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102 Event Upgrade

        On the first day, I basically didn't encounter any strong teams. They were all temporary wild teams with poor coordination and accurate head-scratching.
        And the fat brother knows that these people are definitely cheating, and the place where he hides is clear!
        Who let themselves live broadcast, then don't blame others for playing games while watching the live broadcast.
        While teasing the chicken team on the opposite side, Fat Brother said earnestly: "See, the person on the other side just doesn't practice enough! After a while, hurry up and buy a game by yourself, remember to put in more effort when you go back, and be careful! "
        When he walked in front of the big wooden door in Area A, the fat brother didn't even look at the wooden door.
        Netizens were stunned, what kind of coquettish operation is this?
        The fat brother smiled and said unconcernedly: "The person on the other side must be watching the live broadcast and playing games. Seeing that I came to Area A, most of the time, they want to squat on me. It's normal operation, everyone, don't panic."
        Everyone called the boss, trying to figure out the psychology of the other side so thoroughly.
        In fact, in the past life, this is really the most normal operation. The current CS is just because the players are limited, and too many gameplays have not been developed yet.
        From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, everyone eats and rests for two hours in the middle. The 420-minute game was originally expected to match 50 teams, but the game time was greatly shortened because some teams were too lazy.
        So by the end of 6 pm, Team Spark had been challenged 62 times in total, the prize pool had increased from 20,000 to 32,400 yuan, and the number of online viewers exceeded 2 million.
        It was agreed to continue at the same time tomorrow, and then the fat brother went to the live broadcast and played games for a day. Even the abuse of vegetables made him exhausted.
        Because he has to pay 20,000 yuan for a loss, the psychological pressure is too great for the fat brother!
        It is estimated that more people will be staying overnight tonight, and everyone will take out the notes made in Fat Brother's CS class, and then everyone will gather around to analyze Xinghuo's weaknesses and tactics.
        Playing games with live broadcasts on, you can peek at the screen openly and aboveboard. This is just like an open-book exam. It's just giving points, ah no, sending money questions!
        The FPS masters from all walks of life who have received the exact wind have been dispatched one after another. First, go to the Internet cafe to see how the game feels. If it is suitable, we will sign up tomorrow!
        The network management opened two connected machines! Gone?
        The boss still has a chance...isn't it gone?
        network management! network management? calling you! What are you playing? CS? Let me try it! Who let you down!
        When the fat brother came home, he felt that his eyes were going blind. As soon as he closed his eyes, he heard the sound of throwing grenades and dah dah dah dah…
        "Ring bell bell!"
        After taking a look, it was actually President Pan of the Watermelon Network.
        "President Pan, is there any good thing to take care of my little brother?"
        The fat brother rubbed the corners of his eyes and smiled.
        "Otherwise, you will be disrespectful. Why don't you tell me about the game competition!"
        Mr. Pan on the other end of the phone pretended to blame.
        "Hey! It's not that the game can't be sold, so I thought about it in a hurry. What good ideas does Mr. Pan have?"
        "There is an opportunity for cooperation, it depends on whether you are willing or not."
        At 10 p.m., the official website of Spark Games issued an announcement:
        "In view of the support and love of CS players for the game, Xinghuo decided to upgrade this two-day challenge to the National CS Kings Tournament!
        Tomorrow's Team Spark Challenge will be cancelled, and the bonus will be increased from the original 20,000 + cumulative challenge amount to 1.1 million.
        The rules of the game are as follows:
        1. A week later, the first round of three-day auditions will start, and a total of 128 teams will be selected;
        2. The second round will be a two-day round of 64 qualifying matches;
        7. In the end, the team of kings will be decided among the two teams!
        8. The king team will receive a bonus of 1 million yuan, and the second-place team will receive a bonus of 100,000 yuan.
        9. All the top 32 teams can get a free gift from
        The supplementary rules are as follows…”
        The long announcement clearly explained the rules, including the venue and designated computer provided by Xinghuo for the subsequent promotion competition, and what everyone cares most about is that Xinghuo team did not participate in this championship competition!
        To be honest, the performance of Team Xinghuo today is really eye-catching. Many teams from tomorrow are wondering whether they can beat Xinghuo. Now that Xinghuo is not participating, who are all rookies who are afraid of who? !
        The fat brother felt that he was suspected of cheating in the competition, and one more day, it really made him sick today!
        Brother Fat and Mr. Pan were still thinking about whether to go to Weibo to buy a hot search or something. Who would have guessed that the next day, Counter-Strike Amway was ranked tenth in the hot search by Shuiyou on Weibo and on the search engine!
        The Internet began to appear overwhelmingly. In yesterday's challenge, the mistakes and funny highlights of the opposite team of chickens, and of course, the oolong highlights of the Starfire team, which were collected by the staff of Starfire deliberately by Fat Go.
        The purpose of this is to attract more traffic to join the competition, and make everyone have an illusion. The so-called king competition is a game of rookie chickens pecking each other, and the hundreds of thousands of bonuses are at your fingertips.
        In addition, there is no registration fee for this registration. As long as you are over 18, you will be done with your ID card, and there will be a wave of registration frenzy on the Internet!
        "Brother, have you heard of CS?"
        "You mean Counter-Strike? I already signed up!"
        "I watched the video of their game yesterday, they can win even if they are so good, what if I don't show off!"
        "Brother, you have a good record! Form one?"
        "I just downloaded this game yesterday and abused the food all night. I feel like I'm about to take off!"
        "I heard that this game has only been around for two months, and there are some masters who are probably about the same as those of us!"
        "Ninety-nine is a matter of a few packs of cigarettes. Maybe what if you win?"
        "I'm optimistic about the special car, it's just 200,000!"
        "Being able to get into the top 32 is also earning money. The must be sending electronic products!"
        There are only seven days left for everyone to practice and run in. Many people who have never been in contact with Counter-Strike have a fluke mentality that they may be able to win a ranking, and practice their marksmanship to become familiar with the map;
        As for those old players, they pay more attention to team cooperation and tactical arrangements.
        The rate of students skipping classes has greatly increased, and some small staff have also found various reasons to take long vacations, but they quit because they couldn't, anyway, only two or three thousand a month, if they win the game... tsk tsk!
        In the Xinghuo game conference room, Zhao Qizhi was explaining the situation of the King's Tournament with Mr. Pan of the Watermelon Network:
        "The number of registered teams in the first round of auditions was 28,496 as of ten minutes ago, and the number of fans of our newly registered Counter Strike Kings Weibo account has also exceeded 320. Ten thousand.
        The built-in watermelon link has an average of 5.7 million daily hits and a peak of 9.42 million times. "
        Mr. Pan nodded with satisfaction. He had seen the data from yesterday. To be honest, it had exceeded his expectations by too much, and the 1.1 million bonus was about to be paid back.
        "And built-in links?"
        The fat brother stared at the screenshot of the link on the projector and asked Mr. Pan incomprehensible.
        "The original price is 199, and the special keyboard and mouse cover for Counter-Strike Xinghuo with Xinghuo logo is only sold for 99 through this link!"
        Mr. Pan shrugged at the fat brother and said mysteriously.
        "Brother, you are too ruthless, you won't lose too much, right?"
        The fat brother was greatly surprised. He was afraid that Mr. Pan would lose a lot by sponsoring this game. He felt that he couldn't explain it.
        "What a loss! What a loss! The original price of this keyboard and mouse is 78, add a silk screen and sell it at a price of 20!"
        After speaking, Mr. Pan continued to whisper proudly: "There are also Xinghuo designated computer chairs, Xinghuo's dedicated host and monitor, dedicated headphones, and dedicated computer desks!"
        "All added price?"
        "All plus price!"
        "A profiteer!"