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150 What to do if the fruit is not enough

        "Why did you come here without saying a word? How did you know I was here? And what kind of advanced studies are you participating in! Direct sales? No one can find it. I wonder if you don't come back, I will call the police. !"
        The fat brother dragged Han Yuyun's suitcase and walked directly to his room in the hotel, without even looking at the front desk.
        "I'm sorry, I was wrong, okay?"
        As soon as she entered the elevator, Han Yuyun hung on the fat brother's arm like a koala and acted coquettishly.
        "I'm sorry to end it! Do you know that I have spent dozens of days and nights in incomparable torment! You have to show some sincerity!"
        As he spoke, the fat brother took out his room card and swiped the door.
        "Then what kind of sincerity do you want?"
        Han Yuyun checked the room while talking.
        Just as he was talking, the fat brother threw her on the bed and kissed her again.
        Han Yuyun grabbed his mischievous hand and said angrily.
        Seeing Han Yuyun's resolute attitude, the fat brother had to get up angrily and sat on the edge of the bed with an unlovable look.
        "I can't run. Besides, for the first time, let's not be here, okay?"
        Han Yuyun folded her hair and said shyly, saying that the voice behind her was so small that she could barely hear herself.
        All the girls said so, and the fat brother could only helplessly nodded: "Then I'll take a shower first."
        After he finished speaking, he walked to the bathroom dejectedly. After entering, he stuck out half of his head and said, "Would you like to wash together?"
        "Okay, if you promise not to touch me, I'll wash with you, how about it?"
        Han Yuyun blushed and smiled wickedly.
        "Then I'll wash it myself..."
        The fat man whimpered and shrank back.
        In the evening, the two hugged each other by the bedside and told each other how things were going, but basically it was Han Yuyun who was talking, and the fat brother was fussing on the side, which made Miss Han feel coquettish from time to time.
        "Let me tell you, I am the first in the three classes in this advanced study!"
        "I was sick last time and wanted to call you, but I was afraid you would be worried."
        "My job may change after I go back. Do you think I should go to the radio station or the TV station?"
        "My mother visited me a while ago and asked about you. She said that she must take you home during the New Year. You have to work hard!"
        "I once saw a person who looked like you, but I chased after him..."
        The little chatterbox in his arms stopped talking, and the fat brother looked down and fell asleep.
        Looking at Han Yuyun, who was sleeping soundly in his arms, the fat brother kissed her lips lightly, then hugged her contentedly and went to sleep.
        "Mr. Zhou, good morning!"
        "Boss, is this your daughter-in-law? She's really talented and beautiful!"
        "Good morning, boss, have you eaten yet? I'll ask the kitchen to make something for you?"
        "Boss, sit down!"
        "Boss Zhou, sit here, the sun is shining over there!"
        The next day, Brother Fat went to the town government gate to "inspect" his work, but this time with Han Yuyun.
        When Liu Xiaoer saw the fat brother coming, he quickly greeted him, glanced at Han Yuyun who was holding the fat brother, and couldn't take his eyes away anymore.
        This one is too beautiful! Liu Xiaoer couldn't think of any words to describe the beauty in front of her, she simply dumped those female stars on the Eight Streets! In our town, no, in the entire county, can't find a single one, but this half of the girl is here!
        "Call the lady boss."
        "Good morning, lady boss!"
        Only then did Liu Xiaoer come back to his senses and hurriedly called someone.
        "Good morning to you too."
        Han Yuyun said with a smile, this smile seemed to have taken away Liu Xiaoer's soul, which made the fat brother laugh out loud.
        Han Yuyun clenched the fat brother's arm and chuckled, "Why are you teasing the children?"
        "How did you speak?"
        The fat brother frowned and immediately became unhappy, and said Han Yuyun for a while, and before he had time to ask what was going on, he heard the fat brother continue: "Han Yuyun, I tell you, don't rely on yourself to be smart, beautiful and gentle. You are virtuous, lovely and generous, and I love you so much that it is absolutely necessary for you not to marry, and you are so reckless!"
        Make Han Yuyun lie in the fat brother's arms and laugh coquettishly, and sure enough, women in love are all that kind of thing...
        After the fight last night, the fat brother found that what the seniors said was true! Women will be very obedient as long as they do that. Although she doesn't have that much, Han Yuyun's attitude towards herself is completely different from before!
        The fat brother couldn't help but look forward to the days to come. If that's the case, wouldn't Miss Han be more well-behaved? Gee! My mother!
        When the folks in the village heard that the proprietress was coming, they showed 120,000 enthusiasm and praised it as a basic operation!
        Planted in the ground, grown on the mountain, no matter what it is, as long as Han Yuyun asks a few more questions, the villagers will fix it for her!
        When was a guest at a villager's house, said that their half-sized chickens are so cute. During dinner, the chickens were cooked deliciously and served on the table.
        "Han Yuyun, you are so powerful, kill the chick with your eyes!"
        After dinner, the two of them walked hand in hand on the country road. The fat brother was still teasing about this, causing Han Yuyun to turn his eyes away.
        "Yo! How dare you roll your eyes! See how I clean up you!"
        After the fat brother was ready to talk, Miss Han smiled and ran away.
        The two were tired of being together for a few days. Wei Chengming came to the door and said straight to the point: "Trouble! Not enough apples!"
        The fat brother was stunned when he heard the words, and then confirmed it again: "20 million catties sold out?"
        A few days ago, Brother Fat asked Xinghuo to directly connect with the town government, so as to save himself from going around in the middle, which is more efficient. As for the fruit farmers who deliver the goods later, they will have to wait until the payment is received and then settle the settlement. The amount is too large. Brother can't stand it either.
        "21.75 million catties, all sold out! But the problem is that there are still more than 2 million orders that we can't take!"
        Speaking of this, Wei Chengming was both happy and annoyed.
        The happy thing is that this is the time when the fruit farmers earn the most and sell the most neatly when they take office. Annoyed that such an opportunity is only once, and now the apples are all sold out, the purchase price of 6 yuan a pound, and the shipping cost is also three or four yuan! The fruit farmers are heartbroken just thinking about it. They knew that they should have more variety!
        They also don't think about it. Not long ago, everyone was still worried about the slow sales of Apple.
        "It's a good thing that it's sold out, then let's ask them to return the online order, and we'll sell it again next year!"
        "Are you coming to collect it next year?"
        Wei Chengming immediately caught the meaning of Fat Brother's words.
        "I'm going to set up a local team in Lai Town to be responsible for the purchase and delivery of local agricultural products, etc., but I can't guarantee the price. It depends on the annual market situation. In addition, the website also needs to draw a little profit to support its livelihood. The team below."
        The fat brother said what he had been thinking about a few days ago.
        "Okay! This method is good! Let's not talk about the price, at least ensure that the fruits of everyone's hard work for a year will not rot in the ground!"
        Wei Chengming felt refreshed after listening to it, and in this way, the fruit farmers will be guaranteed.
        Moreover, he also deliberately learned about Zhou Beibu during this period of time. If all the things he did are true, then this person is absolutely worthy of trust!
        "I think this project is very good. I will organize a meeting to discuss it when I go back later. You can also think about it. We can do it, and we will do our best to cooperate!"
        The fat brother nodded, and Lao Wei said that things were easy to handle.
        . m.