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83 I can play, pull, play and sing everything

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        At this time, Chen Li was also devastated by this matter. It was good that Gong Zhicheng didn't come out and talk to him. When he came out, he simply put Zhou Bubu on fire!
        Everyone will only think that Zhou Beirui is inciting his fans to make trouble. At that time, all kinds of hats such as disrespectful, arrogant and arrogant will be put on Zhou Beiran's head. It is difficult to say whether he can pass this level, let alone in the future. .
        "Have you found it? Where did these sailors come from?"
        Chen Li picked up the phone and dialed Liu Honghui, the head of the technical department. He has always been in charge of contacting the Navy.
        There was even worse news on the other end of the phone, and Chen Li frowned even more.
        This wave is too inexplicable. There are shadows of these sailors everywhere on the Internet, and some people are even attacking the official website of the China Musicians Association, saying that it is to rectify the name of Zhou Bu.
        As soon as the situation went beyond her control, Chen Li had to ask for support.
        In the office of the chairman of Galaxy Film and Television.
        "Boss, that's the way it is. Liu Honghui can't find out who is the pusher."
        Chen Li said helplessly.
        "I see, let him be honest for a while and don't show his face online."
        After Wei Wenhua finished speaking, he remembered something, and said solemnly, "Let someone check the account of Liu Honghui, the head of the technical department."
        Chen Li looked at the boss in surprise, but nodded in response.
        At this time, the fat brother had already received the "kindness" reminder from Sister Li, and he stayed at home honestly and didn't dare to read Weibo anymore. Every minute, the fat brother will be Aite hundreds of times.
        "Ring bell bell!"
        The phone beside Fat Brother rang.
        Unfamiliar number? What bad news!
        The fat man picked it up in dismay.
        "Hey, is that Dad? I'm Nannan, when will you be back, Dad?"
        A milky little girl's voice came from the other end of the phone.
        "You made a mistake, I'm not your father."
        After saying that, the fat brother hung up the phone.
        At this time, Ye Gang, the chairman of the Musicians Association, who was far away in the capital, was talking and laughing with the person on the other end of the phone.
        "Lao Wei, you came to the capital secretly last time, I want to tell you!"
        "Hey! Is there anyone in the Four Nine Cities who doesn't know about the Han family?"
        "Why should I pay attention to these, I only knew there was such a guy after listening to you!"
        "Okay! I'll tell the people in the meeting later that you owe me two more bottles of old wine. When are you going to repay this favor!"
        "Hello? Hello! Old Wei?"
        "This old guy!"
        Ye Gang laughed and scolded the phone that hung up.
        Ye Gang was very efficient, and it didn't take long for Gong Zhicheng and his apprentice fans to stop. The sailors who couldn't find their opponents began to find fault one by one on Weibo by name. The strange thing was that people in the music world didn't answer. Their.
        Occasionally, one or two Xiaoxianrou responded on Weibo, but before the navy could organize an offensive, Xiaoxianrou quickly deleted the Weibo.
        Shui Jun panicked when he saw this battle, and he took money to make Zhou or Zhou stinky. If there were no fools to come out and sing the opposite show, wouldn't his own group become the second-hand goods who help Zhou for free or gain popularity!
        Fat brother spent a few days in isolation at home, and his phone calls were quiet every day.
        Oh, right!
        Except for the little girl called his father who still called him every day "rain or shine" and kept urging her to go home.
        The fat brother's patient explanation from the beginning has reached the stage of perfunctory.
        "Ring bell bell!"
        The fat brother picked it up and took a look, it was the prank girl again!
        The fat guy was helpless.
        "Dad, Nannan misses you so much! When will you come back, Daddy?"
        The milky little girl spoke very carefully, as if she was worried that she would anger her father, and her father would not come home.
        "I want to make money, I want to buy you toys and clothes..."
        The fat brother was paralyzed on the sofa, digging his nails to death.
        "Nannan doesn't want toys, Nannan wants Dad, will Dad come back and see Nannan?"
        The fat brother sighed heavily and said helplessly: "Little boy, I'm really not your father, you made the wrong call."
        Then he shook his head and hung up the phone.
        How do today's parents act, it's enough to let such a small child make harassing calls everywhere with a mobile phone!
        Just after hanging up the little girl's harassing call, the phone rang again.
        Damn, it's not over, is it?
        The fat brother picked up the phone and was about to start scolding, but at a glance, he saw that the caller was the number of a magic city.
        Not that mischievous kid?
        "Hello, is it Mr. Zhou or not?"
        "I am, who is it?"
        "Hello, I'm Cai Chongqi from the Magic City Symphony Orchestra. We will have a joint performance with the Magic City Boys Choir on the 14th of next month. I would like to ask if you have any suitable works."
        A mature and steady male voice came from the phone.
        "Mr. Cai, why did you think of finding me as a newcomer? And it's less than a month before the 14th. Can you arrange the new song in time?"
        "Mr. Zhou is humble. I have listened to a few of your songs, and I think your understanding and use of various musical instruments is easy, but I don't know if you have any suitable works."
        "You passed the prize! It's just that the 14th is less than a month away. Can you arrange the new song in time?"
        "Burning the scalp and going up, this time the situation is a bit special."
        "What's the theme?"
        "Did you forget the 14th? Army Day!"
        "Oh, I remembered, you are the subject, of course I remember!"
        The fat brother is ashamed, how could he know that the Army Founding Day in this world is April 14th.
        "I wonder if you have any works that fit this theme?"
        "There are some! There are many more!"
        The fat man hurriedly responded.
        "Mr. Cai, is there still a shortage of people for your joint performance? I can play and sing a little bit, really..."
        As long as the fat brother can let him go out and let his air out, let him do whatever he wants.
        The conductor of the Magic Capital Symphony Orchestra, Cai Chongqi, held the printed score in one hand, and danced up and down in the other hand, and was still singing intermittently.
        "If the motherland is violated, a warm-blooded man should be self-improvement
        Drink this bowl of hometown wine and the strong man is gone forever"
        The choir and the symphony orchestra perform together, how powerful is this piece of music! Cai Chongqi thought excitedly.
        "Old Cai, how about the song that Zhou Eluan sent?"
        A middle-aged man in his early 50s who was about the same age as Cai Chongqi pushed in.
        "There is no vacuous person under the reputation!"
        Cai Chongqi said with great emotion.
        ""Conquering Paradise"? Have you seen this song?"
        Guo Bin, conductor of the Magic City Male Chorus, picked up another score on the table.
        "Not yet, take a look first, and we'll discuss which song to choose."
        Cai Chongqi frowned and said without raising his head.
        Guo Bin watched it over and over with a solemn face, before slowly opening his mouth for a long time: "Old Cai, I think it is necessary to invite Master Zhou or else to come to the Devil's Capital!"
        There was not much time left for them to rehearse. "The Soul of China" and "Conquering Paradise" made it difficult for them to choose, but in the end, "The Soul of China" was chosen. After all, this song is more relevant.
        Next is the question of who will be the conductor. Everyone wants to be the conductor of the first public performance of this piece.
        "Old Guo, I think it's most suitable for your choir to appear as a part."
        "Open your eyes and take a good look! This song is obviously about chorus!"
        "We just follow the usual practice, you are the assistant commander!"
        "Cai Chongqi, get out of here!"