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140 I will give you a pork stamp

        Fat Brother's four wretched teammates really lived up to their names, and they were more wretched than each other! The opponents on the other side were very shady very quickly, and they easily won the first round.
        In the second round of the fat brother, in addition to patching up a piece of armor, he still carried a small pistol and followed behind the wretched foursome, waiting to touch the corpse, and explained his tactics to the water friend: "Can save a little bit!"
        The water friends are dumbfounded, how can this guy be so hard on playing games!
        While jogging with the water friends while paddling, the teammates have quietly-dead!
        "What about you, fat man, why don't you go up!"
        "Will you fight!"
        "I'm going to report you!"
        Nima, didn't you tell me not to steal people's heads!
        1v5 face-to-face is definitely not worth it, the fat brother decisively changed the sniper, opened the scope, aimed, and shot in one go.
        After the opposite side was cleaned up two, the opposite side seemed to have come to their senses, and the swarms piled up. When the fat brother saw this battle, he knew that they were going to take their own sniper position desperately.
        When the water friends were shouting that Brother Fat was going to get cold, Brother Fat walked out of the bunker in a hurry, without aiming, just a shot!
        The most outrageous is actually hit!
        "Fat brother, hurry up and buy a lottery ticket!"
        "You bastard is out of luck!"
        "The three sand sculptures on the opposite side are standing too close together, what kind of shit is this!"
        "Keyboard man, don't bb, you can hit the 5 stations opposite without opening the mirror, I'll call you dad."
        "Don't bb, call me grandpa!"
        The fat brother didn't say a word, "Bang" there was another gunshot.
        Send the opposite one away again!
        "There is someone here at the network management!"
        "Dude, did your company develop a special boss hanger for you?"
        "What kind of fairy operation is this??!!"
        "Fatty brother, you are hanging, does the mall sell it?"
        "The same question!"
        At the end of the game, Fat Brother won 5 heads with one big birdie.
        The wretched group of four didn't dare to spray Fat Brother, they kept calling the big guy to beg to fly, they couldn't see what kind of operation this was from the perspective of Fat Brother, and Fat Brother explained to the water friend: "Brother This is not a plug-in, normal operation, don't panic! I opened the mirror, but the speed is too fast, you can't see it if there is a delay."
        The water friends don't believe it, the fat brother said no hurry, you can take a look next.
        After the settlement was completed, let the wretched foursome give him the owner, and then leisurely switched to the mall, bought a uniform with a national camp LOGO similar to a military uniform, and bought a graffiti pattern, and then returned to the room settings In order to only match teams from other countries, clicked to start.
        The little chrysanthemum turned and turned, with a bang, matching a team of sticks.
        "Sit down and watch and learn! The CS sniper teaching has started, let's watch Fat Brother teach them how to behave!"
        The fat brother said, but the last action of the gods was so shocking that everyone had not recovered yet, and no one dared to ridicule again, for fear of being slapped in the face.
        "Boss, why are your clothes different from ours?"
        One of Fat Brother's sleazy teammates looked at the handsome military uniform on Fat Brother's body, and then looked at his sloppy appearance, and couldn't help asking.
        "It's available in the mall."
        Haha, as expected of my brother's teammate, he has a vision!
        When the water friends saw the player who was called a big man and asked, it became lively.
        "This stupid boy is caught!"
        "Don't ask, buy it if you ask!"
        A few people felt a little embarrassed after sending a wave of heads, and obediently followed behind the fat brother who was carrying the big bird, euphemistically protecting him.
        After the fat brother took off a head with one shot, he immediately ran over and faced the corpse with a backhand graffiti: "Come on! Brother will stamp you!"
        Netizens took a closer look and saw a big logo around the corpse: China!
        If you kill one, you will stamp it, and the opposing stick team will be angry. The public channel speaks: Your Huaxia team is too bullying!
        The fat brother is not in a hurry: "If you have the ability, you can buy it too! You also stamp it!"
        "Continue to come if you have the ability in the next game, wait for me to buy a graffiti prop!"
        The stick said angrily.
        Players of the stick team have also seen graffiti props in the mall. One will sell for 2,000 won, which is equivalent to more than ten yuan of RMB. Everyone thinks that such expensive props are useless. .
        The water friends laughed when they saw Fat Brother's operation.
        "Fatty brother, you are also working very hard to bring the goods!"
        "This prop is used by Fat Brother like this, it's amazing!"
        "Shame weapon, I'll buy one in a while!"
        "Fat brother, are you from the slaughterhouse? If you kill one, you will stamp it."
        "In order to stamp the pleasure of that second, I bought it!"
        "Fat brother, guess if they knew you were a caregiver, would they still buy it?"
        In the second round, the stick team really bought korea's graffiti, but these people couldn't catch the wretched four heroes, and they couldn't catch the fat brother!
        The demented stick team sprayed graffiti everywhere. When Fat Brother found them, a team of five people were painting the walls in the minefield.
        The fat brother and a few people were shot to death by a few painters!
        The stick team has already scribbled a piece of clothing, and the fat brother's Amway task has been completed. After a few people have been cleaned up, they re-matched other overseas teams.
        The four wretched men made up their minds to hang out with the fat brother. At the end of the game, they also bought a set of clothes of the same style as the fat brother, and asked thoughtfully:
        "Do you want to go to the toilet, boss?"
        "Have you eaten, boss?"
        "Take a break, boss, and do eye exercises!"
        "Big guy, add a friend. When you want to play games, we are always on call with Simei in the capital!"
        Brother, you are four men! What the hell is Simei in the capital? !
        The little chrysanthemum turned and turned, and the water friend suddenly came to the spirit when he saw the plaster flag next to the name on the opposite side.
        The tactics of overseas players are obviously still at the level of encountering each other in a narrow way. Where have you played the insidious and cunning Fat Brother team, even if you lose, the key is to be stamped with pork!
        Can this be tolerated? No!
        After losing a game, a costume prop with a national logo and graffiti props are also essential.
        The wretched team just now disappeared, but as long as it is an overseas team, the Japanese team is frantically venting on others the humiliation that the Chinese team just brought them!
        The atmosphere of the game, which was originally the second friendship first, was immediately confused by the fat brother!
        How dare you spray my teammate's body?
        I'm going to paint your birthplace all over!
        How could that Chinese person spray two different patterns? What? Just spend money? Buy!
        What did the Huaxia player throw on my corpse, the garbage? !
        Why is there such a thing? Does the store still sell this? ! Spark games are simply shameless!
        buy or not? Buy! I bought all the junk!
        By the time Fat Brother went off the air, there were more than 10 million online viewers in the live broadcast room, and they were basically gamers. These people, without exception, bought these messy props as soon as they went back.
        As for overseas players, there must be some players who bought it, and the specific data will have to wait for the feedback from Xinghuo.
        The next day, the video of the fat brother with the wretched Simei doing things on the global server spread all over the CS section of major game forums, and even some special CS websites.
        He stamped everywhere, scribbled and scribbled, and the pictures of littering things were made into a collection and posted on Weibo. didn't expect that Fat Brother had not had time to catch fire, but a piece of data from Spark Games was a big hit!
        . m.