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103 Weird Thieves and New Ideas

        How much CS can sell, Brother Fat is no longer worried, he feels that he has done everything he needs to do, and the rest is up to this wave!
        In the middle, the fat brother took time to go to the hospital to visit Nannan. The little girl saw that the fat brother did not seem to be as affectionate as the phone, so she hid behind her mother shyly, and looked curiously at the uncle with a familiar voice.
        When he left, the fat brother was surprised to find that his license plate was gone!
        There is a scribbled note on the rearview mirror: If you want your license plate, transfer 200 yuan to this account, and the transfer information will note the license plate number! A string of crooked bank card numbers followed.
        The fat brother thinks that he is just a dog!
        In broad daylight, there are people who are so brave in the parking lot!
        Looking around, none of the cars around have fallen, all of them have their license plates broken off, awesome!
        I searched all over the nearby grassy garbage dumps and corners, but couldn't find the stolen license plate, that is, the man didn't hide the license plate nearby, but took it all away.
        It is impossible to give money. For someone like Fat Brother who loves money like his life, asking him to lose 200 yuan for no reason would cost him his life.
        Fat brother called the police, 110 also accepted, but the key is that they are really busy with this 200 yuan work, even if they have a bank card number, it is useless, and it is not worth going to the bank for 200 yuan.
        Then I can only rely on myself. After the fat brother went to the hospital to adjust the camera next to the parking space, he quickly found the person who stole the license plate. Looking at the figure and blurred face, he looked like a middle-aged man?
        I thought it was several people who pried it together, but I didn't expect that there was only one person, and it didn't take even 30 seconds to remove a license plate!
        Damn, you have this skill and you still steal the license plate of wool!
        After transferring 200 yuan, the fat brother found a point cat with a wide field of vision not far away, and waited for that person to appear.
        There are always many people in the hospital, but the parking lot is slightly better. The people who appear here are either just getting off the car or preparing to get in the car. Those who appear alone are very conspicuous.
        After more than an hour of guarding, the middle-aged man in a hoodie in the surveillance camera finally reappeared, carrying a black plastic bag in his hand. Looking at the outline, he knew that the license plate had not escaped.
        The man looked around, and when he saw no one, he threw the plastic bag into the bushes beside the trash can, put his hands in his pockets, and walked out quickly.
        Want to run? I'm fucking being lifted up by mosquitoes here!
        The fat brother jumped over the bushes, ran a few steps and put his hand on the other person's shoulder: "Friend, won't you help me put the license plate back?"
        The policeman who had received Fat Brother in the morning saw that he was leading a dejected man in, and said in surprise, "Why are you here again, didn't you say we'll notify you if there is any news?"
        "No need, I found the man, and he recognized it himself."
        After the fat brother finished speaking, he pushed the middle-aged man forward and staggered.
        "Stealing the license plate?"
        The police couldn't believe it.
        The fat brother squinted his eyes, and nodded very forcefully.
        "Okay, bro!"
        The policeman stepped forward and patted the fat brother on the shoulder.
        The thief jumped out unexpectedly!
        The fat brother and the policeman were stunned for a moment and then reacted immediately, what the hell! Awesome!
        You actually want to run out of the police station? !
        How come there are so many wonderful things these days!
        The thief didn't dare to look back, and rushed forward in a hurry. He remembered that there was a man on duty at the gate on the left, but there was a wall on the right, and there seemed to be debris piled under the wall.
        I have to say that his observation is still very meticulous, and he has already figured out the escape route before entering the door.
        By the time Fat Brother and a group of police chased out the door, the thief had already climbed over the wall. Just as Fat Brother was about to follow him, the police stopped him.
        "Don't worry, let's go to the front door!"
        The policeman walked leisurely.
        Fat guy: ? ? ?
        Following the policeman through the gate pocket, Fat Brother saw that the four characters of Huaxia Armed Police were actually on the gate next to him.
        "Tsk tsk..."
        The fat brother frowned and shook his head, that thief is really bad enough.
        Sure enough, the old boy had his hands stretched behind his back, and was escorted out by two armed police, as if he was just following the execution ground.
        As soon as he saw the fat brother and the police at the gate, the thief sighed heavily: "Let's go!"
        The thief only had more than ten yuan on him, and in the end, the police helped him pay 200 yuan to the fat brother, and the fat brother was willing to leave.
        When got home, talked to Han Yuyun about it, and she laughed so hard that she kept saying that such a stupid thief could make a movie.
        Fat brother suddenly had a flash in his mind, yes, there are so many successful low-budget movies in the past life, can't they just remake a few of them by themselves, and still be able to flourish in the entertainment industry!
        It can only be said that the ignorant are fearless. The only intersection between Fat Brother and the movie was that he obediently went to the cinema to buy tickets to watch the movie, and he had no idea how deep the water was here.
        When he was about to call Dai Zhiyang about this, Dai Zhiyang called him one step ahead of him.
        "Old Dai, have you found the place?"
        It's been almost a week, don't know how Dai Zhiyang is looking for the office.
        "I found it, I was about to tell you to come and see it with me tomorrow."
        "Your efficiency is really good! I just have something I want to tell you, how about we invest in a low-budget movie?"
        The fat man said carelessly.
        There was obvious silence on the other end of the phone, and then Dai Zhiyang replied, "Let's talk about this when we meet tomorrow."
        When he arrived at the address given by Dai Zhiyang the next day, the people from the building management office had already waited at the door of the office with Lao Dai. He went in and introduced him. It was useless for the people in the management office to make such a fuss about this place. It's just too expensive, and the fat brother just doesn't say anything.
        In the end, the people in the management office were forced to send an extra month for the decoration period, and the rent was cut down by another dollar. The two looked at each other and signed the contract with satisfaction.
        After the incident, the two chatted about filming in the cafe downstairs of the building.
        "Why did you suddenly think of making a movie?"
        Dai Zhiyang took a sip of coffee, put down the cup, and asked lightly.
        "My dream is to be a star! Whether it's singing or filming, it's all for this. Is there any problem?"
        The fat man replied truthfully.
        "But as far as I know, your first album is still stuck in the Milky Way. You have not achieved much except for one TV series. Don't you think this span is a bit too big."
        "After all, I'm also an artist, I think..."
        "Correct you, you are an out-of-date 18th-tier artist."
        Dai Zhiyang interrupted Brother Fatty, then looked at him blankly and said, "You continue."
        Can't talk today!
        "I just want to shoot anyway, and I think the results must be good!"
        The fat man stiffened his neck.
        What else can Dai Zhiyang say, you are the boss, you have the final say, and the money for investing in movies is not from his pocket.
        "By the way, other people in the company have helped you find a lot of jobs in the past few days. See if you want to pick it up."
        Dai Zhiyang said with a strange expression.
        "So fast? As expected of someone I personally selected! Is it a TV series or a movie?"
        "Neither? Is it a variety show?"
        "Tsk! After all, I'm someone who wants to be on the big screen. There's no mystery in the old variety show. It's not good. What do you think, Lao Dai."
        "Forget it, let's get over it in the early stage, the variety show is variety show, which TV station is it from?"
        "Cough! It's the wedding host and the shopping mall opening singing..."
        After Dai Zhiyang finished talking about Zhou, he would be stunned!
        "Did they, me, that, have some misunderstanding?"