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152 The Week of Death

        Mr. Pan thought that Brother Fat would have to think about it for a few days, but he did not expect to agree to his proposal the next day, but he asked for a controlling stake, Mr. Pan agreed without hesitation. What Xiguawang wanted was the later resource integration, not the controlling stake. This company.
        The website was officially named, with 60% exclusively owned by Fat Ge and accounting for the other 40%. Fat Ge served as the general manager, the vice president was a senior executive from Xiguawang, and a series of other personnel appointments and administrations were made. The work in this area is not listed one by one.
        Fat brother originally wanted to follow the crew to the Beijing Film and Television Base, but both Xinghuo and the studio strongly urged him to come back to sit in town.
        The first is that the CS Classic is about to start and the new office is about to be moved. The second is that Feng Qiu's new album is about to be released. In fact, the fat brother can't help much when he comes back. It's just that everyone may not have noticed. They all felt that as long as the fat brother was there, they would feel a lot more at ease.
        People are forgetful. It has been more than a month since Fat Brother released his last album of the same name. Except for the songs of his new album that are still roaring in KTV, what fills everyone's ears is still those who have smashed the charts. The hype song.
        "Don't be nervous, I also posted it on the Internet at the time, and you have seen it, and the effect is not bad!"
        There are still two days before Feng Qiu's new album will be registered on "Or Music Online". She has been in an extremely tense state in recent days. Even in her dreams at night, she will dream that her new album will hit the street, and then she will wake up scared. .
        Although Fat Brother and everyone in the studio were constantly comforting her and cheering her on, Feng Qiu couldn't control his nervousness. He said that he was not nervous, but his legs were shaking like a sewing machine.
        "Don't worry, even if I hit the street, it can only mean that my song is not good, and it has nothing to do with you. We will come again next time!"
        The fat brother roughly guessed what Feng Qiu was thinking. She had waited for this opportunity long enough. She thought that once the first step was not taken steadily, the studio would not waste resources on her.
        Although the studio has already helped her to warm up her new album, she just can't contain her nervousness, but this is the first time in her life!
        Feng Qiu gave the fat brother an ugly smile, and the fat brother couldn't help laughing and crying: "And we are the only two singers in the studio who put you on the cold bench. How can I sing so many songs? Well!"
        Fat brother sees that except for Lao Dai, everyone else in the studio is in a low-pressure state before the war is coming. It can't go on like this. It's going to collapse before it starts to go online!
        Look, brother, come to cheer you up and cheer up the atmosphere!
        A person was locked in the office for an afternoon, and after finishing the accompaniment, he recorded a song with his mobile phone and uploaded it to the music website. Why not go to Lao Huang's recording studio? Because it saves money...
        "Brother Fatty's new song is online. This is a divine comedy with a style different from the past. I believe it will bring you some life insights!"
        After clicking to send on Weibo, the fat brother waved to everyone: "I have already helped Feng Qiu's new album to warm up, you can rest assured! Come on, the boss is in a good mood today, invite you to dinner!"
        Xiaoli just failed to confess to the male god two days ago. She was sad, depressed, and tangled in a meal time before she recovered. Seeing that her colleagues were all off work, she didn't want to crowd the subway during the evening rush hour, so she took out her mobile phone and started to scan. Start Weibo.
        "Hey? Fat brother has released a new song! "It's not because you are not good-looking"? What kind of strange song name is this."
        The name of the song is a little weird, but the fat brother is still very strong in originality and singing! After skipping the audition, Xiaoli directly paid two dollars to download it, then connected to the small speaker next to the computer, pressed play, and then leaned back on the chair to enjoy the new song by Fat Brother.
        Well, the piano piece of the prelude is pretty good.
        A monologue came from the speaker: "Today I'm going to tell you a sad story. I believe everyone will understand after listening to it."
        "Sad story? It really suits my current state of mind!"
        Lily took a long breath.
        "Why was rejected by the lion man, it wasn't because you were not good-looking
        Why is it rejected by the Pisces man, it's not because you are not good-looking
        Why does he take a shower as soon as we chat, it's not because you look bad
        Why can't get through the phone for three minutes, it's not because you are not good-looking"
        Xiaoli: ? ? ?
        What the hell is this? What kind of magic operation is this? Is this a sad story?
        This is a fucking tragedy, isn't it? Sing this shit to a girl who just broke up, aren't you afraid that the old lady will hang herself and jump off the building!
        The song in the speaker continues:
        "Do you think he cares about whether the girl will be reserved? No, you are wrong. He only likes the girl to be beautiful.
        Do you think he appreciates the girl's talent, no, you're wrong, he only likes the girl to be beautiful"
        "No week!!!"
        A shrill scream came from the office.
        The speed of netizens is still very fast. The fat brother and his party are still on their way to the restaurant. Netizens, to be precise, female netizens, have begun to "rave reviews".
        "Extremely distressing, I'm going to quit!"
        "There is a tired mmp in the smile, you are no longer my favorite fat brother."
        "Fat brother, what are you talking nonsense about!"
        "Why is there a delusion that people all over the world are accusing me of being ugly?"
        "Upstairs, believe in yourself, that's not an illusion!"
        "What sin did I do to make me listen to this!"
        "Brother Fat is so powerful, is there a singer in your studio who is about to release a new song?"
        "These two dollars turned all four of us in a dormitory to autism."
        "Thank you fat brother for helping me recognize myself with a song, goodbye!"
        "Sisters, you have to listen to this chicken soup every day to have endless motivation!"
        "That's why men are gay?"
        "Why no Sagittarius?"
        "If you go back to the lady upstairs, because Sagittarius doesn't pick it up!"
        Of course, there are also some boys who bravely pointed out that the fat guy sang the voice of the handsome guys, but they were soon drowned in saliva.
        Don't underestimate the ability of the lesbians to lift the table, the fat brother just finished ordering, the Weibo is already boiling, everyone's crazy fat brother Aite and the studio official Weibo and the studio staff's Weibo, Ask the fat brother to come out and give an explanation!
        What the hell is this singing? Apologize! Otherwise, go, uh, go, report to the Women's Federation, no, complain to him!
        Otherwise, everyone in the studio happily finished the meal, and after bragging about it, Gu Pan took out his mobile phone and habitually unlocked it and glanced at it, good guy, 999+!
        Hurry up and unlock it, it's over!
        "Something happened! Look at your phone!"
        Gu Pan said anxiously, Sister Qiu's new song will be released the day after tomorrow, how could it come out like this!
        Everyone took out their mobile phones, and the box was quiet for nearly ten minutes.
        "Boss, this is what you said to be done? What kind of heart do you have!"
        Feng Qiu was about to cry. His album was mainly aimed at female listeners. As a result, Fat Brother's slobbering song sent all the female listeners away.
        The fat brother is also full of embarrassment: "Hey! It's a little too hard! But don't worry, the situation is still under my control, I can pull it back!"
        "What are you going to do?"
        Dai Zhiyang opened his mouth and said, "Fatty brother is really fucked up for doing this.
        "I'll just record another "I heard that you are handsome and you were rejected"!"
        The fat brother is full of confidence and decisive.
        "Boss, if you offend the boys again, will our studio be cold?"
        Gu Pan said timidly.
        "Then do you have any good ideas?"
        Hearing that, the fat brother felt that what Gu Pan said seemed to make some sense.
        "In my opinion, you still apologize honestly, don't kill yourself again..."
        Dai Zhiyang sighed and said, he really felt that it would be more tiring to take a week to manage the artist department than before, is it because of his age?