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129 Four or two thousand pounds

        In an oversized box of a seafood restaurant in the city, there are two tables of Xinghuo employees.
        "A lot of new colleagues have come to the company recently. Maybe many people know my name, but I don't know everyone yet. It's my fault. I promise to remember everyone's name in the shortest possible time!
        But in any case, we will work together from now on. We are a team, a big family, and people on a boat. I hope we can row this boat to our dreams together. Get what you want!
        I propose, for the sake of our dreams, let's have a toast! "
        After everyone stood up and finished having a drink, Zhou Beibu gestured for everyone to sit down, and then went on to say:
        "Everyone knows that Spark and Microsoft made a deal some time ago, and everyone thinks Spark has made a fortune! But there is one clause in the actual contract that we haven't announced to the public, so I will take this opportunity to tell you what the real situation is. of."
        Zhou Beibu glanced at the people in the room. Unlike the curiosity and gossip of the new employees, Zhao Qizhi and other old employees of Xinghuo were all indignation with their cheeks clenched and fists clenched.
        "For $15 million, Microsoft asked us to publish all the code of CS, and in the future any Microsoft game with code similar to CS, we must recognize his legitimacy!"
        Zhou Beirui still spoke calmly, but the words that came out of his mouth shocked all the new employees!
        $15 million is equivalent to buying out Spark's future!
        "Many people will say, why are you so stupid if you don't Zhou? You can't sell it! You're not chasing other people's money! Do you think I should sell it?"
        The old staff at the same table shouted with red eyes!
        The smiles on everyone's faces gradually disappeared, and everyone looked heavily at Zhou Bubu, who was standing in the center.
        "This $15 million is just a fig leaf for us, even if we don't want the money, CS will disappear in the United States within a year, or even half a year, and it will be replaced by Microsoft's new FPS competitive game.
        What I want to tell you today is that starting from tomorrow, Spark is going to develop new games with all its strength. We will give way to Microsoft to show our respect for our predecessors! But we will never give it a second time, because it is about our dignity!
        Finally, I want to say, for everyone's game dream, for Xinghuo's game dream, otherwise I would ask you all here! "
        After speaking, he bowed deeply.
        "Clap clap clap clap!"
        Everyone stood up one after another, and thunderous applause sounded...
        The next day, netizens didn't understand what was going on, and Counter-Strike was on the Weibo topic list again: Spark sold CS for $15 million.
        Immortals from all walks of life forwarded it one after another, and attached their own opinions.
        "It's a young man in the end, one hundred million will get carried away in front of him!"
        "Can you hold steady in front of you?"
        "I think I feel it. I haven't even seen 10 million in my 40s. How can he be in his early 20s."
        "Don't measure everyone upstairs by your failed life."
        "A bunch of sand sculptures! Don't sell it and keep it for the New Year?"
        "The upstairs is justified. Do you think that Xinghuo won't copy Microsoft if it doesn't sell it? Do you need me to give you a popular history of Microsoft's game?"
        "Can you afford this kind of lawsuit? You take it for granted!"
        "Big game companies all over the world want to use existing legal weapons to protect their game ideas, but no one can do it, it's too difficult."
        "Hey, I thought that Huaxia was going to launch a great game company, but I didn't expect it to be a flash in the pan."
        Xinghuo employees didn't have time to pay attention to public opinion on the Internet, because Zhou Beiran had already made clear to Xinghuo employees a new game development task-"PUBG Mobile".
        As for Zhou, he has no time. At this moment, others have already flown to the capital again.
        "Director Liu, how is my body?"
        For the press conference later, Zhou Beibu specially brought over the equipment that Han Yuyun bought for him.
        "Okay, okay, you're a young man standing in a bunch of our uncles and you're still fussing!"
        Since that night everyone got very drunk and said some heartfelt words, Chen Wenchang and several other teachers have not been so sympathetic to Zhou, and they can make any jokes.
        "Mr. Chen, only those who look good can be called uncles!"
        Zhou said otherwise.
        "What's not good looking?"
        Gu Peng asked with a low mouth.
        "Call uncle."
        Otherwise Zhou ran out after speaking.
        "This bastard!"
        Several people laughed and cursed.
        At 10 a.m., the press conference started on time. Director Liu Jianmin walked first, followed by Zhou Beibu, followed by other actors.
        As soon as the media sees Zhou, they will know that they will be able to dig up the news today, and there will be an accident wherever they go! It's like this guy has some kind of weird sickness that doesn't make him uncomfortable.
        "Distinguished guests and friends from the news media, good morning, everyone, welcome to the opening ceremony of the TV series "Bright Sword"..."
        After the host finished the show, Liu Jianmin also introduced the general plot in a lawful manner, and Zhou Beirui also squinted and smiled stiffly as he looked at the media under the stage and smirked. The flash was too bright!
        "Hello Director Liu, I'm a reporter at the forefront of entertainment. May I ask you, you haven't directed a movie for several years. What's the reason for you to take over this, er, bright sword?"
        A girl with black-rimmed glasses in the audience got stuck when she mentioned the name of the TV series. Can't you see the big "bright sword" on the background board!
        Liu Jianmin frowned in displeasure, but still raised the microphone and answered simply, "The script attracts me."
        "I heard before that you don't like to use young actors, so why did you decide not to Zhou? Do you think his acting skills meet your requirements?"
        "He is the screenwriter of Liangjian, and he is also the investor of this film, and Zhou Buu is different from other young people. I am more optimistic about him!"
        There was a hum of discussion below.
        No one doubts Zhou Beibu's talent, but it's limited to TV shows like Xianjian fighting with ghosts. Wouldn't it be a bit young to be a screenwriter with the theme of the Anti-Japanese War?
        Everyone pondered again what Liu Jianmin said to be optimistic about Zhou, or look at the position of the fat brother, Liu Jianmin was planning to support Zhou, or not?
        After asking a bunch of innocuous questions, the reporters turned the camera on the fat brother. The delicious food should be saved for the end, and he will definitely be able to dig out some exciting news.
        "Otherwise, hello, I'm a reporter from Southeast Entertainment. It is rumored that you sold CS for $15 million. Is the rumor true?"
        "Hello fat brother, I'm your fan! I want to ask how much the total investment in this film is? Are you investing in TV series with the money given by Microsoft, are you planning to switch from the game industry to the entertainment industry?"
        What bullshit fans, I was originally in the entertainment industry, I was an actor, okay!
        "Hello Zhou, you are an investor in this drama, and you are also a leader among young artists. Do you agree with Director Liu Jianmin's practice of not giving young people a chance?"
        As soon as the young reporter finished speaking, all the reporters beside him were quiet, and everyone stared at this tabloid reporter who came out of nowhere.
        You are too brave of a dog! Bullying him in front of Liu Jianmin? He hasn't been out for a long time, but did you know that he is the executive vice president of the Huaxia TV Drama Association? !
        Liu Jianmin is not doing shit, otherwise he will just let go. Those companies that want to flatter and pass the review will not only make you unemployed, but also make your boss unemployed. Believe it or not?
        Liu Jianmin narrowed his eyes and looked at the ranting reporter. The other media in the audience quietly moved out. There was a small open space centered on the reporter. The reporter also woke up when he saw it. the fat is in the fire!
        "Since you also said that I am also a young man, why do you think Director Liu chose me? Because the background of the Pengcheng Welfare Institute behind me is sky-high?"
        Otherwise, there is a good laughter, and suddenly alleviate the atmosphere of the sword, Chen Wenchang and others are secretly nodded.
        "Don't look at what Mr. Chen Wenchang looks like now. More than ten years ago, Mr. Chen Wenchang was handsome! Mr. Chen Wenchang didn't call him a young man more than ten years ago? Mr. Gu Peng didn't call him a young man before? Did Mr. Fan Haiming look like this when he debuted? Is it? I think the teachers when I was young are similar in appearance to the young artists now. As for the other differences, I didn't see it, did you see it?"
        The audience burst into laughter, and Zhou Bei dared to make a joke of a few people. It seemed that a few jokes not only answered the reporter's question, but also shifted the contradiction of the question at once, and the ball was kicked at the reporter's feet.
        The reporter smiled while thinking about how to write the news headline.
        "Liu Jianmin recruited Zhou, otherwise he joined the group because of his connections behind the scenes!"
        "Zhou Bu Bu said frankly that he couldn't see the difference between Chen Wenchang and others and the young actors now!"