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105 The pot comes from the sky

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        Yang Shun, the chairman of Xinghai, received the news when the Weibo was just posted in Zhou Buuuu. Before he could be contacted, the situation was a little out of control.
        Yang Shun underestimated the parents' tolerance for this matter, and overestimated the parents' trust in Xinghai.
        The speed and scope of the incident at Xinghai Kindergarten was beyond the fat brother's expectations. Irrational parents rushed to the kindergarten and beat and scolded them. Rational parents... saw the milk box and dinner plate in their children's hands. In the eyes of the family, the dim sum in the dinner plate seems to be the dead mouse!
        No matter how sensible parents are, they have no reason to give up so much money to send their children to private kindergartens. Which one does not treat their children as treasures!
        Fat brother was sorting out the information given by Qian Lele, and when he was about to continue to expose it, the phone rang.
        "Is it Mr. Zhou?"
        "I am, who is it?"
        "I'm Yang Shun, chairman of Xinghai, and I want to talk to Mr. Zhou face to face about something. I don't know if your time is inconvenient now!"
        Hearing the busy tone on the phone, Yang Shun's expression turned cold, and then he informed the secretary to arrange an emergency high-level meeting immediately.
        Half an hour later, the official WeChat account of Xinghai Education officially responded to the matter.
        "In response to the news that Xinghai Kindergarten let the children eat the products of the Black Heart Workshop on Weibo this morning, our company solemnly declares that parents should not believe in rumors. All our product suppliers have various food safety certifications. , The photos and videos on Weibo are all fabricated! I hope that Zhou Eruo will publicly apologize and clarify the matter as soon as possible, and we will reserve the right to pursue his legal responsibility!”
        Yang Shun looked at the Weibo posted by his company and said solemnly to another person in the office, "Have the two factories started to move?"
        The man immediately replied: "I'm moving, I should be able to get it all done this morning, but it's definitely impossible to move it completely."
        "If it can't be moved, it can't be moved. Just don't leave anything related to us at the scene."
        As soon as Weibo was posted, Fat Brother immediately forwarded it and commented: "If you don't sue me, you are just a coward, a scumbag, a dog, a grandson, a turtle and a bastard!"
        The fat brother is so confident, and he tells the parents and the netizens who are onlookers in disguise: It is true that I am not sure about it!
        After being scolded by Fat Brother, Xinghai's officials didn't dare to fart, but Xinghai didn't speak up, it didn't mean that netizens and parents would stop.
        "Xinghai, your whole family is blown up!"
        "Fat brother has been following him since I followed him to the present. Although he sometimes jumps a bit, he never bullshits! If he said it was you, you must have done it!"
        "Just checked, Xinghai costs 40,000 to 50,000 yuan a year for tuition, are you short of that piece of cake and a bottle of milk?"
        "I said something bad. I used this kind of black workshop to feed my dog ​​and I was afraid that it would die. How dare you give it to children!"
        "I just want to know what's the benefit of hacking you if you don't Zhou? Did you take money from someone else?"
        "It's all a few little dolls of how old you can do it? You don't even eat the dog when you take it out with your conscience!"
        "You upstairs think highly of them, will they have a conscience?"
        All the kindergartens under Xinghai had an accident in one day. The police who rushed over desperately tried to stop the angry parents. If the police didn't stop them, a boxing dad might have killed someone on the spot...
        "I really want to call you brother! How come you can always make some noise every three days."
        Han Yuyun complained while twisting vegetables on the table with her hands.
        "Oh, you think I think so! Do you remember which Nannan I told you about?"
        Afterwards, the fat brother talked about Qian Lele's data and evidence again.
        "So serious? Then what are you going to do?"
        When Han Yuyun heard it, she realized that Xinghai is really a coward and dare to do anything!
        "What to do? The good show is yet to come, I'll see how they end!"
        The fat man sneered.
        On this day, Xinghai's stock fell by the limit...
        Early the next morning, the ordinary fat brother Weibo on Weibo was updated again.
        "Why I suddenly broke the news about Xinghai education, I feel it is necessary to explain it to everyone. Some friends may remember that someone said that I abandoned my wife and daughter a while ago. Tell everyone.
        I would like to ask the senior management of Xinghai Kindergarten, will you let your children enter a kindergarten that has just been renovated? "
        After speaking, I also Aite Xinghai's official WeChat, the fat brother thought that they would continue to pretend to be dead, but he didn't expect to reply to himself quickly:
        "Mr. Wu Bu, we express our heartache and regret for Nan Nan's situation, but this is only an example, why is only one of her children sick, and the other children are all healthy?
        You are a public figure, and your words and deeds are seen by many people. We hope that you will be cautious in your words and deeds, and do not jump to conclusions based on your own guesses! "
        This time, was polite, and didn't bring any more lawsuits.
        Netizens guessed that the fat brother might want to investigate the cause of Nan Nan, pulled out the radish and brought out the mud, and took off the cover of the black workshop incidentally.
        Who knows that in the afternoon, Zhou Bubu's Weibo updated another one.
        "A report from People's Daily Online wrote that there are about 40,000 new leukemia patients in my country every year, of which 50% are children, most of whom are 2 to 7 years old. The indoor environmental pollution caused by decoration is the main reason for the increase of children with leukemia in cities.
        The following has obtained the consent of the parents. This is the case of two children who attended two Xinghai kindergartens in Huizhou two years ago. When they entered the school, Xinghai kindergarten used the summer vacation to renovate a large area of ​​the park, but concealed the situation from the parents. , the children are acute leukemia. "
        The photos posted are of a 4-year-old boy and a 3-year-old and 8-month-old girl. In the medical records of the local hospital, the name of the hospital and the attending doctor are all clear!
        Yang Shun couldn't sit still any longer when he learned of this situation, and walked around the office in a hurry like an ant on a hot pan!
        Xinghai's stock is still green today, but after Zhou Buo's two children's cases broke out, even the entire education sector has become a green prairie!
        Other companies are really sitting at home, and the pot comes from the sky.
        They have issued announcements in various forms to assure parents and investors that the kindergartens under their group will not be concealed if they are renovated, the materials used are more environmentally friendly, and they will ask the evaluation agency to issue an authoritative acceptance certificate, and even reduce or exempt tuition fees, delay the start of school, etc.
        But still can't stand the stocks that are going to download, and the education sector has all dropped by the limit!
        The most unlucky ones are those who do online education: I don't even have a classroom! Where is the formaldehyde exceeding the standard? what! You tell me!
        At this time, Xinghai was already tired of dealing with various reporters, and he couldn't care about the "culprit" of Fat Brother. The case of the two children in the afternoon became a knife, and Xinghai was pierced!
        Just when Xinghai thought that the matter was almost here, the next day Fat Brother's Weibo directly threw a nuclear bomb, stunned all the netizens!