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57 You are too fat to hold me

        "We have stolen several houses in the past two days. Brother, why don't the police find us?"
        The traffic light combination is happy, you have one, I have one, he has one, while taking the time to ask the fat brother.
        "Do you know whose house was stolen yesterday?"
        The fat man smiled half-heartedly.
        "Rich people! Whoever is poor has so much cash at home!"
        "Well, almost. Do you remember what you promised me earlier?"
        "Well, go back to school! But eldest brother, I really don't want to go back to school. Teachers say I'm too stupid. Going to school is a waste of my family's money. How hard it is for my dad to farm and work for others every day!"
        Xiao Huang said with a bitter face.
        "School grades are only one aspect. You will learn a lot of life principles and rules in school. The most important thing is that the school will act like a protective shield, allowing you to protect you before you have the ability to distinguish right from wrong!"
        "Big brother, you must have gone to a lot of school, right?"
        "Big brother, I just didn't go to school, so I can't do things like this! It's my fault for you to steal things, and I apologize to you! Also, I will come to check regularly in the future to see if you are old in school. Honestly go to class!"
        The fat brother touched San Xiao's head one by one and teased: "Remember to dye your hair back first, it looks like a traffic light."
        Before leaving, the fat brother also sent an anonymous text message to the wife of the main house in Macheng, telling her that when her husband said that there would be a meeting at night, he would go to that community to find someone.
        The big taxpayers in Qingye Town can't stand it anymore. The boss Ma Cheng's house is restless and his wife is clamoring for a divorce to divide the property. Except for the boss who was harassed by his wife, several other corruption and bribery and possession of guns were all given to him by a thief. If it goes on, news about this kind of thing can only be on the entertainment edition.
        However, looking at this situation, it was not cleaned up a year ago, and the school's affairs can only be discussed later in the year.
        Fat brother is definitely going out for this Xinghuo school. It is really not easy to take so many people in.
        However, there is a price to bear the consequences before doing anything. Even if Fat Brother doesn't mess with them, it will be a matter of time for these people to wear silver bracelets.
        After returning to Pengcheng, the first thing Fat Brother thought about was to buy a car. Considering that he might often travel in the mountains, he needed an off-road vehicle; he would go to the welfare home every month to deliver things to his younger brothers and sisters, so the trunk must be Be big!
        The fat brother looked around and couldn't find anything that was very suitable. Either the car was small or the car was expensive. When he was about to go back to the house and check the information, he saw a 4S store called Taishan on the opposite side. The monster with exaggerated size immediately attracted the attention of the fat brother!
        When he got closer, he felt even more shocked by this car. The diamond-cut front face, the chrome-plated grille, and the diamond-shaped LOGO hides a majestic mountain top.
        Seeing that a customer finally came to the door, the salesperson in suit and leather shoes greeted him with a smile on his face: "Good afternoon, if you like, you can sit in and feel it!"
        "Can you tell me about this car?"
        The fat man patted the hood and turned his head to the sales road.
        "This Taishan S1 was launched last week. It is a full-size ultra-luxury SUV with a height of 1.92 meters and a length of 5.2 meters. It is equipped with a V8 engine block, and the displacement of 6.2L is absolutely powerful!"
        Speaking of the sales, he opened the car door and continued to introduce: "You can see that the seat layout inside is 2+2+2, the back two rows can be folded electrically, and the intelligent system on the car is also..."
        "Well, it's all good, but the workmanship in this car feels a little rough."
        The fat man sat in the driver's seat and looked at the interior of the car.
        "Can you not be rough? Taishan has always been a pickup truck!"
        I don't know when another guest came next to him and picked up the fat brother's words.
        "Then this car is also a non-load-bearing body?"
        The fat brother raised his eyebrows and asked the salesman.
        The salesman secretly scolded the talkative guest next to him, but reluctantly admitted: "Yes."
        The fat brother slipped out of the car and closed the door. When the salesman saw that the fat brother didn't want it anymore, he felt a lot of cold.
        "That's it, how much?"
        The fat brother pointed to S1 and asked.
        "That's it... sir, are you saying you want to buy this S1?"
        The sales were unbelievable, and the volume was raised unconsciously.
        Taishan wanted to transform into an SUV. In order to change the market's positioning of their pickup trucks, they also deliberately collected 4S stores and family car brands together, but the store has been open for more than half a year, except for a few customers who asked them if they sold it. Pickup, it's the first time to sell a car seriously!
        When the manager of the 4S store heard that the deal was finally closed, he ran downstairs in a hurry, swearing and swearing that he would give Fat Brother the lowest discount!
        The price of this S1 body is 520,000 after discount, plus the purchase and the car and the boat, it is almost 650,000!
        "Born and raised" people on this planet must think that this car is not worth it, but Fat Brother, an outsider, thinks it is worth it! 650,000 to buy a V8, still so big, how much more cost-effective!
        Carefully parked the car downstairs, and plucked the mud spots on the flanks, and the fat brother went upstairs three times.
        "We people, I'm really happy today..."
        While the fat brother was humming a little song and working in the kitchen wearing an apron, Miss Han came home.
        "Yo! Did you eat magpie shit today?"
        Han Yuyun picked up an apple on the dining table, leaned against the kitchen door, and nibbled it.
        "It seems that someone doesn't want to eat today."
        The fat brother said that he washed his hands and took off his apron and was ready to give up.
        "Fat brother, you are busy first, I was wrong! Did fat brother eat apples?"
        While speaking, Han Yuyun handed over the half-bitten apple.
        After the meal, the fat brother came out after washing the dishes, and saw Han Yuyun standing on the electronic scale with a frown.
        The fat brother wanted to take a look curiously, but Han Yuyun, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, bounced off the electronic scale, and he was not allowed to look at it with his teeth and claws!
        "Hey! Isn't it just fat? You touch your belly and still have no points in your heart? You have to be on the scale to be content!"
        The fat guy started picking things up again.
        When Han Yuyun touched her stomach, it was really big!
        He glared at the fat brother who was gloating on the side: "You can die if you don't speak? Did you make me fat on purpose?!"
        "What good is it for me that you are fat, and now pork can't be sold at a price..."
        "Otherwise, I think you're tired of living!"
        After speaking, Miss Han rushed towards Fat Brother.
        "Bite again! Han Yuyun, are you a dog? Get down here!"
        Han Yuyun's legs were tucked into the fat brother's waist, and he grabbed his shoulder and took a bite!
        The fat brother stumbled on the sofa, his feet were unstable, and he and Han Yuyun fell on the sofa.
        Han Yuyun was pressed down by the fat brother, and she still maintained the position just now.
        Looking at each other, the atmosphere in the room was very charming, Han Yuyun seemed to be able to hear her own heartbeat!
        The two spoke at the same time.
        "You talk first." Miss Han blushed like she was drunk.
        "'re so fat that I can't hold it!"
        The fat man said bluntly.
        Miss Han's eyes narrowed into slits, revealing a dangerous light...
        Neighbors in the entire building heard screams from an unknown floor. It was a horrible person!