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131 Popularity

        Because he was worried about the server problem, Fat Brother temporarily found two people in Xinghuo to watch for one night, and let the studio make an urgent move the next day.
        After two days of fermentation, the increase in website purchases has not only not slowed down, but has increased in a straight line, breaking through the 8 million mark!
        Unlike the beaming studio, Idol Music was in a state of dark clouds all day today.
        A stack of documents was thrown on his desk by Qi Sheng, and he tapped the dense stack of data: "Come on, tell me, what's going on?"
        "We are also investigating the reasons. The user activity on the platform has started to drop slightly since the day before yesterday, and today it's a bit bigger..."
        A supervisor replied timidly.
        "The activity has dropped by 60% in two days, and it hasn't come up since it fell. Do you call this a fall?!"
        When Mr. Qi heard this, he burst into flames.
        "We have ruled out data failures and other reasons. I think it may be the reason from the studio..."
        The supervisor said that the voice was getting smaller and smaller. He happened to come down on the APP forum today and saw that many high-V users had new songs in Amway Week. In any case, he had to find a reason first, so he took the studio out to the top. How could he know that he had made a mistake by mistake!
        "What? Or the studio?"
        Mr. Qi frowned and tilted his head and asked again in disbelief.
        "Okay, I understand, you go down first, keep an eye on it!"
        President Qi waved his hand impatiently.
        A small studio still wants to turn the sky?
        Mr. Qi snorted coldly, then made a speech, called the heads of the other two music software companies, otherwise you don't want to go anywhere in the studio, just wait and be trapped by us!
        Want to get our attention and force us to accept your terms? It's a pity Dai Zhiyang, you made the wrong calculus. If you don't suppress you cats and dogs, do you think we are vegetarians?
        It's a pity that it was Qi Sheng who miscalculated this time. After seeing the data on the music website, Dai Zhiyang agreed that this method is feasible. Bean music this way.
        "Master, go to the airport!"
        A white-collar beauty said to the young taxi driver after getting into the car with a small suitcase.
        "Who is playing the song Dongfengpo with the lute
        The maple leaves dye the story and the ending I see through
        The ancient road outside the fence, I lead you through
        In the years of smoky grass, even breaking up is silent.”
        There was soft music in the car.
        "Master, what song is this? Let the music be louder."
        "Zhou Bubu's new album! Haven't you heard it? It's been hot in the past two days!"
        "Really? Can I hear idol music?"
        "No, you have to go or the music will be downloaded online, you can search the Internet or the music will be online!"
        in a video store.
        The boss looked at the customer who had been at the door of the store for more than half an hour and asked, "Will you buy something for this customer? If you don't buy it, you will let it go!"
        "Buy it! Boss, which album is this song from? I want this one!"
        The young man calmed down and said embarrassedly to the boss.
        "There is no album for this, you have to listen to yourself and download it online!"
        When the boss heard this, his face collapsed and he said unhappily.
        "What do you put there without you?"
        "That's right! It made me look for the old man for a long time!"
        "Go away!"
        Hurrah, the customers in the store are all gone...
        The boss sighed heavily and wanted to change the song, but was reluctant.
        Fat Brother's new album is almost dominating the screen on the Internet. The six songs in the album occupied the top six on the topic chart. The fans of the songs behind are all worried that their favorite song failed to win the first place. Calling Qu, I irrigated everywhere to brush the topic, and I am happy with everyone.
        In addition to everyone's hot discussion about which song on the album is better, the ancient and gorgeous lyrics have also become the focus of everyone's hot discussion.
        Xiaozhi, a famous music critic, praised on Weibo: "In "Blue and White Porcelain", I heard the reincarnation of the old places in "Dongfeng Broken", and I also heard the reincarnation of the past and the next in "Hair Like Snow" Sighing softly like never ending, congratulations to Zhou or else for creating another genre!"
        Famous musician Shi Yong: "The word 'wait' in "Blue and White Porcelain" has been sung endlessly and lamented, and the whole lyrics are flawless, otherwise Zhou can be called a master!"
        Countless people's cell phone ringtones have been replaced by these songs from Zhou Bubui. In large and small shopping malls and stores, all of Zhou Bubui's songs are circulating, office workers are listening, and students are discussing these songs between classes. Songs, and sentimental netizens wrote these songs, and even the homework assigned by the professor to the students was to appreciate the lyrics of blue and white porcelain.
        For a while, in the streets and alleys, pubs and teahouses, as long as the music is usually played, you can hear this new album by Fat Brother.
        I am afraid that the fat brother himself did not expect that his first album would actually become a "phenomenal album" that is very popular in the whole country!
        Fat brother also unexpectedly received a lot of invitations from programs. Dai Zhiyang meant to pick a few important announcements to run, but unfortunately, fat brother didn't bother to go to any of them until he received an invitation from Yangma's "Music Life".
        In a small Qing bar in Pengcheng.
        "Happy together!"
        Brother Fat and Dai Zhiyang sat on the bar and had a drink. Lao Dai took a look at the small band and singer who were debugging equipment on the stage, put down the glass and asked, "What's your plan next?"
        "Oh, what plan can I have, take it one step at a time."
        The fat man picked up the cup and took a sip.
        "Have you ever thought about where you want to go in the entertainment industry?"
        Dai Zhiyang is a little bit uncomfortable with Zhou or this shit with no life plan.
        "I don't know if I haven't been in the entertainment industry, so I'll set a small goal first and become the richest man in the entertainment industry, right?"
        The fat brother looked at Dai Zhiyang with a half-smile but not a smile.
        "Come on, for your dream of being the richest man in the entertainment industry!"
        Dai Zhiyang raised his glass, everyone understands that when a person goes higher and higher, his influence becomes bigger and bigger, and money is only attached!
        "Haha, I wish you an early day to become the agent of the richest man in the entertainment industry!"
        The two were talking and laughing when there was a sound of guitar strumming on the stage, and then a slightly hoarse female voice sounded: "Hello everyone, a song "Youth and Promising" is dedicated to everyone, thank you."
        When he heard his own song, the fat brother couldn't help but listen carefully.
        The electronic organ started the prelude, followed by the drum set, which sounded like it had been slightly arranged, and a hoarse female voice sounded:
        "The TV keeps flashing and the contact information has not been deleted.
        You treat me well, but I ruin it by mistake
        Different from Brother Fatty's clean voice, the female singer's smoky voice sings this song quite tastefully, especially when she sings her own feelings, and there is something she wants to express in the song.
        If Fat Brother's version sings about entanglement, then the bar singer sings about letting go and being free and easy.
        Fat brother suddenly had an idea, and asked a waiter to explain a few words in his ear, while Dai Zhiyang kept smiling while holding a wine glass.
        After the female singer sang a few other people's songs, she bowed to the audience and walked straight to the fat brother's place.
        "Good evening, both of you, do you have anything to do with me?"
        Feng Qiu said hello and smiled and looked at Brother Fatty and Dai Zhiyang. She believed that with her looks, there should be no guests asking her to accompany her to drink.
        "Interested in singing somewhere else?"
        Fat brother also got straight to the point.
        Feng Qiu laughed as soon as he heard it, and came again!
        "Thank you, I'm almost forty, and I don't want to dream of being a star!"
        Feng Qiu has seen a lot of this kind of routine of pretending to be a scout and then deceiving people to pay training fees and registration fees.
        "Well, if you have this idea, contact me as soon as possible, before I change my mind."
        Am I that public face! Next time you sing, you must make a MV to show your face!
        Despite this, the fat brother still handed a business card to the female singer, and then he withdrew after saying hello to Dai Zhiyang. Tomorrow, he will go to the orphanage to see those gangsters, so he can't drink too much.
        . m.