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145 Can I open an online store in your house

        Although Zhang Tong and Wei Chengming are both parents and officials, neither of them have the habit of shaking their heads. Moreover, in the town of Lai Town, an official with the size of a sesame and mung bean may take it seriously. heard that they are casual. A camera can cost hundreds of thousands!
        The two waited outside the crew for more than an hour until some crew members came out one after another before Zhang Tong and Wei Chengming got out of the car: "Hello, where is your director?"
        The fat brother looked at the two people in front of him. They didn't look like reporters or farmers. They looked like they didn't look like officials.
        "Director Liu, I'm looking for you! I'll withdraw first, and I'll bring you back with food later."
        Brother Fat put the two of them in Director Liu's place and was ready to withdraw. Since Liu Jianmin had the cheek to rub a meal with Brother Fat, he felt that the crew's meal was really hard to swallow, and as soon as he was free, he asked Brother Fat to go. If you really don't have time, ask him to help bring the food.
        "Hello, Director Liu, I'm Zhang Tong, a senior official in Lai Town, and this is Wei Chengming, the mayor of our Lai Town."
        "Oh! Hello, two leaders! Are you two?"
        Liu Jianmin looked puzzled.
        "Director Liu, I see it's time for dinner, why don't we find a place to eat and chat?"
        Zhang Tong suggested.
        Everyone was blocking the door and it was really hard to shirk. Liu Jianmin had to explain a few words, and another phone call shook the fat brother who had just walked out not far away, and carried him into Zhang Tong's car.
        A few people found a local restaurant. It seems that the two of them don't come to this restaurant very often. The people in the restaurant don't know them. Wei Chengming is in charge of ordering, and every time he sees a dish, he will subconsciously look at the price. Column.
        "What kind of wine do you two drink? Would you like to try our special grain wine from Lai Town!"
        "No, no, I have something to do tonight. Let's order whatever we want today and stop drinking. What do the two leaders think?"
        When Liu Jianmin heard the words, he quickly shied away. He would go back later and check the content of today's filming.
        "That's fine too!"
        Without drinks, it seems that the cost of this meal will not be overrun today.
        After the waiter put away the menu and went out, Zhang Tong looked at Liu Jianmin and said a little embarrassedly: "Director Liu, the two of us came here specially for help today."
        Liu Jianmin was immediately unhappy in his heart, but he didn't show it on his face. When he was filming in a local area, he would encounter some unreasonable requests from local government officials: special thanks, friendly sponsorship, highlighting local characteristics, and even thinking He had also encountered the incident of stuffing people into the group, and Liu Jianmin thought it was such a mess again.
        "Let's talk about it first. I, a little TV director, may be too busy to help."
        Zhang Tong pondered for a while and said slowly: "Our town of Lai is not big. There are only 7 administrative villages in the town with 7649 people, of which the non-agricultural population is only 523 people. The rest of the people basically make a living by growing apples. It’s not very convenient, so Apple’s sales have not been very good all the time, and everyone can eat and eat, but this year’s situation is more special.”
        "What kind of special law?"
        Liu Jianmin asked.
        "This year the apples in town are all out of stock!"
        Wei Chengming added heavily.
        Liu Jianmin was stunned for a moment, thinking that it was about TV dramas, how did the style of painting change so fast, and he jumped to the issue of Apple's unsalable sales.
        "Unsaleable! More than 20 million catties of apples! This is the income of the whole town for a year. We both have lost our legs. To put it nicely, it is the secretary and mayor. , I think you are here to try your luck, you are all from big cities, maybe you can help us make up our minds?"
        Wei Chengming looked like a mayor at this time, looking at Liu Jianmin expectantly, as if looking at a life-saving straw.
        Liu Jianmin subconsciously began to count: "Our entire crew only has hundreds of people. Even if one person goes out and buys 100 pounds, it will only be 10,000 pounds."
        This can be used for shit!
        "Mayor Wei, how much is a pound of apples sold by fruit farmers?"
        The fat brother reacted quickly, can't he help sell it? Wasn't there such a thing in the past?
        "It's usually three or two yuan! Haven't asked you yet?"
        Wei Chengming didn't know the identity of the young man who was brought over by Liu Dao, but he saw that the fat brother interrupted Liu Dao without the slightest displeasure, so he knew that this young man was definitely not a jerk.
        "Not Zhou."
        The fat man introduced himself.
        Liu Jianmin added: "The investor of our film, the two should look to him for this matter, he is the gold owner."
        "Mr. Zhou! Look at my old eyes! Disrespectful!"
        "Mr. Zhou is really young and promising!"
        Wei Chengming and Zhang Tong quickly stood up and stretched out their hands to the fat brother and kept apologizing.
        "Don't be so polite, you two, just call me Zhou. I'm just making a little trouble."
        Zhang Tong and Zhang Tong were so old that they could be his fathers, and the fat brother didn't dare to care about his parents, so he quickly stood up and replied.
        "Wait for me two, I'll call and ask."
        After speaking, the fat brother took out his phone and dialed Zhao Qizhi: "Qizhi, how much do you usually buy a pound of apples?"
        Zhao Qizhi on the other end of the phone was stunned for a moment, looked at the instant noodle buckets and biscuit boxes on the table, and scratched his head: "Boss, I never buy fruit!"
        I don't even know how much Apple costs per pound, and the IT house really has no future!
        In the end, it was his assistant Gu Xiaopan who came to the rescue. In a typical fruit stand in Pengcheng, apples like Laizhen sold for seven or eight yuan, while a slightly higher-end fruit store would go to fourteen or five yuan.
        If you sell it for 6 yuan, there should be a lot of people willing to buy it, right?
        Immediately, the fat brother told a few people what he thought.
        "Selling online? I heard it's very complicated. We have tried to open an online store before, but we haven't sold a single fruit."
        They have tried the trick of opening an online store to sell apples before, and they have been struggling for more than half a year and no one cares, so Zhang Tong and others also gave up this idea, and honestly went to the city to run channels, and even contacted the vegetable market and Supermarkets set up a special poverty alleviation area, and the effect is stronger than opening an online store.
        "Mayor Wei, don't worry, he never does anything he's not sure about."
        Seeing that Wei Chengming and the two were dubious, Liu Jianmin comforted.
        Everyone said that, Zhang Tong and Wei Chengming didn't say much.
        The fat brother is not idle. Since he has already done the "market survey", he has to hurry. The online store still has to open. After thinking about it, he called Mr. Pan of Xiguawang.
        "Old Pan, I don't think so! I want to open an online store on your, can you help me?"
        "What on earth are you trying to do! You're singing, filming, selling games, and making commercials for people. Will you open an online store?"
        Mr. Pan on the other end of the phone was very puzzled.
        "Hey! I went here to set the scene and help the local fruit farmers sell them. All their apples were unsalable, and the fruit farmers were crying! Some fruit trees were planted so much that they were about to be hanged!"
        "Really? Why does it sound so mysterious to me?"
        "Am I the kind of person who speaks out of line!"
        Mr. Pan thought so too, but specializes in electronic 3C products, and a shop selling fruit suddenly appeared in it. The style of the painting is a bit weird.
        "But we sell electronics!"
        Mr. Pan thought about it and still expressed his concerns.
        "But I know you as an e-commerce business!"
        The fat guy is also helpless.
        "Otherwise, our company still has several websites that have been prepared and prepared. Would you like to use them first?"
        "Then you'll get tired again. I'll send you some photos. Can you help me fix the website's facade? It's a little urgent. I'll send you some apples later!"
        "No Zhou, no Zhou, they all say that I still don't believe you, do I miss you two catties of apples!"
        Mr. Pan laughed and scolded.
        two pounds?Am I so rude!
        I'll send you 1,000 jin, and it's only two or three thousand dollars, which is much more cost-effective than finding someone to make a website!