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58 The fat guy who insists on being original

        "Days of Living with a Stewardess" was finally finished after hardships. The readers were both bitter and uncomfortable when they saw the words in the whole book, and they all had mixed feelings in their hearts.
        Under the title of the book, which seems to be erotic, the book is in a mess, the whole book has nothing to do with sex, has nothing to do with cohabitation, the faint pure love, like a trickle, flows through the reader's heart, seeping into the internal organs, All over the nerve endings, and finally the whole body has been opened up by a faint touch.
        Many netizens left messages on Weibo where Fat Brother Sahua celebrated the end of "Stewardess".
        "If I knew it was this kind of book, I would rather read the tragedy you wrote..."
        "I think I may really end up alone. Where do you want me to find this kind of love!"
        "Although the plot is not cruel at all, but I cry to death!"
        "I'm crying too, I want a sequel!"
        "I really want to fall in love! Where are you, my future boyfriend!"
        "I think the fat brother may really want to fall in love..."
        "The solution is upstairs! Fat brother is thinking of spring!"
        "It doesn't matter which girl, fat brother, is sure to catch it. Lu Fei in the book you read is how accurate he is about women!"
        "Only agree with the first half of the sentence upstairs..."
        "Chapter 70, Fatty, you wrote it for half a year, but I keep chasing it..."
        There were a lot of readers clamoring for Fat Brother to write a sequel, and even the editor-in-chief of sent a message asking him when he would write the sequel.
        But Brother Fatty doesn't plan to continue writing. It took him several months to finish these dozens of chapters. Think about it, don't fool the readers.
        After the editor-in-chief received his reply, he asked if he could buy the copyright of the stewardess, or use the stewardess as a shareholder to continue the writing contest. Brother Fatty wanted to keep this novel for future TV series, so he didn't agree to sell it. As for the rewriting contest that the website is going to hold, they can just do it with peace of mind.
        Despite this, the website sent an agreement the next day, to the effect that Brother Fat agreed to hold this rewriting contest in the name of "Stewardess". Of course, he also gave Fat Brother a little profit.
        When Fat Brother was thinking about his next plan, he unexpectedly received a call from Sister Li, an artist from Galaxy Film and Television.
        "Otherwise, I'm Sister Li! Are you free today?"
        "Uh, I'm going to buy groceries later, maybe..."
        "Something good for you!"
        "almost there!"
        As soon as the S1 fires, the V8 engine starts to roar, and the accelerator rushes towards Galaxy Film.
        At this time, in the office of Sister Li, the head of the entertainment department, a handsome young man was explaining to Sister Li constantly.
        "Sister Li, I've been preparing for this time for half a year! Please, let me go!"
        "I told you to go? Did I ask you to beat someone?"
        Chen Li's face was expressionless, with a businesslike appearance.
        "Many fans of my support club have come to Pengcheng, and their words have been released. Now I suddenly don't participate, what will outsiders think!"
        Young people still want to struggle.
        "Bai Jitong, you have to figure it out! It's not that I don't let you go now, it's the other party who doesn't want you, understand?"
        Sister Li clenched her fists and clasped her knuckles on the table.
        "Then I'll go and communicate with the TV station myself!"
        Bai Jitong said angrily and was about to leave.
        "You are not allowed to go anywhere recently. If you cause trouble again, you will sit on the bench until the end of the contract!"
        Don't look at Sister Li talking and laughing at the fat brother's house, there are really not many artists in the company who initiated Weilai.
        After Bai Jitong and the manager left, Sister Li rubbed her temples with her index finger, and while she was sighing, the door was pushed open again, and the fat brother with a bright face arrived.
        "I just said how I heard magpies chattering outside the window in the morning. Sister Li quickly said, what a good thing!"
        The fat brother laughed in a righteous manner.
        "Are you going to a singing competition?"
        Sister Li couldn't tell whether to laugh or cry.
        "I can sing, but I can't compete! My level is enough to compete."
        The fat man shook his head again and again.
        "You still have self-knowledge, which is much better than the gang of ignorant artists in our company. We will have special teachers to train you, will you go?"
        "So good? Any requests?"
        The fat brother frowned and squinted at Sister Li, there is no such thing as a pie in the sky.
        "The requirement is that during the competition, publicize that you are an artist of Galaxy for the time being! By the way, the prize money of the competition belongs to you!"
        "Do you want to sign a contract? How much is the bonus?"
        One side is the temporary "loss" of freedom, and the other side is the bonus! Fat guy feels so embarrassed!
        "It's like 5 million."
        "Sister Li, when will we sign the contract? Do you want me to post on Weibo now that I have signed a contract with Galaxy?"
        There is a 500,000 fat brother who has "compromised", not to mention tenfold!
        "The contract is not in a hurry, then we'll agree. You get the company to train every day, and you have to be late and leave early for no reason. Is it alright?"
        "A piece of cake! When will the game start?"
        "the day after tomorrow."
        "Brother, are you kidding me?!"
        In the end, Sister Li finally told him the truth. It was an artist named Bai Jitong from the company who originally went to participate in this competition.
        However, this kid was photographed by the paparazzi in the KTV misbehavior in the first two days. He even got drunk and beat people up and smashed the family's food. There has been a lot of trouble these days, and the TV station even refused directly. Bai Jitong participated in the competition.
        There are scheduled singing in the company, which are all at the level of lip-synching. Instead of letting these people lip-synch, it is better to let them go!
        But Chen Li didn't want to cheapen other company people. After much deliberation, Zhou was the only free man.
        The next day, the fat brother went to Galaxy at 9:00 in the morning to find a vocal teacher to practice, but what can he practice in a day.
        "You have a very good voice and a wide range of voices. In tomorrow's competition, you should try to avoid some highly technical songs. This is your weakness."
        The vocal music teacher was also very helpless. In the end, he could only teach Fat Brother such a trick. If he couldn't make it long, then try to avoid the short one.
        "Okay, thank you teacher! Then I'll go back and get my hair done!"
        Immortal Sword hasn't aired yet, so this is his first time on TV, and Fat Brother still attaches great importance to it!
        "What are you doing with your hair? Who can see you wearing a big mask anyway."
        "wear a mask?"
        "you do not know?"
        "Should I know?"
        Sister Li usually has a lot of things to do. When she gets busy, she forgets about the fat brother. When the fat brother comes to the door in a daze, he thinks of finding a temporary assistant for this guy.
        "Hello fat brother, just call me Xiao Qi! During the Masked Singer King competition, I will be your assistant!"
        A cute girl with neat bangs and a round frame bowed obediently to the fat brother.
        "Hello Xiao Qi, my..."
        The fat brother pointed to himself, hesitating and not knowing what to say.
        "I will help you prepare the costumes and props! Fat brother, just tell me the song you want to sing tomorrow!"
        This girl is really sensible, the fat brother thought.
        The song of this world, if the fat brother can't sing a sentence, then he can only hurry up and "original"!
        It was not until the end of get off work that the fat brother finally raised his head from the computer and let out a long sigh of relief.
        On the desktop is the song he will sing tomorrow - "Broad Ocean and Sky"!