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92 Canon

        Fat brother is on the hot search again.
        The restaurant manager posted the video of Fat Brother pretending to play the piano in the restaurant to Fat Brother's fan group. In less than a day, this video was tagged as a Divine Comedy by netizens.
        "It's so good! It's so urgent, the education level is too low, come downstairs to add it!"
        "However, this old man has no culture, and he goes all over the world with one word! Come on downstairs!"
        "I'm reminiscing about my first love... Look downstairs!"
        "I just wanted to ask what the name of this song is, you guys are putting a lot of pressure on me!"
        Fortunately, someone who knows how to do it finally came, and a netizen called Knowing the Difficulty and Doing It Easy replied:
        "Fat brother's notation method is called canon, which emerged in the western music world in the 15th century. The feature is that in the same melody, multiple parts imitate the previous part at a certain time interval, and always chase the symphony of that part. They follow each other, but never overlap, and don't come together until the last chord."
        "Excuse me upstairs, so what's the name of this song?"
        Easier said than done: "I don't have this song in my mind, and I boldly speculate that it should be original by Fat Brother!"
        "The one upstairs is original if you haven't heard it before? How many songs have you heard?"
        Easier said than done: "My doctoral dissertation is on the history of Western music, and I should have heard a few songs."
        "Kneel to the boss!"
        "Move upstairs, let's kneel together!"
        Netizens made a lot of noise, and finally blew up the real god of the music industry.
        Chen Xian, vice president of the Central Conservatory of Music and dean of the original composition department, also posted a Weibo.
        "The rhythm of this piece is stepped and full of periodicity, creating a strong sense of space and three-dimensionality. It is undoubtedly Baroque music!
        In order to achieve a stronger and more sincere emotional expression, the fixed tone pattern and the clear main melody that emphasizes the rebeat are combined together to achieve an unparalleled harmony effect. The author integrates every detail into a perfect whole. It resembles the intricate and exquisite Baroque architecture.
        If Zhou is not the author of this Canon-esque piece, then he really deserves the title of a master! "
        At this time, the Huaxia Musicians Association is holding an internal meeting. The theme of the meeting is to discuss whether to absorb Zhou or Comrade as a member of the association. After some "intense" discussions, although the chairman Ye Gang really wanted to introduce new blood to the association, but Seeing the strong opposition from the crowd, I had no choice but to give up.
        When the fat brother was still recording the song, he heard Xiaoqi talking about it and realized that he was actually popular again. After reading the comments for a while, he posted a Weibo, thanking everyone for your liking, and explained that this song is called Canon, and he will do it later. Put the sheet music online.
        In two or three days, a large number of videos of playing the canon uploaded by piano enthusiasts and practitioners appeared on the Internet. Just when everyone was discussing the canon, someone finally couldn't stand it.
        Well-known musician Shi Yongchun declared on Weibo: "The real art is not necessarily high and low, but it will definitely not be like clouds!
        A piece of music should not only be listened to by ear, but also felt by heart, and analyzed with professional knowledge of music theory. I have also seen the song "Canon". It has an extremely simple reciprocating melody. Do you want to continue listening after ten or twenty times?
        Things that don't have a background often end up like this. "
        Shi Yongchun claims to be a person in the literary and art world, but netizens don't buy it.
        "Old Shi, just say it when you're jealous!"
        "Brother Shi, I also want to reject vulgarity elegantly, but why can't I find your work online?"
        "Back upstairs, Xiaochunzi has no works!"
        "Eat by mouth? A troll? It's amazing!"
        "Xiao Chunzi, I've listened to it twenty times and still want to hear it, how can I break it?"
        "This kind of person is the most annoying, and there are many things that are not broken!"
        "I will obey you when it comes to washing the ground! Calling ugly songs an art!"
        "It means that Kanon is a layman? I'm a layman, what are you going to do?"
        When Shi Yongchun saw so many comments and replies so quickly, he was so happy!
        When opened it, nose was crooked! All of them turned around and scolded him in different ways.
        Although the old man has no mass base, but we trolls, no! Our evaluation of the family circle has always been support from all sides in times of difficulty!
        Immediately, all the "elites" with the titles of experts, scholars, critics and artists on Weibo came out!
        Fans of Fat Brother and those netizens who like Canon are like firefighters. They have just put out an artist, and some sociologist at the other end is lit up again.
        And the people of the Music Association (Musicians Association) also pointed at the farce with their mobile phones and said, "Have you seen it? Have you seen it! Zhou Er is such a urinating person. I put it in, I don't know how it will end today!"
        The Music Association is not an unreasonable person, but everyone can't be guilty of infighting for an irrelevant week. They just feel that the Music Association seems to have changed a bit, and it has changed from being a group to a group to squeeze out.
        From the Weibo posted by this group of people, it is not difficult to see that Shi Yongchun is estimated to be the one with the highest cultural quality, or relatively the most "self-cultivation" in this group.
        Because other people don't know anything, they will have no brains, and if he doesn't care about him, Fat Brother Ait is just a burst of bullshit.
        "Be complacent and arrogant if you have a little grade, otherwise you should go back and learn what it means to respect the old!"
        "The reason why senior is called senior is not that he is older than you, but that he has more experience than you. This experience alone is worthy of your respect!"
        "Humility makes people progress, young man! You can't hear any wrong voices, how do you talk about progress?"
        Seeing that the enemy is strong, Fans and water friends of Fat Brother hurriedly went to Weibo to call Fat Brother. If we don't order these people, we will be called Xinghuo in vain!
        The fat brother is full of helplessness after he understands the cause and effect. These people are really old and low in IQ. When arguing with them, it seems that he is low. After posting a Weibo, he ignored it:
        "There are people in the world who slander me, deceive me, insult me, laugh at me, despise me, despise me, hate me, and deceive me, what should I do?
        Just bear with him, let him, let him, avoid him, be patient with him, respect him, ignore him, stay for a few more years, and look at him. "
        Hanshan picked up the questions and answers, and arranged for you properly, I am too lazy to pay attention to you.
        The good netizens came to help Fat Brother forcefully explain a wave again.
        "Ask the boss to stay for a few more years and look at him, how do you explain this sentence?"
        "Going back upstairs means that they are getting older, and they will be able to dance at their graves in a few years!"
        "Fat brother is really a man, he's so cool!"
        "Brother Shit, have you seen Brother Fatty's answer?"
        "I also call myself an expert and scholar, what else can I do other than wear a high hat, look at the level of the fat brother, learn something!"
        But Brother Fat will have no time to take care of this matter, because Han Yuyun suddenly went to the coast of Shandong Peninsula to interview a listed aquaculture company, and he had to take Fat Brother with him.