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141 The Divine Treasure Exploded by Zhao Qizhi

        Xinghuo game official WeChat: "Counter-Strike Mall was launched at 12 o'clock last night, the accumulated sales of domestic props amounted to 65 million yuan, and the total overseas prop sales amounted to 5.13 million US dollars! Sprinkle flowers!"
        The props are selling like crazy!
        In the game, the people who form a team and shout are not asking about the winning rate, but madly shouting that they have a three-piece suit to enter the group!
        What is a three-piece suit, that is, clothes with camp logos, graffiti props and garbage props littering the ground...
        How long has the store been on? Counting today is only the fifth day!
        All industrial enterprises are going to cry blindly! For a small foundry with a hundred employees, the profit the boss gets is less than one million a year!
        People just add a piece of data without any cost, and they take 100 million yuan a week! Many bosses have been asking around to see if there are any game projects to invest in. For a while, the game industry has a tendency to go to the wind.
        As for other game companies, their eyes are as red as rabbits, and they are very irritable all day long.
        "What kind of bullshit are you doing? You earn 200,000 after spending all your energy on an event?!"
        "Have a meeting! Let's discuss what we can learn from the game Counter-Strike!"
        "Everyone usually needs to use their brains more, and their thinking should not be too limited! Every employee is the owner of the company. Can the company treat everyone badly when it makes money?"
        "If you ask for leave, Nima will know to ask for leave from day to night! Look at the employees of Xinghuo, 5+2! White and black! What did the employees say?!"
        "What salary do they get, what salary do I get? I quit my job, Jijiwaiwai! I've wanted to go to Xinghuo for a long time!"
        The staff can't stand it any longer, and they quit the job when they drop the mouse!
        Leaving the stunned boss alone in the wind, looking at the other employees holding the mouse tightly, the boss dares to say another word, and the others will soon drop the mouse...
        Regarding this sky-breaking sales data, in addition to the netizens who shouted 666, there are also different voices on the Internet.
        After a brief understanding of the famous Weibo and social critic Sha Qian, although he did not name Daoming, everyone with a discerning eye knew who he was talking about: "Why is a company that relies on consumer players' patriotism still being sought after by so many people?! I I feel that the relevant departments should really take certain measures against these companies, and it is not a good thing to over-expend everyone's patriotism!"
        As soon as this statement came out, it was immediately recognized by a large number of red-eye patients, and began to repost it a lot and added fuel to it. The fat brother was not happy when he saw it. Is it easy for me to make some money! Just look at the thief... ahhh! Just watch me eat meat, don't watch me get beaten, right?
        After thinking about it, I posted a Weibo and went back: "Emotional Counter-Strike consumes not the RMB in the players' wallets, but their patriotism? I didn't expect the strength of Spark Games to be so terrifying! If any player finishes playing counter-terrorism The elites are no longer patriotic, that is indeed a big problem, and it is recommended that the relevant state departments check it out..."
        A group of netizens who watch the fun and don't think it's a big deal have been booing under the fat brother's Weibo.
        "What about the positive energy that the fat brother said? You can't even let people say, when did you become so domineering?!"
        "I just said that I've been feeling limp all over my body lately. Is CS draining my energy?!"
        "Upstairs, persuade you to put down the whip in your hand!"
        "Nima! The building is crooked!"
        "Fat brother, do you need to be so serious? Even if you're aiming at my wallet, you should be polite!"
        "Are the social critics the same trolls Fat Brother used to say?"
        "Hello, Teacher Sha Qian, what is your relationship with Teacher Sand Sculpture?"
        "Have you heard of double-yolked eggs upstairs?"
        "I'm from the relevant department, who is at Aite for me!"
        A small farce soon ended with the ridicule of netizens. Those who felt like sand sculptures, oh no! Teacher Sha Qian's point of view is very different. Netizens who are very awake and trendy quickly realized their mistakes, and they all quit their fans, panicking...
        It may be that this wave of goods brought by Fat Brother has aroused the resentment of overseas players and has nowhere to vent, and overseas players have again aimed at Spark Games.
        "Why is the CS Global Championship called the Huaxia Cup?"
        "Yes! Why can't it be called the America's Cup?"
        "I think it's better to call it the Tokyo Cup!"
        "What do you think of the name Seoul Cup?"
        A group of overseas players who are full and supportive are posting posts everywhere in the forum, and even players from several countries and regions have dispatched a lot of naval forces in order to make their own country's posts rank first.
        When Fat Brother heard Zhao Qizhi talking about this, he was stunned, what? what to do? Why is it called Huaxia Cup?
        The money I paid, what is the name of love, even if I call it the Planet Cup, can you fucking control it!
        Of course, Zhao Qizhi couldn't reply directly to the player, and replied relatively euphemistically, "Because of the money our boss paid!"
        An upright boy like Zhao Qizhi can survive to this day, thanks to socialism for saving him!
        In a light-hearted way, overseas players are frying again!
        Look down on people, don't you? We the American people have no money? All we use are knives!
        Baga Road! Ten percent of the real estate of the American Empire has been bought by our Great Japanese Empire, how dare you talk about it with money?
        Zhou Beibu's grandfather is most likely from the Republic of Korea. Besides, Hua and Han have nothing to do with each other. For the friendship between the people of the two countries, it is very good to use the Korea Cup! It's not possible to use the Hwahan Cup, we can also accept it!
        As for the voices of Taiwan Province and some small countries in South America, they were directly ignored...
        Zhao Qizhi truthfully conveyed the enthusiasm and needs of players from other countries to Brother Fatty, and Brother Fatty thought for a moment: "Qizhi, you are like this, please tell everyone gently, don't think about naming rights, as for other advertising placements, we are also It's acceptable, you can find out what everyone has to say!"
        Xinghuo's announcement came out, and it was still the meaning of the general manager of Xinghuo conveyed by Zhao Qizhi, a straightforward boy: We have the final say when we pay, if you can't afford it, don't BB! That's roughly what it means...
        Just pouring a scoop of oil into the fire will have the same effect. The overseas diaosi players are silent, and the ones who speak are all kinds of second-generation rich men.
        "Is two million dollars a lot? I won't change my car this month. I want the naming rights!"
        "$2.1 million! Just use my company's name for the title!"
        "$2.5 million, this month's pocket money stud, I'm going to name this tournament after me!"
        "No matter how much you pay, I'm $10,000 more than you!"
        This amazing player with a big tone is not small, the heir of Japan's Inoue Foundation.
        A young man from the United States and the heir of the Inoue Consortium had a fight, and the final price was raised to 7.01 million US dollars. The Inoue Consortium obtained the naming rights of the CS Kings Competition. Originally, everyone thought it was some players who had drunk too much and were willful in the forum. of coercion.
        It was not until the Inoue Consortium issued a notice that the heir, Renzi Inoue, would be in charge of the specific affairs of this event. Everyone knew that they were not pretending to be coercive, but they were really awesome!
        Inoue paid the most money, and everyone had nothing to say, but Fat Brother and Huaxia players were upset again!
        Lao Tzu's game, I can name it whatever I want! What if you spend more money! Is more money arrogant?
        Qian Duo is indeed quite awesome... Fat Brother hesitated slightly, but immediately stood up again.
        "Zhao Qizhi, can you tell me what to do about this?"
        The fat brother pressed Zhao Qizhi irresponsibly.
        "Boss, I do what you want!"
        Zhao Qizhi quickly complained.
        "I told you to talk nonsense? The Huaxia Cup has become the Inoue Cup, and you are ready to apologize with death!"
        The fat brother glanced at Zhao Qizhi, indicating that you are finished.
        "Boss, or else, we'll still use the standard of 2 million US dollars and say that the account was hacked before?"
        Zhao Qizhi shivered and came up with a bad idea.
        "Fuck off! Go and ask how much activity funds are active in the financial account!"
        "Eh! Good!"
        The fat brother felt that he was so heartbroken that he couldn't help crying. What could have been done with 2 million US dollars, he had to pay 5 million more!Still dollars!
        Just when the fat brother thought that the money was paid by himself, he didn't expect things to turn around again!