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120 Why doesn't this thing have a handle?

        The captain and co-pilot were all placed outside, and the security did not return to the cabin. They were just guarding the door of the cab. If there was another idiot who wanted to fly a plane, he would wait for him to sit in prison when he returned.
        Of course, the premise is that he has the possibility of surviving.
        All the flight attendants comforted the passengers in the cabin, saying that there is now a "professional and experienced" new captain flying the plane, and the flight attendants could not help crying as they talked...
        The fat brother glanced at the instrument panel, turned around and glanced, seeing that the blond young man and the big-eyed beauty were still there, he wondered: "Why are you still here?"
        "Even if I die, I have to know how I died."
        The blond young man gave a wry smile, then stretched out his hand and said, "Meet me, Henry."
        "Not Zhou."
        "My name is Annie."
        The big-eyed beauty standing behind said.
        Seeing the fat brother seriously studying the instrument panel, Henry's expression froze, and he repeatedly confirmed with anticipation: "You can fly a passenger plane, right?"
        The fat brother didn't say anything, just nodded silently.
        "Really?! Are you serious? Is Zhou a savior sent by God! Then what are you looking at? Let's go to the nearest airport and land!"
        Before Henry could react, Annie was about to go crazy with joy. Who would want to die if he could live!
        "Don't worry! I'll study where the accelerator is first!"
        "Didn't you drive?"
        "This plane doesn't have a handle, so I have to study it?"
        Annie's smile gradually solidified on her face.
        Is there anything crueler than igniting the fire of hope with your own hands and putting it out for you with your own hands?
        Henry also resisted the urge to shoot Zhou Bubu's head, and sat heavily in the passenger seat, while Annie sat in the back row.
        As soon as the fat brother picked up the earphone on the ground and put it on his head, he heard the tower's voice coming from the earphone: "DL1922! DL1922, please answer when you hear it! Please adjust the speed to 250 knots."
        "I really want to do as you say, but I'm having a little problem right now, and I can't find where to adjust the speed."
        The fat brother was stunned when he heard the words, and then replied seriously.
        "Who are you? Where is the captain of flight DL1922!"
        "Captain, you're in a coma!"
        "That co-pilot..."
        "Also in a coma! Except for me on the plane, no one else can!"
        Henry and Annie next to him both rolled their eyes when they heard the words.
        "How many hours have you been flying? Do you have a pilot's license?"
        "I flew... I'm afraid there are hundreds of hours!"
        The fat brother could hear the sound of gasping from the other end.
        "Then why don't you know how to adjust the speed?!"
        "Isn't the hundreds of hours I spent flying in the simulated flight not counting!"
        "You don't have a pilot's license? Do you know how serious the consequences are for you!"
        The fat brother was speechless: "It's all like this, can you change someone with a normal mind to come and talk to me?"
        The other side of the tower seemed to be quiet, and after a while, someone really changed and continued: "See the top row in front of you, there is a roller that can be twisted left and right, turn it until the number next to it shows 250."
        "Isn't that the end of it!"
        The fat man said impatiently.
        The airport tower in Los Angeles is already like a battlefield.
        "Notify the subsequent approach of the flight to take off late!"
        "DL1922's expected entry time is 90 minutes, clear the runway, and inform you..."
        "Hurry up! Drive all the fire trucks out! No matter what kind of car it is, the foam truck and sprinkler truck are all ready!"
        "Have you notified the hospital! And the police station!"
        "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm the interim captain of this flight, our plane is expected to arrive at the destination of this flight in 30 minutes, the ground temperature, uh, not sure, it may be a little bumpy by then, remind again Everyone fasten your seat belts and go back to your seats!"
        After more than an hour of remote teaching at the control tower, the fat brother felt that the job of flying a plane was very simple. The flight attendants also brought in some coffee and snacks from time to time, and the fat brother felt very comfortable!
        "Turn on the autobrake third gear!"
        "Remote teaching" continues on the other side of the tower.
        "Where is it?"
        "Open flap 5!"
        "Where is this?"
        "Turn on engine de-icing!"
        "I'm so busy here, don't tell me anything like de-icing!"
        The plane passes through the clouds and overlooks the city full of bright lights, which is especially charming.
        "DL1922 decelerates 170 knots, flaps 10, please land on runway 07L!"
        "Where is runway 07L?"
        "Okay, see the airport runway? We're all cleared, you can land anywhere you want!"
        "I see!"
        The fat man was already a little nervous.
        "Then switch to the manual throttle, the young man cheers up, the most interesting time has come! Put down the landing gear!"
        Really switch to manual mode, fat brother holding the rudder to know how difficult this big guy is to control.
        The fat brother's hands are sweaty, but so far everything is going on in an orderly manner.
        The runway adorned with indicator lights is particularly conspicuous on a clear night. The fat man turned on the in-flight broadcast: "This is the last broadcast of this flight. The plane is about to land. Everyone, wish us good luck!"
        "Zhou, I believe in you!"
        The seat of the co-pilot Henry had a stronger impact on him. Although he was so scared that his legs were weak, he still cheered Fat Brother calmly.
        Everyone on the plane sat quietly in their seats, and the flight attendants who had been busy all the time also returned to their seats. Everyone closed their eyes and prayed silently!
        The plane is getting closer and closer to the ground, and you can see that the apron is densely parked with all kinds of cars with flashing lights.
        "Approaching decision height!"
        "Achieving decision height!"
        "DL1922 pull up! The angle is too big! Dangerous! Pull up!"
        The tower, which had been commanding calmly, suddenly shouted violently!
        The fat brother glanced sideways at the runway that was close at hand. At this moment, he calmed down, and there seemed to be some intuition telling him that if he pulled up the go-around, he would definitely be destroyed!
        Moreover, it was the first time he had touched a real plane in two lifetimes, so the possibility of pulling up and going around in a panic is extremely low!
        "Can't pull up, prepare to land!"
        This fat brother almost shouted out.
        The people at the tower no longer need to go through the radio. When they stand up, they can clearly see that the DL1922 is preparing to land in a weird posture. If the angle is a little bigger, it will wipe the tail of the aircraft!
        All the passengers on the plane followed the flight attendant's demonstration, put their hands on the front seats and lowered their heads!
        Fear was written on every face, and someone was praying aloud!
        Some people have stretched to the extreme, and keep saying that I love each of you!
        Some people cry that they don't want to be a plane in their next life!
        The rear wheel hits the ground!
        But the nose is raised high, and it still maintains a large-angle attitude and is sliding!
        "It's over, it's over!"
        The people at the control tower knew that it was over when the plane landed, and the nose of the plane would be 100% broken into two pieces once it landed!
        Many people on the ground have been afraid to watch the next scene of the crash!
        "Hold on! Hold on!"
        The fine sweat on the fat brother's forehead has begun to drip down into sweat beads!
        He has hundreds of lives in his hands!
        "Go down! Go down! You fucking let me down!"
        The roar of the fat brother echoed in the tower through the radio, and everyone clenched their fists. It seemed that if they used more force, the nose could be lowered by one point!
        The plane still did not slow down, but the nose miraculously descended slowly!
        When the front wheel was just about to hit the runway, the nose of the plane suddenly slammed down!
        The strut of the front wheel was overwhelmed, and the moment the nose fell down, it broke immediately, turning into the nose lying on the ground and gliding at high speed on the runway. Messy!
        All the oxygen masks in the cabin fell down automatically. The violent vibration of the fuselage caused the luggage to be shaken open, and the luggage kept falling. It was a mess!
        I don't know if everyone's prayers played a role, or if the fat brother was lucky, the plane without the steering wheel did not deviate from the runway. If they rushed to the lawn next to them with their speed and state, the best result would be to break the nose!
        Two minutes later, the plane finally came to a complete stop.
        All the fire trucks, ambulances and police on the tarmac rushed towards the plane like crazy, and the loudspeaker outside could be heard in the cabin to organize rescue.
        "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived safely in Los Angeles, the destination of this flight, thank you for taking this flight, and wish you a pleasant journey!"
        The fat brother finally had some fun.
        The cabin was filled with warm applause and shouting cheers!
        For the temporary captain and for his own rebirth.
        PS: This is the manuscript of the previous two days, I have no power to change it, everyone will download it...