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98 You are a hammer

        The next day, the Harvest's anger at the warship has not subsided, and this happened again.
        Some international students in Japan translated this news in various ways such as video and screenshots, and then sent it to social networks. Huaxia has not responded yet, so everyone is not sure whether it is true or not.
        Some netizens went to the official WeChat account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to seek truth, but the official WeChat account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs unexpectedly replied seriously: We will answer the specific situation at the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the afternoon!
        This news is actually true!
        This kind of conflict between fishermen and relevant departments of other countries is no big news, but it is really unheard of to have the staff of the Fisheries Department tied up and rushed back to their own country!
        The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs first gave a "detailed" exposition on the matter, and then explained:
        China and Japan have exchanged views on this, and the Japanese side's claim that Chinese vessels "cross-border fishing" is not true. We are dissatisfied with the so-called "boarding inspection" conducted by the Japanese fishery department. It is hoped that the Japanese side can abide by the "China-Japan Fisheries Agreement", earnestly respect the legitimate rights of our fishermen, and not interfere with the normal operation of our fishing vessels.
        All the netizens who watched the press conference online are fried!
        "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is domineering!"
        "Ask them how the warship came to our territorial waters!"
        "Fisherman: Don't let me fish? I can't let you do it!"
        "Hello, Huaxia Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Yesterday our boat was defeated by a Chinese fishing boat. He was driving an old and worn-out engine fishing boat, and he used the waves to make inertial deviations. If you find the fisherman, please tell him, I People are scared to pee and I want to protest!"
        "And they continued to fish while they were escaping! From the Japanese perspective, it was as if the police who came to handle the case were hijacked by criminals and continued to commit crimes in front of other police officers. This is really outrageous!"
        "We promise not to give priority to using fishermen in foreign naval battles!"
        "Fisheries Department staff: let me go home, I have to watch the show..."
        "Why didn't you say which ship it was?"
        "Same question, I'm also curious as to which fishing boat is so tough!"
        "I have a hunch in the dark, do you still remember the harvest number..."
        "I feel the same way upstairs, the more I think about it, the more I think normal people can't do it!"
        When netizens were discussing whether the fat brother did this, the fat brother just woke up, and he was actually drunk last night!
        What a shame!
        "Wake up, if you don't wake up, I will pour cold water on you to wake you up!"
        The door was just pushed open, and Han Yuyun came back with a laptop.
        "Ah! I drank too much last night. I didn't do anything shameful, did I?"
        The fat man pressed his temples and frowned.
        Han Yuyun replied casually, but her eyes flickered around, her face was slightly red, and she didn't know if she was in a hurry or something.
        "That's good, that's good! Hey, what are you doing with the computer?"
        Speaking of this Han Yuyun, she was excited. The person in charge of the aquaculture company that she did not interview, who knew that the fishermen nearby knew everything about their company, she basically understood it in the morning. A through.
        The fishermen are all clear whether they have invested in seedlings or not, and how much they have invested.
        At the baggage check-in office at the airport, all kinds of dried seafood in large and small bags made Fat Brother pay more than 500 yuan for the consignment fee.
        The fishermen are so enthusiastic, especially the old Chen who was drunk last night and boasted about how he and others tied up the people from 11 of their fishery halls, and how they dragged them two boats, one big and one small. , while running, he didn't forget to fish, and he won a lot of buzz from everyone...
        After returning home, the fat brother did not rest, and went straight to the scene of the MV shooting the next day, wanting to see where the progress was.
        According to his previous thoughts, he would not participate in the filming of the MV, and left the full authority to Sister Li, who just happened to be able to pick a few newcomers who just debuted in the galaxy to be familiar with each other.
        "Xiao Qi, I'm here, why didn't I see the crew?"
        The fat brother looked around while calling Xiaoqi.
        "Fat brother, let me pick you up, is there any sign next to you..."
        "I haven't seen you for a few days, why is Xiao Qi so beautiful again!"
        The fat brother joked, but Xiao Qi was embarrassed and silent.
        "What's wrong? Something went wrong with the shooting?"
        "A little problem..."
        When got to the place, saw that the machine or something was in place, but everyone was hanging around lazily. What time did it start?
        "What's the situation?"
        The fat brother pointed at the bunch of lazy people in front of him and asked Xiao Qi in a low voice.
        "There's an artist who hasn't come yet."
        Xiao Qi's voice was so weak that he could hardly hear it.
        "Hello fat man!"
        The fat brother was about to go crazy when a crisp female voice came from his side.
        Turning his head and looking, a beauty with long hair reaching his shoulders and delicate facial features was looking at him with a sweet smile.
        Seeing the fat brother looking at her, the beauty in the palace dress gave the fat brother a thousand blessings like the TV series: "The girl Zhang Xinjie has seen the fat brother!"
        This set of things made the fat brother look at him for a while, and quickly turned his head to look at Xiao Qi.
        "This beauty is the heroine in your MV, our own artist Zhang Xinjie."
        Xiao Qi quickly explained.
        "Oh! Hello, hello!"
        The fat brother also quickly greeted with a smile. The two didn't exchange a few words when they heard a burst of noise coming from the shooting team.
        "It's working, it's working!"
        The three of them turned their heads to look, and a young man wearing big sunglasses, hugging back and forth, with his hair dyed in grandma's gray, swaggered over.
        The director of the MV was hired from outside. He quickly ordered everyone to move. Their progress has fallen behind a lot. If this goes on, he will not be able to explain to Galaxy.
        Grandma's gray-haired young man leaned on the reclining chair and stopped moving. Seeing this, the makeup artist hurriedly grabbed his belongings and walked over. Just as he was about to wash his face, he knocked the thing to the ground with one hand.
        "What! Can't you give me a break to catch my breath?"
        The young man took off his sunglasses and became irritable.
        "Who is this guy?"
        The fat brother pointed to the young man and asked Xiao Qi with a frown.
        "He is the hero of the MV, Yan Anhe, one of the former members of the XA group."
        "XA? That drug addict was made by them?"
        The fat brother seemed to remember this combination, and then Xiaoqi explained to him the situation of the past half month.
        The MV for these songs was planned to be filmed for two months, but now more than half a month has passed, and even a single song has not been filmed!
        The fat brother looked at this Yan Anhe again at this time, and suddenly became angry.
        How could he know that the thing he despised - Yan Anhe, was also very irritable!
        Thinking of how beautiful their XA group was at the time, he lip-synched on stage and jumped twice, and the brain-dead fans under the stage were so excited that they almost fainted!
        Now it's good, but it's actually reduced to shooting MVs for people?
        I don't know what happened to the brainless fans of his support club who said they wanted to collect liquidated damages for him. Since Galaxy doesn't value itself and relies on its popularity, where is it not being held by a lot of resources?
        The fat brother didn't bother to pay attention to that Yan Anhe, so he took out his phone and dialed Sister Li.
        "Sister Li, I don't."
        "Well, I was at the MV shooting site, and the progress was a bit unexpected!"
        "I know, my idea is that there is no male protagonist in the MV, just a female protagonist is enough. I will discuss the book with the director."
        Maybe the fat brother's voice was a little loud, and was heard by Yan Anhe, who was sitting there "closing his eyes and resting."
        "Excuse me?"
        Yan Anhe was a little uncertain about the identity of the fat brother, so he didn't want the male lead, could it be the top of the Galaxy?
        "Who am I, don't bother you."
        The fat guy is not in a good mood.
        "I'm a coffee anyway, do you want to pay attention to your attitude?"
        Yan Anhe doesn't seem to know why she was hired to shoot the MV.
        "You're a coffee? You're a hammer!"