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67 I met a carpooler

        The trunk was knocked out of shape and couldn't be opened at all, but the fat brother lifted the trunk with a mighty force!
        A few bright flashlights came over, and there was a large black canvas bag in the trunk, and the contents in the bag had escaped from the tight opening due to intense driving.
        A small bag of white powdery items lay quietly in the trunk!
        The three policemen were stunned for a while!
        This is a big bag full of at least hundreds of pounds!
        The older policeman who was sitting in the co-pilot made a decisive decision: "Load things into the car first, Xiao Liu called the front desk to protect the scene and call for reinforcements. We are now going to Pengcheng First People's Hospital!"
        Fat brother's mobile phone has been live broadcast all the time, and there are still a lot of online viewers, going straight to the 30 million mark.
        Kangaroo TV also gave Fat Brother, a wild anchor who has not signed a contract, a homepage recommendation - Fat Brother chases the car from the first perspective!
        A large number of wild water friends came in and took a look, it was really the first perspective!
        The picture is facing a red sports car that has been hit and smashed. Several police officers and a man in plainclothes are escorting a man with his hands in handcuffs to the shooting vehicle.
        "Just came in, what's the situation? Who can explain it?"
        "The anchor assists the police in chasing the vehicle, it's so fucking exciting!"
        "Brother Fatty's method is exactly the same as my method in the game!"
        "Tell me, I wasn't the only one who threw up when Fat Brother was racing..."
        "I also vomited, the key point is that I have to continue to kneel on the ground and watch..."
        "I bumped into that just now, and I slapped the table over in excitement, and I will be kneeling and watching..."
        "Fat brother's anger is really powerful, if you disagree, you will be angry!"
        "Don't say fat brother, the quality of this domestic car is really good, and it's crashing over mountains and mountains, and there's nothing wrong with it!"
        "Is the anchor the one in casual clothes? Which DIAO can explain?"
        "You don't even know Fat Brother? DIAO has to work hard!"
        The driver who caused the accident was caught, but the people in the car were even more nervous than before!
        There were hundreds of pounds of suspicious contraband in the car. Who knows if the suspect has any accomplices waiting for the opportunity.
        Seeing that the co-pilot's policeman kept pressing his hand on the holster, the fat brother couldn't help but comforted: "Don't be nervous, it is estimated that this kid is only in charge of transporting goods with such a large amount, and the people above him still don't know that he has been planted, and wait for the news to spread. Be careful later."
        The co-pilot police became even more nervous: "Who are you? How can you be so clear about their internal responsibilities?! Tell me!"
        "How can I explain to you, I am a good citizen!"
        The fat brother didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and he quickly pointed to the mobile phone that was live broadcast and said, "See? I'm an Internet anchor!"
        "Fat brother? Fat brother! Isn't it Zhou?"
        The co-pilot policeman took a closer look, and the water friends in the live broadcast room were all explaining to Fat Brother. As soon as he saw the fat brother's name, the co-pilot policeman remembered who this guy was.
        "Sorry, I misunderstood you!"
        "It's human nature, in such a big case, be careful to sail the ship for ten thousand years!"
        The car passed by a road with some dark street lights, and suddenly a figure appeared on the side of the road!
        The figure rushed to the road and even stood still, with open hands to stop Fat Brother's car!
        "There is a situation!"
        He pulled the gun, loaded and opened the insurance in one go. Judging from his proficiency, it is estimated that the police officer in the co-pilot also retired from the army.
        "You are in the car, I'll take a look!"
        The fat brother picked up a steering wheel lock on the door that was given when he bought the car, and carefully pressed it against the back of his left thigh.
        "Please, my wife is about to give birth! I really can't stop the car, can you help us take us to the hospital!"
        The fat brother glanced at the figure of the man who stopped the car, and it seemed that he often sat in the office.
        In order to confirm, the fat brother stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder: "Don't panic brother!"
        Muscle slack, really ordinary people.
        When the man went to help his wife with great gratitude and gratitude, the fat brother also turned his head and nodded to the police officer in the co-pilot, signaling safety.
        The young couple and the man's mother squeezed into the car together. As soon as the door opened, they were dumbfounded. The car was full of police!
        Oh, there is even a man with his hands in handcuffs!
        "What's wrong, get in the car! You are also afraid of the police!"
        The fat brother urged, whether it is the mother or the driver in the back row, the longer you stay, the more risk you have.
        Seeing that someone stopped the car halfway, the live broadcast room quickly asked what was going on.
        "We encountered a situation just now. A family of three who was about to give birth joined us in a carpool."
        The fat man said casually.
        The water friends laughed again when they heard it.
        "Fatty brother, you have a load of 6 people in this car, right?"
        "You pulled 8 people? Including the one in your stomach, there are 9 in total?"
        "You are so arrogant in front of the police! You got it behind your back?"
        "Fortunately, the fat brother is not a big guest, otherwise he will be punished without having to wear his pants!"
        "Fat brother, you can really pretend!"
        Three police officers escorted the prisoner into the third row, and the mother and family of three nestled in the second row. The 6-seater car was jammed with 8 people, and even thought it was okay.
        "Why didn't you call an ambulance?"
        The fat brother was so nervous when he saw the maternity family, the man was about to cry, so he wanted to talk to him to distract him.
        "Called! The hospital said that all the ambulances were dispatched! Our own car was blocked by cars parked in the community again! Fortunately, I met you, otherwise..."
        The man didn't dare to continue talking.
        "Don't worry, it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to pass here!"
        "How is that possible! I often accompany my wife to Pengcheng People's Hospital for maternity examinations, the fastest..."
        Before the man could finish his words, two flashing lights came on outside the car, and the fat brother accelerated through a red light.
        "You, did you run a red light?"
        The maternity husband stammered.
        "Comrade police, my illegal record should be cleared, right?"
        "Yes! It will be eliminated for you tomorrow!"
        The co-pilot policeman laughed.
        "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you comrades police!"
        The husband of the mother in the back quickly thanked him, thinking that the police let the police run the red light just to see off his wife.
        When there were still two blocks away from the hospital, the police who rushed to the traffic light intersection temporarily blocked the intersection, in order to allow the fat brother to pass quickly.
        The car drove straight to the door of the inpatient department, where the medical staff had been waiting for a long time.
        Several policemen in explosion-proof suits surrounded him and followed the driver into the inpatient building. Seven or eight policemen opened Fat Brother's trunk and took out a little white powder and put it on the test strip.
        Looking at the discolored test strips, the expressions of all the police officers present changed, it was indeed a drug!
        Such a large amount of drugs is enough for them to investigate!
        The police quickly transferred the stolen goods and asked Fat Brother to go back to assist in the investigation. Fat Brother hurriedly closed the live broadcast and followed behind in his car.
        When you sit in the bureau, you are naturally entertained by good smoke and tea, celebrities in the Pengcheng police system!