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106 It's cold, it's cold

        "The following has been obtained with the consent of the parties.
        The 11 cases and some videos from all over the country have been released to everyone. They all once studied in Xinghai Kindergarten, and they have been receiving chemotherapy in the hospital after falling ill. The cause is acute leukemia!
        And it is unfortunate to tell you that four of them have passed away! "
        The age of the patients on a stack of medical records is so striking!
        3 years! 4 years! 5 years old! The youngest is 2 years and 8 months!
        Parents with the deepest love hope to give their children the best, but the "best" has become a reminder for their children!
        Children with shaved heads sat in the ward, staring blankly at the camera!
        When the 2-year-old 8-month-old girl learned that she was going to have to undergo chemotherapy again, she wailed and said that she was in pain! Said that she would be good in the future, and begged her father not to let her do chemotherapy!
        The child's father, a man of five and three thick, slumped at the door after the child was pushed in, holding his head and crying like a doll in a month...
        Seeing this, countless emotional people have already burst into tears. What did these little angels do wrong to bear these sufferings?
        Zhou Beibu's Weibo is like a sharp knife, piercing straight into Xinghai's heart!
        Countless netizens scolded Xinghai under Fat Brother's Weibo, accusing them and even cursing them!
        "I think Xinghai Education doesn't need to be judged, it can be buried alive!"
        "I still think it's better to build it into the wall!"
        "Can you send these scumbags abroad to die? I'm afraid they will dirty China's land."
        Some netizens complained about the carelessness of those parents, accusing the parents of not suing Xinghai after their own children suffered from leukemia, resulting in so many innocent children being slaughtered.
        A Weibo netizen named Canghai Yisu answered this question: "Although there are clear regulations for newly renovated kindergartens, the kindergartens must wait until they pass the test before they can open, but we all know that formaldehyde is a substance that does not disperse cleanly every year or two. , not to mention just ten days and a half months!
        If there is misfortune, the kindergarten will say that it has nothing to do with the park, because only your child is sick, other children are not, but the reality is that each child is different, and children with poor immunity are more likely to get sick in this environment a lot of.
        Besides, a sick child will drain a family's financial resources and everyone's energy. Which parent would let their child die at risk and go to a kindergarten that doesn't know when it will win?
        We can only say that qualified families try to avoid such newly renovated kindergartens. If you don't have the conditions, just postpone your admission. Don't take chances. "
        This well-founded reply has been recognized by the majority of netizens, and even Fat Brother gave him a like.
        The parents of the exposed children immediately contacted the local media, and Liu Bingzhi was personally led by Han Yuyun for an interview.
        Liu Bingzhi introduced her daughter who was active in the ward through the glass. She explained the situation to Han Yuyun and the others with a smile all the way. Until she talked about Zhou, she found her and helped their mother resist all the time-consuming treatment for free. Liu Bingzhi finally burst into tears.
        After the interview, the camera and an intern female reporter chatted while walking.
        "I never chase stars, but otherwise I'm really convinced! Fighting is awesome, singing is great, and it's good to make money!"
        "There are a lot of Fat Brother fans in our school! I don't know which girl will be cheaper in the future..."
        "Humph! Am I taking advantage! Miss Ben is not bad, okay?"
        Han Yuyun, who was walking in front, whispered, but she was happier to hear others compliment Zhou than to hear herself complimenting her, her face full of joy...
        Once the interviews with these parents were reported, many benevolent people emerged from all over the country, wanting to donate money to their children, to help them relieve their burden, and some lawyers were willing to sue Xinghai for them for free.
        Within two days, a parent tweeted that he had entrusted a lawyer to sue Xinghai!
        Soon, the second parent also initiated a lawsuit against Xinghai!
        The third place, the fourth place... Fourteen parents are not left behind!
        Chairman Xinghai originally wanted to survive this wave. After a year and a half, the kindergarten will cut prices a little bit, but there will still be a lot of students, but looking at the situation - Xinghai is afraid it will be cold!
        The rest is not up to Fat Brother to worry about. He believes that justice will give justice to these parents.
        The audition for the CS competition is in full swing, and Kangaroo TV even opened a special section for the CS Kings competition.
        The phone vibrated for a while, it was Zhao Qizhi.
        The fat brother thought he was reporting the latest situation to him again. Although he didn't go to the company, Zhao Qizhi and the others would let him, the big-handed shopkeeper, know what stage the game was going on every day.
        "Boss, there is an E4 game show in the United States in June, do we want to participate?"
        "Then you must participate!"
        If you don't participate in the global league, how do you teach foreign CS players how to behave?
        Counter-Strike set off a frenzy at the beginning, but Fat Brother has a "far-reaching" plan for this game, and he has already made preparations for the global layout!
        Of course, the premise is that he can gain a firm foothold at home first.
        "Then how big a booth do we want?"
        Zhao Qizhi asked, he might as well arrange in advance according to the size of the booth.
        "How big do you think we should use?"
        The fat guy didn't even know how big a game company of this scale should use.
        "I think a standard booth should be enough, as long as the location is not too remote, after all, all we can do is a CS."
        "Okay, then I'll leave it to you!"
        Just hung up and a new call came in. It was his number one fan, a monkey on the ground.
        A monkey's real name is Yue Xuefeng. He is only twenty-three or four years old this year. He is always active in the group when he has nothing to do. He takes care of the management of the fan group and the management of the live broadcast room, helping Fatty Brother a lot.
        In order to facilitate timely communication, Fat Brother left his phone to him. This was the first time he called himself, and he didn't know what was urgent.
        "Hey, Xuefeng."
        Zhou is not a few years old, but he acts like he is the eldest brother.
        "Fat brother, I'm really out of options, can you help me!"
        Yue Xuefeng's low voice came from the other end of the phone.
        At the door of the ICU of the First People's Hospital of Pengcheng, Yue Xuefeng was looking at his mother lying on the bed through the videophone hanging at the door of the ward, his eyes were red.
        "Don't worry, your mother will get better, don't worry about the money, I'll give you the 500,000 first."
        The fat brother patted Yue Xuefeng on the shoulder and comforted him.
        "Thank you fat brother!"
        In order to raise money, Yue Xuefeng had seen the coldness and warmth of the world, but he didn't expect that it would be Zhou Buu who reached out and pulled him at the last minute. He had no hope at all.
        "I will definitely pay you back this money! I will definitely be able to pay it back every month, and I will write an IOU in a while!"
        "I believe in you, let me know if you have any difficulties!"
        He patted Yue Haifeng on the shoulder again, and the fat brother smiled and encouraged a few words.
        Fat brother did not expect that simply lending money to Yue Xuefeng for treatment would cause such a big trouble later.