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136 Improvisation

        Finally, Xie Xin finally finished asking all the originally preset questions. Seeing that this episode could not be pulled back at all, Xie Xin gave up, and simply let him go. There were bursts of laughter from time to time throughout the recording studio.
        "What program is being recorded inside, and the atmosphere is so lively?"
        A CCTV employee who passed by outside said curiously.
        "Xie Xin's musical life."
        "Isn't her show all the guests crying and the audience crying?"
        "Yeah, why don't you go take a look?"
        "Let's go! Take a look!"
        "Otherwise, netizens will praise you as a musical genius. I will give the question on the spot, and you will improvise and create it. Do you dare?"
        There was no such part in the original process. It was Xie Xin who saw this situation. It was estimated that Zhou or the audience couldn't cry, so he simply let go, just to "make things difficult" for Zhou, but he had always taken the intellectual route. He collapsed in an instant.
        "Let me try?"
        "You have to do your best, otherwise I won't broadcast the previous part, just broadcast the embarrassing part of you!"
        Xie Xin threatened with a wicked smile.
        "Please listen to the question: You like a girl, but she treats you as a friend!"
        The fat brother frowned slightly, and after thinking about it for about a minute, he stretched out and walked to the live band on the small stage next to him. He talked with the guitarist a few words, and then took the guitar and hung it on himself.
        Everyone was staring at Brother Fatty, wondering if he was so amazing, and many people even took out their mobile phones to take pictures.
        Swipe the guitar, and then the fat brother began to sing:
        "Don't stay too long when the eyes meet
        Enough greetings, not too much concern
        Don't explore with curiosity, jealousy can only be locked
        If can't help being lonely, can't tell you
        oh my friend oh my friend
        Accidental silence doesn't want to make you too sad
        Believe that we go to another level
        Sing long live friendship
        If I love you turned into language
        What's going to be more and what's going to be less"
        This is the end of the song, and the fat brother smiled and said, "Are you satisfied with the song "Secret Love"?"
        The live version of Fat Brother is simply kneeling!
        Everyone below was stunned. Can improvisation reach this level?
        After his stop, many audience members quit and shouted.
        "Fat man, finish singing!"
        "It's super nice, fat brother, please finish singing!"
        Xie Xin also asked with a ghostly expression: "You really did it on the spot?!"
        "Well, so please forgive me, I haven't thought about the latter part yet."
        The fat brother replied "honestly". After he said this, the audience remembered that this was an improvisation, and they all felt it was a pity.
        "I seriously doubt that this song was written by you in advance, I want to ask another question!"
        Xie Xin said "serious" with a sullen face.
        The fat brother spread his hands and signaled to please.
        "Second question, the girl you had a crush on broke up with your boyfriend and accepted you, but suddenly they were reconciled again!"
        Xie Xin's question is a bit tricky.
        "Sister Xin, have you been doing anything recently? What questions are you asking?"
        The fat brother looked at Xie Xin with concern.
        As soon as the words fell, even the staff at the scene couldn't help laughing, otherwise Zhou's mouth really caught someone and hurt someone.
        "Don't talk about that, just say it's okay!"
        Xie Xin asked, crying and laughing.
        The fat brother desperately remembered which song was so miserable in his mind, and after pretending to walk around for two laps, he really thought of one!
        After returning the guitar to others, the fat brother sat down in front of the keyboard again.
        "I thought it was just right when I showed up, you and him just said we were going to separate
        I thought that you no longer expected him, and did not condone him to hurt you again
        I thought my tenderness could give you the whole universe
        I thought I could fill the gap in your relationship
        By your side with all my heart. Make up for all his faults
        Maybe I'm too naive to think a miracle will happen
        He makes you red eyes, but you still smile and forgive
        It turns out that you have long thought about who you want to stay with
        I thought I was strong enough, but I lost so desperately"
        After singing, the sound of the piano repeated the melody of the chorus part, and the fat brother stood up and wiped the sweat that did not exist on his forehead: "It's very dangerous!
        "I have nothing to say. I promise everyone on the basis of my personal reputation and the reputation of the program team that I just temporarily added Zhou's improvisation, and I definitely didn't say it in advance."
        After speaking, he took the lead in applauding, dispelling many people's doubts about Zhou Bubuo, and the crowd also applauded and cheered.
        "Fat brother, you are so awesome!"
        "Fat brother, hurry back and record the song!"
        "You sell it for two yuan and I'll buy it!"
        This brother's voice suddenly made Xie Xin on the stage burst into laughter without image.
        This episode is probably the most unusual and weird episode of Music Life since its inception, but it is definitely the happiest episode.
        In the evening, Xie Xin had to invite Fat Brother to eat at their host's "base area" nearby. She felt that Zhou Bao was too coke like a pistachio, and the number of times she laughed this year was not as much as today.
        "Thank you!"
        As soon as several people entered the door, Xie Xin met an acquaintance.
        As soon as the fat brother saw this smart guy with a big belly, he knew that he was a leader and didn't run away!
        "Mr. Zhao, you're eating so late too, can we go together?"
        Xie Xin said politely.
        Director Zhao glanced at the fat brother and others next to him, and said politely: "I won't eat if you have friends, haha."
        "It doesn't matter, they are all in the circle, otherwise Zhou, my guest on today's show."
        After finishing speaking, he turned his head and introduced to Brother Fatty: "Otherwise, this is Mr. Zhao from the program department of the three stations."
        "Hello Mr. Zhao!"
        Zhao Hong also greeted the fat brother warmly.
        After waiting for the dishes, only learned through small talk that recently, their three-channel poetry program was going to be cut off because the ratings were too low. Zhao Hong was reviewing the new program plan sent by the lower part of the station, and he missed the meal.
        "The current variety shows are really hard to do. You don't copy me, or I learn from you, and it's all the same."
        Zhao Hong complained.
        "Mr. Zhao, don't be too strict with your requirements. Think about it, how can someone who is really capable come to support this iron rice bowl!"
        Xie Xin said casually.
        "It's okay to separate production and broadcast! You didn't see the plans that were received from outside, tsk tsk, it's even worse!"
        Zhao Hong shook his head with a horrible look.
        Xie Xin glanced at the fat brother beside him, and said on a whim: "Otherwise, can you take this job?"
        Can you? What can't you do, brother!
        Fat brother also understands that the production and broadcasting are separated. The studio is responsible for all the pre-production work, such as filming and production, and then sells the finished product to the TV station. He has a lot of variety shows in his mind, but the key is that the strength of the studio is to support it. The previous work is still a bit tiring.
        Seeing that Xie Xin and Zhao Hong were both staring at him, the fat brother had to bite the bullet and said, "Yes!"
        "That's not right! Mr. Zhao, you still don't know Zhou, right? I'll tell you..."
        Then Xie Xin pressed the fat brother and squeaked and complimented. Anyway, it meant that as long as Zhou or else took this job, you can sit back and relax.
        "Otherwise, after dinner, let's go up and talk?"
        Xie Xin said so, Zhao Hong is not good to refute her face, plus Zhao Hong will be a little sick and go to the doctor, try it, alas...