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94 Meeting on a narrow road is a fight

        Boss Chen looked back at the rest of the cabin, and everyone had a firm face.
        A slap on the table: "Done!"
        Boss Chen has long wanted to slander these gangsters, and because he is a warship, even in the territorial waters of China, he is rampant and domineering, and he has done a lot of illegally driving fishing boats!
        Today, the fat brother helped him cover the boat damage, so he is afraid of a dick!
        You must know that these fishermen are very sturdy when they go into the sea. In addition to high-pressure water guns and spear guns, many boats even have spray guns, just in case.
        Immediately ordered to check again whether everything was fixed, and after confirming it was correct, let everyone fix themselves.
        "Can you contact them?"
        The fat man looked at the radio on the console and asked.
        Immediately someone debugged it, and then handed it to the fat brother.
        "You have entered the China Sea, please leave immediately! You have entered the China Sea, please leave immediately!"
        After the fat brother finished speaking in Chinese, he repeated it in English. Seeing that the other party didn't respond, he was about to ask if anyone could speak Japanese, and there was an English reply from the other end.
        "We are on a regular patrol, and the fishing boat ahead will move away immediately!"
        When the fat brother heard it, he seemed to cover his eyes like a ghost!
        Damn, do you let Lao Tzu give way on our site? !
        The water friends who understood in the live broadcast room also yelled at them.
        "These dogs are so crazy!"
        "Fat brother hates these bastards! The boat is detained and counted as Laozi!"
        This one is a series of high rewards.
        "Bullying us is a fishing boat without weapons? Who knows how to contact the Coast Guard!"
        "I can't afford to pay for the boat, I can still afford half a month's salary!"
        "Fat brother, calm down! If you do this, you might be provoking disputes between the two countries!"
        calm down? How can you make Laozi calm down!
        "Old Chen, hang up the national flag! Go full speed ahead and hit him!"
        The water guns on the fishing boats are useless for the iron armored battle eggs. The only thing Fat Brother can think of that may cause damage to the other party is to bump into it!
        Old Chen was stunned when he heard this, and bumped into it? Maybe not a single person in this boat will have to run away!
        "Don't worry, they will obediently get out of the way!"
        The fat brother calmed down at this time, and looked at the warship that was constantly shortening through the porthole.
        On the patrol ship Akizu Island at this time.
        The captain was looking at the fishing boat swaying in the waves in the distance with a playful face.
        Akizu Island is 150 meters long, and the captain alone is as big as three fishing boats, not counting the two 20mm cannons and two 40mm cannons on board.
        Seeing that after he finished the call, the fishing boat not only did not let go, but instead accelerated towards Qiujin Island, the captain was slightly taken aback, why did the fishing boat not play cards according to the routine?
        In the live broadcast room, after listening to Fat Brother's sentence "They will obediently get out of the way", they still don't know what Fat Brother is going to do!
        "Fat brother calm down!"
        "Don't be impulsive, fat brother! It's not worth risking your life for this bunch of dogs!"
        "Fat brother, let's come back and have a long-term plan, shall we? I'm up to you if you want to smash the RB car or something!"
        "What if you hang up the children in the orphanage? Don't forget that you also support the children in the mountains to go to school!"
        The fat brother has no time to take care of those at this time, and his eyes are fixed on the patrol ship that is getting closer and closer!
        The captain of the Qiuzu Island also stared at the Huaxia fishing boat that was trying to scare me.
        In the live broadcast room, the water friends kept swiping the screen, and beads of sweat kept falling from the head of Mr. Chen who was at the helm!
        The crew members were clinging to the things that could be fixed beside them, and the captain of the Akizu Island kept listening to the reports of the people below.
        "If we don't turn, we'll collide!"
        Lao Chen didn't care to wipe his sweat, glanced at the fat brother, his voice trembled slightly.
        The fat brother pursed his lips and stared at the warship that was breaking through the waves. At this distance, he could clearly see the muzzle sticking out from the opposite ship!
        The captain of the Qiuzu Island roared angrily, and finally waved his hand helplessly, signaling to turn.
        When the fat man was fighting, the warship on the opposite side changed direction!
        "They ran away!"
        Old Chen's face was red and his ears were red, and the blue veins on his neck burst out and shouted.
        All the crew members immediately rushed up, and the opposing warships were no longer coming straight at them, but adjusted a slightly smaller arc, and the arc was getting bigger and bigger, and they were changing direction!
        "we won!"
        "These bastards are running away!"
        "Huaxia is awesome!"
        The fishermen on the boat were yelling like crazy in the cabin. Some even rushed to the deck and pointed their middle fingers at the warship. What was even more extreme was that some people actually took out the things in their crotch and opened fire at them. !
        At this time, Lao Chen couldn't care about scolding the old guys for dirtying the deck, because he was also jumping and barking excitedly with the fat brother, like a child of a few years old!
        The floor in the live broadcast room is neatly covered.
        "Huaxia mighty!"
        "Huaxia mighty!"
        "Huaxia mighty!"
        The fat brother finally breathed a sigh of relief. If the warship does not turn, he will turn. Fortunately, he won this wave of bets, and his back is soaked when he regains his senses!
        At this time, the captain of the Qiuzu Island is constantly comforting himself: the Qiuzu Island is the largest and most expensive patrol ship of our Great RB Coast Guard. The cost is as high as 30 billion yen, a small fishing boat. Just trying to hurt us?
        Go dream! I will not give you this chance!
        Seeing that the warship on the other side didn't turn around, Fat Brother just turned a corner and continued cruising in the territorial waters of Huaxia.
        "You have entered the Huaxia sea area, please leave immediately!"
        The fat brother radioed the ship on the other side again, and when he saw the opposite side, he played dead again, and the fat brother became more and more presumptuous.
        "You have already entered the Huaxia sea area, please leave immediately! Otherwise, I will kill you!"
        And at this moment on the Qiuzu Island, the captain's face turned green!
        The others also stared straight at the captain.
        "Withdraw! Baga!"
        The captain tore off his hat and slammed it to the ground.
        The Huaxia Coast Guard arrived quickly, but what they saw left them stunned.
        A Chinese fishing boat was chasing behind the Qiujin Island, and it was about to chase out of the Chinese territorial waters.
        "Qiujin Island, this is the Huaxia Coast Guard! You have entered our territorial waters, please leave immediately! Repeat, please leave immediately!"
        The fully-armed Wenchang rushed towards the Qiujin Island like a giant beast with claws and claws, and at the same time notified the Harvest, that is, Lao Chen and their ships, to be careful not to cross the border.
        The navigation indicated that the boundary line was not far ahead, and the fat brother also gave up the position of the helmsman, allowing Lao Chen to retreat.
        If you withdraw, you will withdraw, anyway, the coercion is finished, the fat brother thought.
        The other fishermen on the boat haven't recovered from the excitement just now, and they all look excited. It is estimated that they will be given an awl and let them swim over and pierce the bottom of the Qiuzu Island. They also do it.
        "Our trip is so worth it! Even if you don't earn a penny, I am willing to let it go!"
        Lao Chen patted the fat brother on the shoulder and said excitedly.
        You didn't earn a penny, you earned me 4,000 yuan before going to sea! The fat man thought sourly.