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64 The Boss of the Dragon Actually Opens His Identity

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        "Crooked, fat man, what are you doing!"
        Han Yuyun finally called Fat Brother.
        "I'm at the train station, there are too many people here!"
        The fat brother said loudly to the mobile phone, there is no way, to catch up with the new year, there are too many people in the station!
        "Where are you going?"
        "I'm in Yangcheng, I'm going back to Pengcheng today!"
        "Why don't you drive so close?"
        "Didn't you specifically explain that you wouldn't let me drive!"
        Fat brother casually said that the troops have bought him a round-trip high-speed rail ticket.
        "It's so good, it's worthy of praise, come back to reward you!"
        A smile rippled on Han Yuyun's face, and the sunset shone on her face through the window, making her whole person extremely beautiful. If Han Yuyun knew that Fat Brother was talking nonsense, she still didn't know how to deal with him.
        The two of them said a few words to Mazui again, and the fat brother was too noisy, so he hurriedly hung up the phone.
        The fat brother finally squeezed into the car, and Han Yuyun also went downstairs with a smile.
        The people chatting in the room all looked at her at the same time. Before this girl went upstairs, she still looked like she was about to die.
        The masked singer is playing on TV, Han Yuyun is in a good mood: "Watching TV!"
        "Come upstairs after dinner and chat with us for a while!"
        Kuang Xinlei gave orders.
        As soon as Han Yuyun heard this, her face was about to collapse when she saw Wei Wenhua hook her finger at her, and said softly, "Otherwise you will join the Masked Singer King."
        Han Yuyun hurriedly sat down in front of the TV: "Tell me, what do you want to talk about!"
        The line of sight is staring at the TV screen...
        The drowsy fat brother on the train still doesn't know that his leader has been dissed by netizens.
        "Where did the King of Masked Singer find this funny guy who is short of money recently?"
        "Hey, guess who he is?"
        "If you're short of money, I'm guessing that you're playing ballads and doing originals, right?"
        "The filming is definitely not short of money!"
        "Didn't you guys want me to come... Is it really appropriate for this leader to look so serious!"
        Han Yuyun recognized at a glance that this guy was Zhou Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 100%!
        The rest of the people were chatting, and Han Yuyun responded in a different way. Finally, it was the leader's turn to play.
        Han Yuyun quickly waved her hand: "Mom, wait a minute, I'll tell you after listening to this song!"
        The netizens in front of the TV and the computer are also attentive. Besides listening to songs, the biggest fun for everyone is to guess which star the person under the mask is, not to mention that he is such a funny star, and the entertainment industry has not found such a person. Weird!
        As soon as heard that the leader of the dragon sang an original song, netizens were even more certain that this wonderful leader of the leader must be the group of folks who played ballads, and the scope narrowed a lot, and everyone reported the name of the person they guessed.
        Unexpectedly, as soon as the leader of the leader opened his mouth, all these people were killed!
        This is not a fucking ballad!
        And this voice, no one who sings folk songs can get the number right!
        "After the sky and the storm,
        I turned my head and smiled at the old heartache
        The person who understands me best thank you for accompanying me silently all the way
        Let me have good stories to tell
        Let’s see the future coming step by step”
        After listening to the last paragraph, netizens are going to collapse even more, this singing ability cannot be an unknown junior!
        Who is the big guy!
        After listening to Han Yuyun, she remembered one sentence: The person who understands me best, thank you for accompanying me silently all the way.
        Could the person he said be me?
        The netizen who was eliminated is not a pity at all. No one cares who Miss Dragon Fruit is the first to score. Everyone wants to know who the leader of the dragon is.
        Soon the leader of the leader was sent to the Weibo popular, and netizens were looking around for the possible stars of Aite, but they really found them!
        A male star named Yan Le was also visited by netizen Aite. Unlike other stars, he "generously" admitted that he was the leader!
        He also posted on Weibo that he rarely showed his voice publicly, but he didn't expect his fans to be so attentive, and said that this sky-high lyrics and music are all his own original creation, which is a record of some of his mental journeys in the past few years since his debut!
        Yan Le began to sell hard work, underappreciated talent, unfair fate, and various character designs on Weibo, and relying on these to attract a large number of Weibo fans within a day or two, he suddenly became the most popular star.
        in an apartment.
        "Yan Le, have you thought about the consequences of doing this? Once you are exposed, you will be doomed!"
        The agent yelled hysterically at Yan Le.
        The latter stared at the phone with contentment, like a drug addict: "I've been out for 5 years, and now I'm not even an 18-line star! If I seize this opportunity, I might be able to turn around, but I can't catch it. , sooner or later, someone will step into the mud and rot!"
        "Then you never thought that once you are exposed, you will still be stepped into the mud!"
        The agent said coldly.
        "What are you afraid of? When the time comes, I will apologize publicly, and I will just joke with everyone! But at least, you see that there are 2.82 million people now, oh! 2.83 million people will know me Yan Le right away!"
        Crazy for the name, crazy for the name, Yan Le has completely lost his ego in order to become famous, like a demented person.
        It's not that no one suspected that Yan Le was lying. At first glance, his voice was very different from that of the leader, but because he was too famous, he couldn't find a video of him singing, so he couldn't compare and verify.
        The most important thing is that there is no second person to admit it except him.
        As Yan Lei expected, many people became fans of him because of this song, and this song began to rise in the music chart, and it reached the eighth place in two days. It's all Yan Le!
        The Masked Singer King program team didn't say anything, why didn't they say anything, because they knew that the guy was a fake, everyone was waiting to watch the show, waiting for the moment when the leader took off his mask, that face should be slapped wellHow loud!
        The producer even thought in a dark way that he would simply eliminate the leader of the leader from the black box operation in this round!
        Of course, Han Yuyun tried her best to "correct the name" of the leader on the Internet, but no one believed her, and she was so angry that she didn't eat well for a day!
        Tomorrow is the recording of the Masked Singer King again. Thinking of the vocal teacher's earnest teachings to him, Fat Brother continues to choose the songs of the original letter orchestra.
        "Fat brother, what's the name of the song you're going to sing tomorrow?"
        Xiaoqi received the song information sent by Fat Brother, and asked casually when he saw that he didn't fill in his name.
        ""One Hundred"!"