw the police coming, they all turned into long-term workers who were bullied by the landlord's family, crying with snot and tears!
        The hooligan on the opposite side saw that this group of mischievous people actually "sue the wicked first", and also stood on the high ground and kept jumping and shouting injustice!
        In the end, the black and thin policeman waved his hand and took them all back to talk about it!
        When they brought them back, it was obvious that the two cars couldn't hold up, so could only pick a few of the first ones, otherwise Zhou would call the village chief and a few people who could talk to get into the car.
        "Not Zhou."
        The questioning police raised his eyebrows and looked at the fat brother.
        "Writer, anchor, actor."
        "You are really fat! I didn't dare to recognize it just now! Why did you run away from us Aoba!"
        "Yeah! That construction site is my new school! Can I not come when something goes wrong!"
        "Liu, make a cup of tea! Fat brother, let's go out and talk!"
        Nine times out of ten, the police who asked the question were Fat Brother's fans who didn't run away. He quickly asked his colleagues to make tea and asked Fat Brother to chat outside.
        After such a chat, and listening to the explanation from the local police, the fat brother knew what happened to the group of people.
        Those who went to the construction site to smash and smash them were all genuine gangsters who dared not commit big things.
        But because this matter involves the issue of illegal construction, the fat brother can only negotiate with them himself.
        If the school is classified as illegal construction, then they will smash it, and at most one worker's medical expenses will be compensated.
        At the gate of the police station, after Fat Brother sent the village chief and others away, he told everyone to rest assured that he would handle the matter here.
        As soon as he turned his head, he saw that the little gangsters who took the lead in making trouble also came out of the office, each with a cigarette in his mouth, walking in the steps of not recognizing his six relatives, and he looked like a fool who didn't even care about the king of heaven.
        The fat brother shook his head and was about to leave, but the gangster who took the lead actually stopped him.
        "Boy, you are lucky to escape today! In Qingye Town, who doesn't know me Feng Liu? If you don't give me Feng Liu face, you won't give my brother-in-law face!"
        "Where is your brother-in-law holy?"
        "My brother-in-law is the general manager of Qingye Fertilizer Factory, a big taxpayer in town! You don't even want to worship the wharf, so you want to hang out in Qingye?"
        The fat brother was worried that he could not find a breakthrough, and when he saw the brat in front of him, he suddenly had an idea.
        "It's really disrespectful! I didn't expect you to be the brother-in-law of the boss of Qingye Fertilizer! Today, I will accompany you on behalf of the villagers. I'll be the host at night, and you will show me your honor?"
        The fat brother quickly put on a dog-legged smile and said.
        "You're still sensible! Let's talk about it first, I won't go if the place is bad!"
        "Place you pick!"
        "That's what you said!"
        "Come on, let's go, brothers! We don't know each other if we don't fight! I'll apologize to you again!"
        The fat brother picked up the wine glass and said to the crowd.
        "Fat, fat, fat brother! Feng Liu doesn't like to hear what you say! Everyone, they are all brothers, brothers! Come, drink!"
        Feng Liu feels that he has reached the pinnacle of his life today!
        This newly-acquainted brother named Fat Brother has given him enough face, so he can choose any place! Any food and drink! You can call as many brothers as you want! After drinking the first one and rushing to the second one, no, Fat Brother invited everyone to go to the night Paris KTV in town to have fun!
        Everyone in the box was so drunk that the rest of the people were either crying or screaming, or that the two brothers were good and the fifth leader. The fat brother saw Feng Liu stumbled out of the box after finishing the cup, and he quickly followed.
        After Feng Liu vomited out of the toilet with red eyes, the fat brother hurried up to support him: "Brother, are you alright?"
        "It's okay! Let's go! Let's continue drinking!"
        Feng Liu also grabbed Brother Fatty's arm, and the two were as good as brothers.
        "Let's not go to the box, let's find a quiet place and drink something different, how about it?"
        After the fat brother finished speaking, he kept winking at Feng Liu.
        "Brother, you are really good! But I like it! Let's go!"
        Feng Liu's face is about to burst into laughter. was so happy tonight!
        Half a bottle of Maotai went down, Feng Liu was already asking who the man next to Fat Brother who looked exactly like him was.
        Seeing this, the fat brother snorted coldly, took out his mobile phone and started recording.
        "Brother, I guess the owner of Qingye Fertilizer is quite old, right? Why is he still your brother-in-law?"
        "You, you know, what do you know! My sister, yes, it's his mother-in-law!"
        "Then what else do you know? Tell me about it, brother!"
        "I tell you, don't go out and talk nonsense! My brother-in-law..."
        From time to time, the fat brother asked a few questions, guiding Feng Liu to explain the matter before and after, and the sneer on the corner of the fat brother's mouth became more and more serious!