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        Today, when I wanted to update, I found out that it was suddenly on the shelves. As a newcomer for the first time, it would be false to say that I am not excited..
        In fact, what I really want to say to the readers is that I am sorry. I especially like to mix in the book review area, and I attach great importance to the suggestions of the readers. This led to a period of time when I did not know where to write, and I was a little depressed.Readers who have read it should find that there will be some differences in the style of this book before and after.
        But I think I have found my own rhythm. I think that writing a book is a happy thing. I can write those touching and happy things into stories and let everyone share the joy together. I feel very happy.!
        I hope I can write better stories that everyone loves and live up to the expectations of the readers!
        I also hope that this book can bring a little happiness to everyone in the busy work and study!