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63 We are ordinary friends

        The next day, the episode of Fat Brother wearing a tunic suit and talking nonsense in front of tens of thousands of officers and soldiers was posted on the Internet, and countless netizens rushed to ask Fat Brother to verify if it was Fat Brother himself.
        When the fat brother saw this, he had to send a Weibo.
        "Although it's not very clear, it can be vaguely seen that the man in the video is so handsome that the Party Central Committee is disturbed. Please don't panic. There are not many men who are so handsome. It should be the fat man himself!"
        Seeing that the fat brother is so shameless, the netizens ridiculed it even more.
        "Fat brother, I finally know why you donate money to the orphanage every month. You are atonement!"
        "It depends on the face? Fat brother is the soul of the Duanzi world, isn't it!"
        "I also want to meet that wonderful little brother!"
        "Don't you guys upstairs think Fat Brother is more weird?"
        "There are many ways to know more wonderful people!"
        "Grandma Dean is a great love. If it was me, I would have sent these two goods to humanity and destroyed them!"
        "Don't be angry upstairs, just swallow your breath!"
        "It turns out that the fat brother was so familiar with the police system before he became the anchor... He went in every three days."
        "I'm the only one who thinks that the part where he secretly drank the swill was a bit... ugh... I can't do it anymore!"
        "Zhou, you are so disgusting!"
        The ID of the netizen in this message is the proud Miss Han.
        "Don't play with your phone, Yunyun, your aunt's family will be here soon."
        A well-maintained middle-aged woman walked downstairs, with similar eyebrows and eyes to Han Yuyun, looked at Han Yuyun who was smirking at the phone and said.
        "Oh, Mom, why are all the family so particular about it!"
        Han Yuyun replied without raising her head.
        Hearing this, Kuang Xinlei shook her head, the doorbell rang just in time, opened the door and saw that her sister Kuang Xinlan's family of three had arrived.
        "Come in! It's been hard work all the way!"
        Seeing the three people entering the room, Han Yuyun also got up from the sofa and called out twice, "Uncle, aunt, Xiaoyuan."
        "When did Yunyun come back?"
        Wei Wenhua asked with a smile as he looked at Han Yuyun who was back on the sofa and playing with his phone.
        "I just came back the day before yesterday."
        Miss Han continued to reply without looking up.
        "And otherwise, are you okay?"
        Wei Wenhua teased in a low voice.
        Wang Zhi was shocked when he saw Miss Han's daughter at the fat brother's house that day, so he told Wei Wenhua about it when he went back.
        "Fortunately... Uncle, what did you say! We are ordinary friends!"
        Miss Han finally raised her head, her face full of embarrassment and anger.
        "Don't worry! I didn't tell your mother, I didn't even tell your aunt! Zhou, I saw that young man last time, it's pretty good!"
        Wei Wenhua looks like I know it.
        Seeing Han Yuyun's anxious roar, Wei Wenhua hurriedly sat upright and said loudly, "Is my brother-in-law not at home?"
        Seeing her mother's gaze swept over again, Han Yuyun didn't dare to be arrogant, otherwise she would be told to death by Kuang Xinlei again.
        "He, it's not like that. As soon as the end of the year is over, he has to go to inspect everywhere. He can come back tomorrow night, but he will go to the Spring Festival Gala in the 30th year of the year."
        Kuang Xinlei said helplessly.
        at the dinner table.
        Kuang Xinlan saw that her niece had no appetite at the table full of dishes, and teased: "In the blink of an eye, Yunyun is already so big, and it is estimated that in two years, Yunyun will be a mother!"
        "I'm not in a hurry, auntie, if you are in a hurry, you can urge Xiaoyuan!"
        "Yunyun, my aunt has several good friends' sons. I think they are all excellent. Do you want to..."
        "Hey, eat your meal! Yunyun is such a big person, do you still need to worry about this kind of thing!"
        Wei Wenhua tapped his wife's bowl with chopsticks, reminding her not to be too broad.
        "You, don't I just want to help Yunyun find it? Besides, she is so far away from home in Pengcheng alone, isn't it good to find someone to take care of him!"
        "Auntie, don't worry about it, my mother is not in a hurry, right?"
        After speaking, he looked at Kuang Xinlei and said.
        "Your grandfather and father knew that they were siding with you. I want to say that you are effective. Will you let you go to Pengcheng alone to be a reporter!"
        Han Yuyun stuck out her tongue mischievously, and did not dare to say more, for fear of making the "resentful woman" complain again.
        Brother Fat sang a total of two songs in the Yangcheng Military Region, "Green Flowers in the Army" and "Speak Your Heart", which naturally won applause from the whole house. The chief also nodded, expressing his satisfaction.
        The fat brother didn't mention the cost when he came to perform in the military region. If the troops hadn't helped him book tickets, he would have even planned to pay for the travel expenses himself.
        After looking at the time, the fat brother was about to pack up and leave for the train station. As soon as he went out, he was stopped by a guard and respectfully invited him to the small conference room.
        When the fat brother saw the two sitting in the conference room, he subconsciously wanted to salute, but he put it down embarrassingly just halfway up, and laughed at the two generals.
        "No Zhou, male, 19 years old, has been living the same life in Pengcheng No. 1 Welfare Institute since birth. Until you failed the college entrance examination in June this year, and then your life began to be completely different."
        "am I right?"
        The old general Chen who had visited Fat Brother in the ward closed the file and was looking at him with a dry smile.
        The fat brother nodded, and then immediately explained: "General Chen, I explained to you all about me at the hospital!"
        "I know, but Commander Cheng of the Yangcheng Military Region doesn't know yet. I'll help him introduce you along the way."
        Old General Chen glanced at Brother Fatty with a half-smile, and continued: "Do you know why the state didn't reward you after the last cruise incident?"
        "Hey, I don't need awards! I don't want fame or profit. I just happened to be in that incident, so of course I stepped forward! As the saying goes, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility!"
        After the tension just now, the fat brother finally relaxes. I am not an active military soldier now, and besides, I have not done anything illegal! Dude is here to send warmth and love!
        "You know the Princess cruise ship is American, right? The United States has been pressuring us to hand over the murderer who killed 13 Americans on board."
        General Chen continued to talk to himself.
        "Then pay it!"
        The fat brother also followed his words and continued.
        As soon as he finished speaking, he found that General Chen was looking at him with a strange expression, and the fat brother was shocked: "You mean that 13 of the terrorists are Americans?"
        General Chen nodded with a teachable expression.
        "Thank you to the motherland! Thank you to the party! I will work harder in the future to contribute to the early realization of the four modernizations of the motherland and contribute a negligible force!"
        "Haha! You brat is better than a monkey with sticky hair!"
        When General Chen heard this, he and Commander Cheng burst into laughter.
        "Okay, I called you here today, just to tell you why your certificate of award is gone. At the same time, the chief above also asked me to verbally convey to you in private that the motherland and people thank you for standing up in times of crisis!"
        "Thank you for your concern and affirmation, Chief, I will definitely..."
        "It's alright, alright, who did you learn all this stuff from? It's alright, get out of here!"
        General Chen waved his hand in disgust.
        "Okay! The two chiefs take care of their health. I wish you two early years in advance, I wish..."
        General Chen scolded with a smile.
        The fat brother felt that his path was getting wider and wider. Jin Xing Jing's general said that he would see each other, and he would see two of them when he returned. Who has his own brilliance...
        After the fat brother left, the room seemed extraordinarily quiet.
        "Mr. Cheng, what do you think?"
        "It is suitable, but after all, he is not a member of our army, let's look for it, alas!"