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158 smashing the car

        It was already 9 o'clock in the evening when Han Yuyun came out of the restaurant with the fat brother in his arms.
        The fat brother touched his trousers pocket, oh well, the phone is gone!
        "My phone may have been left in the store. You go to the car and wait for me first."
        The fat brother took out the car key and handed it to Han Yuyun. Anyway, the car was not far away, and the lights were bright and people came and went.
        Han Yuyun took the key and got into the car obediently first. After starting the car and turning on the air conditioner, she took out her mobile phone and looked at the photo of the two of them at night, smirking as she watched.
        "Boss, that is Zhou Bubu's car, but he doesn't seem to be in the car. There is only one woman in the car."
        In the shadow not far from the car, several figures were talking quietly.
        "It's probably that kid's horse. It's just right, the car was smashed, and the girlfriend ran away. Let's see if he dares to be so arrogant! Remember, don't hurt anyone!"
        After looking around, seeing nothing unusual, the boss pulled off the mask on his head and roared: "Go!"
        Several people carried all kinds of iron rods and ran towards Zhou Bubu's car.
        The stick slammed into the windshield, and the glass was covered with spider veins. Han Yuyun was also frightened by the sudden attack!
        Seeing that the car was surrounded by masked thugs with sticks, Han Yuyun's first reaction was to lock the car door, and then quickly called Fat Brother.
        At this time, the fat brother was still trying to find his mobile phone on the ground with the waiter, and said to himself: "It should be here, I didn't go to the toilet in the middle, and I was still there when I paid the bill. !"
        Zhou Beiruo's phone calls were never answered, and the windshield could be removed with a slight push, but the thugs didn't seem to be in a hurry to break the windows, but started smashing the hood, smashing other windows and other windows. Glass, and even a guy with a crowbar poking at the tires.
        "Hey! Whose phone is this? It's been vibrating!"
        The little girl at the cash register held up a mobile phone with a flickering screen and asked everyone.
        The fat brother looked up and saw that it was his mobile phone. It turned out that he had just bought the order and put it at the cashier. He quickly got up and walked over to pick up the phone: "My mine! Thank you!"
        Looking at the caller number on the screen, the fat brother couldn't help showing a smile: "This little girl really has no patience at all."
        "I found my phone, I'll..."
        "Otherwise help! Someone is smashing my car!"
        On an ordinary car facing the back of the car, a man was staring at a few thugs in front of him who were smashing the car through the rearview mirror, and said softly, "Why don't you do it?"
        "The purpose of these people should just be to smash cars, and we won't expose them unless we have to."
        "Can you resist the blame?"
        "We've both been like this, how can we blame it unless we are fired."
        There were crowds of onlookers standing around. Facing these thugs, the girl in the car was so frightened that she covered her head and screamed, but no one stepped forward to stop it. Instead, she took out her mobile phone and took pictures.
        The young man in the car who has been observing the situation has put one hand on the door handle, ready to attack at any time to protect the target person.
        When he suddenly leaned forward to open the car door, he suddenly stopped because he saw a figure in the rearview mirror approaching quickly!
        A sour voice reached the ears of everyone. A thug wearing a hood was kicked in the lower back by the fat brother. The whole person slammed into the car body, making a loud noise, and then Like a noodle, it fell to the ground and didn't move.
        Before the thug on the left could react, Fat Brother snatched the baseball bat from his hand and swung it in a semi-circle. The baseball bat hit the thug's head with a whistling sound of wind. The passers-by who filmed it all endured it. Can't stop making a long hiss, it hurts to hear!
        The two thugs on the other side of the car saw the movement on this side through the smashed car window, and rushed over with a crowbar and an iron bar. He roared angrily, and waved the crowbar toward the fat brother's head.
        This sound was particularly clear, the fat brother flicked sideways, and a baseball bat stabbed straight into the opponent's roaring mouth. When the baseball bat was pulled out, it was already covered in blood. His mouth began to whimper and roll all over the floor.
        The remaining thug threw the iron rod in his hand, and Sa Yazi wanted to run away, but was surrounded by the crowd and pressed to the ground.
        You have a fucking guy in your hand and we don't dare to go. You want to run away after throwing it away?
        Now that the other party ran away, the fat brother couldn't take the initiative to catch up and clean him up. He threw the baseball bat on the ground, opened the car door, and Han Yuyun plunged into his arms, wrapping his arms around his waist. .
        "It's okay, it's okay, I'm here! I cleaned them all up!"
        The person in her arms was still shaking uncontrollably. Although she tried hard not to scream in panic, she was only a weak woman after all.
        "I'm sorry, sorry, it's all my fault, I'm late, I won't in the future! Let me see if you're hurt!"
        Han Yuyun shook her head, didn't say a word, didn't let go, and refused to come out of the fat brother's arms.
        Who are these people, the fat brother can imagine with his toes.
        This is the first time that he deeply regrets his "nosy", if he is one step later...
        When the police came, the fat brother glanced at the people who were watching and taking pictures outside, picked up the jacket from the back seat, shook it clean, put it on her head, and then carried her out of the car. Inexplicable focus.
        The video of "thugs smashing cars on the street" was posted on the Internet, causing netizens to repost and watch on a small scale. When someone recognized the man in the video as Fat Brother, he had just finished recording the transcript from the police station.
        He felt that he shot out of rage this time, and the three people who were knocked down were even worse than the three traffickers last time. Let yourself go.
        The next day, it was still calm, the boss of the online loan company didn't come, and the police didn't come either;
        On the third day, no one came to the door, but many netizens on Weibo were asking him if the person in the video was him.
        But it doesn't matter if Fat Brother admits it or not. Many fans of his license plate know him, and many people are asking what happened and why he started again.
        Some people who want to beat traffic but are not afraid to sue even make up things, saying that Zhou would otherwise have an argument with others and hurt people with anger, and has now been arrested by the police Yunyun.
        However, the police report came out soon, and identified Zhou, namely Fat Brother, as an irresponsible victim, but there were still some people with brain problems who were rhythmically acting on the Internet.
        That's what you want to know? Don't worry, we'll let you know soon!
        Fat Brother's Weibo updated again: "I have a fan named Seven Monkeys on the Ground. I lent him a sum of money to operate on his mother a long time ago. Since then, he will take the initiative to pay back some money to him every month. I didn't know that he was overwhelmed until one day when the police suddenly contacted me... The video I took when I took him to pay back the money, let's see for yourself what the truth is."
        The video attached at the back was shot secretly by Fat Brother that day. Originally, I wanted to wait for the boss of the online loan company to come to the door before throwing it out, but in order to prevent everyone's malicious speculation, it must be made public anyway.
        The fat brother originally wanted to quell the turmoil, but he didn't expect that once the video was thrown out, the public opinion was like adding fuel to the fire, and it was even more out of control!