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104 Get Your Money Back Lele

        Qian Lele is back.
        The whole person is black, thin, black and thin, and everyone is quietly glancing from the corner of the eye, but he doesn't dare to look directly. If you want to say that he used to be a paparazzi, now he is like a paparazzi with autism...
        It was the same coffee shop. The two sat down. Just as Fat Brother was about to ask how things were going, he felt that something under the table touched his knee.
        Looking down, Qian Lele on the opposite side stretched out two large file bags from the bottom, and he kept looking around, it seemed that a black-haired man would suddenly pop out with a watermelon knife in the air and shouted "Little thief pays his life"!
        "No! Brother, we are both law-abiding citizens, can we not act like a spy?"
        The waiter who filled the water next to them looked at the two of them with extremely strange eyes. The guests at this table were sneaking under the table, and they were probably not serious people!
        "I'm sorry, fat brother, I'm used to it!"
        Looking at his virtue, he knew that the investigation of this trip was not that simple. The fat man weighed the document bag in his hand and said solemnly to Qian Lele, "Thank you!"
        Then Qian Lele talked about some of the situations encountered in this line of investigation. The two chatted for an afternoon, and the fat brother looked at the time and said to have a meal together.
        "No, I haven't gone home yet. I want to go back and see my daughter-in-law first."
        Speaking of this Qian Lele seems to be a little embarrassed.
        "You came to me directly after you got off the plane?"
        The fat man asked in surprise.
        "When things are in my hands, I always feel uneasy and afraid of losing them."
        The fat brother nodded and remained silent for a while before continuing: "I will expose this in the next two days, and it won't involve you, don't worry."
        Qian Lele's thank you didn't know whether it was Brother Fatty who promised not to implicate him, or thanked him for going out for the sake of those innocent children.
        After returning home, the fat brother began to check the contents of the file bag, and the more he looked, the more frightened he became.
        Li Chi is 42 years old this year. He has a small career and is the owner of a small company, but he is most proud of his three-and-a-half-year-old daughter.
        Holding it in his hand was afraid of flying, and holding it in his mouth was afraid of melting. In the morning, after he sent Xiaogan to the kindergarten, the driver took him to the company.
        "Mr. Li, there seems to be a car accident ahead and it's blocked."
        The driver turned back to report.
        "It's okay, don't be in a hurry."
        After Li Chi finished speaking, he took out his mobile phone and swiped Weibo news, and was surprised to find that Zhou Beibu actually updated Weibo.
        He paid attention to him because of Zhou Bubu's abduction. Since he had a daughter, he has been very concerned about these things, and he also admires Zhou Bubu, and personally thinks that he is a very positive person.
        Ordinary fat brother: "If you have children in Xinghai Education and go to kindergarten at home, you can find out whether the milk and snack suppliers they choose have a qualification certificate, but I know that their production workshop looks like this. Let's go to a few first. Picture and video later."
        A few photos are posted below. In the workshop where sewage is flowing and dirty, employees don't wear masks or hoods. They wear dirty rubber gloves to work there. Some still have cigarettes in their mouths. Freshly baked snacks were neatly stacked in large plastic boxes, there was even a black dead rat in the corner, and there was a small pool of poisonous rat poison beside the corpse.
        There are also two co-photographs of the door and product packaging and names outside the two black workshops, and the specific addresses are also marked.
        A normal person would have no nausea after watching this scene, let alone the food made from it!
        Li Chi couldn't help sinking when he saw this. His precious daughter went to Xinghai Kindergarten!
        Xinghai shouldn't really fuck like that! Their kindergarten prices increase every year, and now the tuition fee alone is more than 40,000 yuan a year, not counting the more than 10,000 yuan for food!
        Li Chi hurriedly called his wife and wanted her to go to the kindergarten to see if the food her daughter was eating was of these two brands, but no one answered the phone several times.
        "Turn around and go to kindergarten!"
        On the way the car was rushing towards the kindergarten, Fat Brother posted a second Weibo post. The video was secretly filmed. Although it was a little shaky, what was in the video was clear. It was the milk-making workshop in the photo just now.
        Unannounced visitor: "Hello auntie, I'm looking for a job. Are you still recruiting?"
        Black Workshop employee: "No recruiting, no recruiting!"
        After some small talk, the staff let their guard down.
        Unannounced visitor: "Auntie, what products do you produce?"
        Employee: "Milk."
        Unannounced visitor: "The outside of the factory looks so dirty. Is the quality of the milk qualified?"
        Employee: "I don't know. Anyway, we don't dare to drink it ourselves, and we can't buy dolls outside, so we're not afraid."
        Unannounced visitor: "Who are you selling all this to?"
        Employee: "I heard that it is specially provided for those children in the city! Hey, people in the city are hard-pressed, and it's both waste oil and junk food. Drink this and you won't die!"
        The video ends here, but Li Chi's hand shaking on the phone was shaking, and his heart palpitated. The last time he did this was when he was waiting for his daughter's birth at the door of the delivery room.
        "Hurry up!"
        The driver didn't say a word, but the car's engine suddenly burst into a roar.
        When Li Chi arrived at the gate of Xinghai Kindergarten, there were already many people around the gate of the kindergarten. Li Chi felt a little stunned when he saw this, and let go of his legs and rushed in!
        "Tell me! Is your milk produced by this black workshop?"
        "The people in the black workshop said they didn't dare to drink it themselves! Did you hear that? They didn't dare!"
        "You still keep saying that for the sake of children's health and food safety, we are not allowed to prepare milk for children. Is this thing safe? I ask you! Is it safe!"
        "If I don't order milk, you will let my son sit across from the other children and watch others eat! He also told me that it is convenient for unified management! Are you humans! You are beasts!"
        "It's tens of thousands of dollars a year. Have your fucking conscience been eaten by dogs! Eat these things for our children!"
        "Don't get excited, parents. Someone must be talking nonsense about this. Does he dare to come out and confront us? We will definitely find out what's going on. Please believe us, we, Xinghai..."
        An emotional mother slapped the principal in the face with a loud slap.
        Li Chi finally squeezed in, and there were three circles inside and three circles inside. All the children's parents, grandparents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, seven aunts and eight aunts were dispatched to let the family take the children back first, and they searched inside. Kindergarten needs a statement.
        Seeing that his wife was also inside, Li Chi accused the kindergarten of going too far!
        There were a lot of milk cartons and wrapping paper scattered on the ground, and it was the product packaging in Zhou Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
        Excessive?I want to kill now!
        Li Chi seemed to have lost his mind. He didn't know where he got so much strength. He lifted the base of the isolation tape next to the door that had fallen on the ground and smashed it into the brightly lit classroom. The large floor-to-ceiling glass was instantly covered with spiders.pattern.
        "Smash it for me! It's all my fault!"
        The veins on Li Chi's neck burst out and roared.