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78 What are you talking about?

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        "Otherwise, Zhou, do you remember what I said? Things must be handed over to the designated person! No one can do it!"
        Lu Qingman kept instructing the fat brother who was walking fast.
        "If you're so worried, just send it yourself!"
        When talking about this, Lu Qingman was silent.
        "Are you sure this thing can pass the security check?"
        "Is there any contraband in it?"
        "If security checks let me open this ball, what do you let me do?"
        "I'm here to help you deliver to the capital, won't you reimburse me for the flight back home?"
        Lu Qingman couldn't take it anymore with the fat man's babble: "Report! You pay for everything you eat, drink, and lasa! You give the invoice to the recipient, and he will reimburse you!"
        "Really? You said I would book first class! Oops!"
        The fat brother walked towards the airport lobby with a remorseful expression on his face.
        Lu Qingman didn't keep up, standing outside the glass door and suddenly shouted, "Hey!"
        The fat brother looked back at her suspiciously.
        "My name is Lu Qingman!"
        After saying that, he waved his hand vigorously to say goodbye.
        "Remember to tell me about reimbursement!"
        The fat brother also waved his hand and shouted.
        Lu Qingman's face suddenly collapsed. My mother gave you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do you want me to reimburse you for the air ticket? !
        In Beijing in March, it was still the days of big padded jackets and two padded trousers. The fat brother had to reluctantly buy winter clothes at the airport at a high price, and his flesh hurt!
        The invoice is left, and when see someone, ask him to report it!
        According to the address given by Lu Qingman, the fat brother found a five-storey building in the suburbs. There was no sign on the bottom, and he looked lifeless. If the car was not parked downstairs, the fat brother really thought this place was. no one.
        "You are Mr. Zhou or else, please come with me!"
        The people who received them downstairs also had the national emblem pinned to their chests.
        Lu Qingman's skills are not terrorists or people from special departments of the state. In his previous life, Fat Brother had dealt with these two kinds of people a lot.
        He never asked about Lu Qingman's identity, but he just didn't want to get involved. He was a little bit uncomfortable with that kind of worrying life.
        The elevator went up to the fifth floor. When Fat Brother saw the decoration inside, he couldn't help thinking: It seems that the reimbursement is over!
        The receptionist led him to the door of an office and knocked on the door.
        "Please come in!"
        There was a loud voice inside.
        The leader reached out and made a "please" gesture to him and left.
        The fat brother cleared his throat, tidied up his clothes, and pushed open the door.
        The office is very large. The first thing that catches the eye is the dark brown bookcase that covers two and a half walls. Through the glass, you can see that it seems to be full of bound portfolios.
        There were two small bright red flags on the black desk. A middle-aged man with a dignified and upright face was looking at the fat brother. Although he was a middle-aged man, his temples were already gray.
        What surprised Fat Brother the most was that there was a set of military uniforms of active-duty generals hanging on the coat rack, and the olive branch and two gold pieces on the epaulets were particularly eye-catching!
        "Are you Zhou?"
        The thick voice seemed to resonate in the office.
        "Report to the head, yes!"
        Since seeing that military uniform, the fat brother didn't dare to smile anymore, a standard stand at attention.
        "Don't be so restrained, you are not a soldier!"
        "Sit down and talk, I heard Lu Qingman say something unclear, how did the two of you meet."
        The fat brother explained that the lieutenant general asked two or two questions at key points from time to time, until the two were separated at the airport in the morning, and then the fat brother took out the strange metal ball from the bag and put it on the bag. on the desk.
        "Do you want to know what this is?"
        The lieutenant general did not pick up the metal ball, but looked at it with a complicated expression.
        "Reporting chief, don't want to!"
        "Hahaha, you are as good as a monkey as Old Chen said!"
        After chatting a few more times, the lieutenant general asked Fat Brother if he had any problems or difficulties, and his trip was considered a national merit.
        "Chief, has Lu Qingman told you about reimbursement, expenses, etc.?"
        The fat brother asked tentatively, tremblingly.
        The lieutenant shook his head happily.
        Oh shit! I know that woman is unreliable! Lied me to fly so far to send him a courier!
        "Anything else?"
        The lieutenant general opened the folder and browsed it.
        You can't run in vain, you have to get something back! Fat brother's CPU is overloaded!
        "Chief, there's really something!"
        "you say!"
        "Sir, can you help me get a driver's license? I can drive, but my car slipped! I'm short of a driver's license. If you don't believe me, go watch my live broadcast on the Internet!"
        "What the hell?"
        The lieutenant general raised his head and looked at the fat brother inexplicably, as if he suspected that he had heard it wrong.
        Looking at the small building on the opposite side, the fat brother sighed deeply, this time he went out and lost blood!
        That big guy neither agreed nor refused, and he didn't give a definite letter to him or not!
        Let’s honestly report to a driving school after returning home, alas…
        I found a place to put my phone card back in, and as soon as I turned it on, the text message "ding" sounded for several minutes.
        Except for the occasional one or two missed calls and text messages from Han Yuyun and Zhao Qizhi, the rest are all from the temporary assistants, Xiao Qi and Sister Li, and oh, and Director Wang.
        Xiao Qi: Are you ready for the repertoire of Fat Brother's competition the day after tomorrow?
        Xiao Qi: Fat brother is going to play tomorrow, please call me back when you see the text message!
        Xiao Qi: Fat brother will be recording this afternoon, stop making trouble!
        Sister Li: Otherwise, where are you?
        Sister Li: Quickly call back when you see the text message!
        Sister Li: You just disappeared without a word, how can I explain it to the show crew!
        Director Wang: Otherwise, why don't you tell me in advance when you go out for a trip? !
        Sister Li: Zhou, otherwise you would have hurt me badly!
        The deadline for the last text message was yesterday, and the rest of the text messages were all reminders of these people's missed calls, and there was an unfamiliar number saying that they wanted to meet him.
        Fat guy is stunned!
        If the whole person falls into the ice hole with a "gudong"!
        Buying a plane ticket and a big padded jacket are all small money. At this moment, he only sees 5 million red bills flying out of his pocket...
        The fat brother was frightened and called Sister Li's phone.
        "Which one?"
        A harsh tone came from the other end of the phone.
        "Hehe, Sister Li, I'm not Zhou!"
        The fat brother sneered while holding the phone.
        "What's up?"
        Continue being blunt.
        "It's not a big deal, I just want to ask, um, when did the masked singer record?"
        "Your face is really not small! You don't answer any phone calls from the left or the right!"
        "Sister Li, I can explain this matter!"
        "I thought you were more reliable than those young people, but I didn't expect you to be the most unreliable one!"
        The fat brother can imagine how angry Sister Li is now, and the foul language burst out.
        "Then, shall I still participate?"
        "You're still participating in a fart!"
        Fat brother had to hold the phone away from his ears.
        "Is there any money left?"
        "Money? I personally came to the door to plead for you and say good things, and they reluctantly agreed not to hold you accountable. You still want money!"
        "Oh, sister Li calm down, I'll hang up first if it's nothing! Bye!"
        After speaking, the fat brother hurriedly hung up the phone and took a long breath.
        I just said that I forgot something important, and it turned out to be this!
        The fat brother was very annoyed, as if he saw a rising star suddenly fall down, alas...