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69 Good Boss

        "You mean you didn't go home for the New Year?"
        The fat brother looked at the gang of innocents in front of him in disbelief.
        "This is not important! Counter-Strike can be sold! We have even tested the last bug!"
        Zhao Qizhi said excitedly.
        "You, you..."
        The fat guy didn't know what to say.
        A crisp voice next to him took over the conversation and said, "Since the game is out, everyone should rest for a few days and leave the promotion to your boss."
        Seeing that everyone looked at Han Yuyun in confusion and then looked at himself, the fat brother quickly explained, "My friend, Han Yuyun."
        "Hello, lady boss!"
        "Happy New Years Madam!"
        The brains of this group of tech nerds are brilliant. When did their bosses have women around them?
        The fat brother was about to explain, but the boss stared at Han Yuyun and took out a large amount of red envelopes from nowhere, whoever saw it had a share!
        "Thank you, lady boss!"
        "I wish the boss lady more and more beautiful!"
        When everyone saw the red envelopes, they shouted louder!
        Seeing that everyone was packing up and preparing to get out, the fat brother said angrily, "Han Yuyun, you are ruining my reputation everywhere, how can I find a girlfriend in the future?!"
        Han Yuyun smiled tenderly as if she hadn't heard it, "Everyone in your company is quite good at talking!"
        After Han Yuyun left, Fat Brother thought about how to promote it, why not try a live-action Counter-Strike commercial?
        When Fat Brother was thinking about the commercial, the latest issue of The Masked Singer, which was long overdue, finally aired.
        The performance of the first two episodes of the leader can be said to be very eye-catching. It really attracted a lot of fans to the impostor Yan Le. Many people sat in front of the TV early, looking forward to whether the leader sang original songs in this issue.
        "The sound of prosperity escaped into the empty door and broke the world.
        The dream is cold, and the love debts of a lifetime are a few books."
        As soon as the first two lyrics came out, the audience in front of the TV widened their eyes!
        The lyrics are simply addicting!
        Many ancient style lovers even took a pen and wanted to copy it down, love it!
        After the leader sang the whole song, everyone was attracted by this novel style, but the more popular topic on Weibo was the sentence before the leader left: "I'm not called Yan Le".
        Yan Le stared dumbfounded at the masked singer playing on TV. He thought about many ways to deal with this moment, but when it came time to find out, none of those methods worked, as the agent said!
        Yan Le panicked, and immediately thought of contacting the broker and asking the company to come forward to solve the matter.
        When I picked up the phone, I revealed the contract termination under the pressure, and then I remembered that I had "kicked" the company a long time ago!
        How to do how to do!
        Faced with the overwhelming questioning on Weibo, as well as the constant calls from brand owners, Yan Le chose to turn off his mobile phone, turn off the TV, and draw the curtains, hoping that everyone would forget him...
        There was no response to Yan Le's fraud, and the belated hot discussion about the song "Fireworks Easy Cold" finally came.
        The famous music critic Ling Qiu was the first to give a long comment: "This song has a strong classical meaning, beautiful melody, and a deep sense of history. It sings a question about the vicissitudes of history and the impermanence of rise and fall. A picture of ancient times: Buddhist pagodas stand in rows, and they become empty in an instant; swords, lights, swords, shadows, vicissitudes..."
        "The prelude to the song is gentle and soothing, like fireworks blooming and gradually falling away, leaving only a few bits and pieces, and dazzling dazzling escapes into the empty door. This is clearly a modern person standing alone under the sky of history. The author wants the audience to see it as soon as they open their eyes. The desolation in front of us brings back the prosperity of the past!"
        "I don't know how good this song is, I just think it sounds good!"
        "The image of this song is so strong! When I close my eyes, I can vaguely see the figure that Nomura has been waiting for."
        What is even more surprising is that Zhang Yong, a professor of the Chinese Department of Beijing University, also posted a Weibo about the song: "If I guess correctly, the background of this song should be in the Northern Wei Dynasty. This ancient book is even linked to our Chinese Department. Most of the students seldom dabble in it, but the author of this song can write it into the song freely, I really hope to meet this great talent if I have the opportunity!"
        Fat brother doesn't have time to watch Weibo, and he has spent the past two days at home thinking about the short video of Counter-Strike.
        If it wasn't for the notification from Director Wang that Xianjian was going to have a celebration feast, he still didn't know how long he would be in retreat.
        Because he let Wang Dao's pigeons twice, and the fat brother especially wanted to know how much money he could get, so this time he stepped on the accelerator more than anyone else...
        After the fat brother arrived, the Galaxy staff took him directly to the back lounge, and the bored fat brother had to swipe his phone by himself.
        The song "Fireworks is easy to be cold" is sure to be popular, and there are even many self-proclaimed talented people on Weibo who have compiled novels with lyrics, one by one is more sensational.
        Fat brother clicked on the fireworks easy cold novel on the Weibo topic list, which is a collection of short stories by many talented netizens. Fat brother forwarded the most popular novel and replied seriously:
        "Xiaosheng has been in love with the girl for a long time, but he never dared to say anything, but he is really ashamed. He is afraid of being abusive to the girl, but now he has the courage to express his love to the girl. Dare to ask the girl, I would like to exchange the white head for the white head. The sun rises and the sun goes down. The bell in the morning and the drums at dusk, I don't know what the girl thinks. If there is any abruptness, please forgive me. In the future, the little boy will break into the girl's boudoir that night, willing to spend seven years in prison in exchange for the rest of the girl's life... shadow. "
        As soon as it was posted, netizens followed.
        "Fat brother, you... poof..."
        "Fat brother, can you do something serious? After reading your comment, I can't look directly at the song "Firework Yi Leng"!"
        "Crooked, is it 110? It's overturned here!"
        "The old man is in his prime, and there are no taboos in the cold and heat, but he made you lose your waist!"
        "Wait a minute, this bend is too fast, let me stroke it!"
        Even the official WeChat account of Pengcheng Public Security also replied seriously: "It's only three years, your words are serious!"
        "As soon as I read the beginning, I copied it and sent it to my goddess to confess. What should I do, wait online!"
        "The car that fat brother drives is really advanced!"
        "Fat brother, are you a devil?"
        Another more talented girl replied: "The little girl is panic, it's better to wait for the little girl to take off her makeup. If the son doesn't dislike it, the little girl is willing to face the sky without changing the son!"
        The fat brother laughed like a fool when he saw it.
        "Why do you laugh so wickedly!"
        As soon as Wang Zhizhi and Sister Li from the artist department pushed open the door and came in, they saw the fat brother who was hiding in the small single room and giggling while looking at his mobile phone.
        "Director Wang, Sister Li, you are here. I haven't eaten breakfast yet! Do you take care of lunch at noon?"
        The fat man stood up and greeted.
        "Seeing this virtue, do you still want me to help you persuade this guy to sign with Galaxy?"
        Wang Zhi looked at Sister Li with a wry smile.