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147 We fruit farmers have the power wow

        Jianping's family has more apples, and it's not enough to put them in front of one million catties, so Jianping's first reaction was to quickly find people in the village to put them together, and to have a good relationship with him in the past!
        Let's count Ermazi, he was quite happy to borrow electricity for three rounds, and he didn't screech.
        Zhang Damao next door is a jerk! Last time I saw a good cigarette in his right pocket, but he gave me a bad cigarette in his left pocket!
        After dinner, the villagers are basically stuck at home and can't go out. The village is very lively tonight!
        The emergency lights at the villagers' homes and the headlights of the crew illuminated the entrance to the village brightly!
        The slaps of children, the shouts of adults, and the horns of small tricycles echoed throughout the village.
        Bags and baskets of apples are neatly stacked at the entrance of the village, and there are still a steady stream of apples sent to the entrance of the village.
        At 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, the small tricycle of the small truck from the nearby village also drove in, and the cars were also pulling apples.
        I have been busy for several hours, and no one is tired. Everyone has been tossing for a year just for now!
        sleep? What are you sleeping so much for! What if the big young boss suddenly said no.
        The purchase price of 6 yuan per catty, the best price of apples can not be sold at this price!
        The fat brother was sitting behind a table with his legs crossed. The table was moved from the village chief's office by the villagers.
        What? Do you think the village chief will be unhappy?
        See that old man running fast against a pack of apples? That is the village chief, and while delivering his apples to the entrance of the village, his eyes narrowed with laughter.
        Jianping took Ermazi to guard the first line of defense at the unloading place.
        "What kind of thing did you pull? Don't accept it!"
        "Who are you waiting for, why are you so sloppy with this fruit? Did you pick it up in the field!"
        "Whose is this basket? How long have you been hoarding it! It broke so much before you got in the car! Pull it away!"
        My brother trusted me and gave me this job. I must do it beautifully so that I can't do it for him!
        Jianping's wife was also sitting at the village chief's rotten table, remembering in the small book that the old man Zhang's family was 20,000 jin, and the bachelor's family was 30,000 jin...
        No matter how many passes in Jianping, they will use the walkie-talkie to inform their mother-in-law: Old Li's family is qualified for 40,000 jin!
        The walkie-talkie was temporarily "borrowed" by Brother Fat from the crew. As for the crew, Director Liu did not approve any of them. In the end, Brother Fat only brought Liu Xiaoer.
        "Fat brother, can I take a break?"
        Liu Xiaoer came up to Brother Fatty and asked for leave several times in the evening. Not only did Brother Fatty not approve, but he also caught him and scolded him. He was so arrogant at such a young age.
        Liu Xiaoer also went to high school for two years, and brought more than a dozen villagers to pack and stick express labels at the entrance of the village. Two label printers next to him were printing recipients from all over the country, and there were a large group of women behind. was in an origami box with child. These equipment and boxes were bought temporarily by Liu Xiaoer.
        A man from the next village approached Jianping and said mysteriously, "Jianping, the big boss you're talking about is the young man next to the table? Can he do it?"
        "believe it or not!"
        Jianping didn't even bother to look at him.
        "I'm not worried! You said that so many of us are busy all night. If they can't afford the price of 6 yuan, everyone will be busy!"
        The man rubbed his hands together and smiled awkwardly.
        "Yo! There are some awesome people like you in our nearby village. Why didn't I know about it before? Don't give me a shit, don't say 6 yuan, 2 yuan a pound, you are not him. Fuck it, sell it!"
        Jianping loses his temper when he hears this. Are you fucking unfamiliar white-eyed wolves?
        My brother saw that our fruit farmers in the fields were having a hard time, trying their best to help sell the fruit, but you fucking picked it up? If you don't want to sell, get out! I heard that 10 to 20 million catties of apples are unsalable in the town this year, not bad for your share!
        Just as he was talking, a truck in the distance drove towards the entrance of the village from the corner, followed by the second and third vehicles!
        The car is here!
        Seeing that the villagers were more motivated, those who had finished moving were helping others unload the goods, and those who still had inventory at home that had not been moved in, were about to cry, for fear that the car would run away without waiting for the fruit from his family.
        Fortunately, in previous years, there were often large vehicles entering the village, so the entrance to the village was built more spacious, and three heavy trucks parked side by side was not a problem.
        "Aren't you three cars enough?"
        When the driver got out of the car, the villagers greeted him and asked.
        "How can it be! There are seven or eight cars outside. I was afraid that it would be difficult to turn around in the village, so we came first."
        the driver explained.
        The fat brother took a nap and woke up to find that there was a ray of light in the sky, and there was still a lively atmosphere around. The first batch of three heavy trucks had already departed, and this time four vehicles were loaded together.
        The children basically went back to sleep, and there were many new faces at the scene. It is estimated that the nearby villages came to deliver the fruit.
        Jianping also took Ermazi to inspect the goods. His eyes were red like a rabbit, and his voice was hoarse. He didn't know where a horn came from, and was struggling to direct the unloading car.
        "Brother Jianping, find someone to take your place first. Go and rest for a while, don't get exhausted."
        The fat man walked over and said to Jianping.
        "It's okay, we did this in previous years, but this year is the biggest scene! Besides, I don't worry about other people doing it. If I collect bad and bad goods, wouldn't it be a scam for you? I'm fine."
        Seeing that he could not be persuaded, Brother Fat didn't insist anymore. He nodded and looked at the villagers in the field who were covered in sweat and embarrassed. He took the loudspeaker in Jianping's hand and shouted: "It has passed the acceptance of Jianping's side. Villager friends, go to Liu Xiaoer to register your bank account, and I will have someone settle the down payment for you in a while."
        The fat brother said in advance that he was just helping everyone match up, and he didn't earn a penny. He helped to talk about 8 cents a pound for postage, and the distance for each car would add several thousand or tens of thousands. The fruit farmers really got it. There is definitely no 6 yuan, but even if you cut a knife in the middle, it is much better than those who come to collect fruit in normal years!
        Jianping was stunned when he heard the words, and the villagers were also stunned. This young big boss gave the money so easily? !
        "Brother, don't you want to pay? Can you make money!"
        Jianping whispered worriedly. He was afraid that after Fat Brother paid the villagers all the money, his funds would be tight, and all the villagers stared at Jianping who was talking to the young boss.
        "What kind of money do I pay, and this money is out of my hands. I just help everyone to make a cushion first. I think some people are waiting for the rice to cook."
        The fat man shook his head and said.
        "It's over for everyone in a while!"
        Jianping hoarsely shouted out the good news that everyone wanted to hear most.
        Even after a night of exhaustion, everyone couldn't contain their excitement and joy, and cheered loudly. The atmosphere at the scene reached its peak!
        Like the excited villagers, Zhang Tong, Wei Chengming, and several high-level officials of the town government didn't sleep a night.
        Cigarettes are ordered one after another. The conference room is like a Penglai fairyland. The big guys have discussed it all night and can't delay it any more. Today, have to go to the city. The big buddies help, the child's tuition, the living expenses of a small family for a year, are now all piled up in the cellar!
        If you can't sell this batch of apples, it may be an exaggeration to say "ten rooms and nine empty spaces", but more than half of the families will definitely leave their hometowns and choose to work in other places.
        There are no people, and the development of Lai Town has become a joke.
        "Let's go first, Lao Wei and I will go to the city now."
        After Zhang Tong said this feebly, he stood up and prepared to leave.
        The door of the conference room was slammed open, and a clerk below rushed in excitedly: "Good news, secretary! Someone has collected a lot of apples in town!"
        "How much does the other party charge?"
        When Zhang Tong heard the words, he immediately replied.
        "5 million catties!"
        Everyone in the conference room felt the same feeling that the big stone in their hearts loosened a little bit. Zhang Tong was getting older, and he couldn't help but sit on the chair.
        "Come on, let's meet the big boss!"
        . m.