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161 Boom

        Although Fat Brother paid 7 million US dollars to win the title of the event, the actual champion's bonus was only 2 million US dollars, and the rest was used for event expenses. Rao so, nearly 14 million yuan in bonuses to CS players They also have a fatal temptation.
        in an ordinary company.
        "Boss, I'm getting married tomorrow, and I want to take a day off."
        A young man with glasses lowered his head and whispered a leave of absence.
        Just as the boss was about to say something after taking the leave, the office door was knocked on again, and another employee smirked and pushed in: "Boss, I'm getting married tomorrow, and I want to take a day off."
        The boss was shocked when he heard the words, his eyes swept back and forth between the two, and he said in disbelief, "You two are married? Two men?"
        "No, no! We'll get married at the same time tomorrow and take a woman!"
        An employee quickly explained.
        "Take a woman?!"
        The boss was even more shocked!
        "No, we each take our own, but we just happened to come across one!"
        The employees are a little anxious, this kind of misunderstanding will not arise.
        "It happened to be the same woman?!"
        The boss felt terrified just thinking about it, and the employee wanted to explain. The boss frowned and waved his hand quickly: "Okay, okay, I approved it!"
        The two employees walked out of the office with a look of hopelessness, looked at each other, and said in unison, "Are you also going to play the king's game?"
        In the office of the head teacher of a certain university, a student stood beside him dejectedly, and the head teacher spit all over his face.
        "Shi Xiaoming can do it, you Shi Xiaoming! Why didn't I find out that you have this specialty before? One person helped 12 boys in the class to answer, if I hadn't stood behind you, I would have been deceived by you! You are so powerful! What else are you going to study!"
        The roar of the head teacher echoed in the corridor.
        "If I'm good, I can still be here, I would have gone to the game long ago..."
        Shi Xiaoming muttered softly.
        "What did you say!"
        Battlefield Internet Cafes mainly focus on CS battles on weekdays, so many CS players will choose to come to them. Generally, there are almost no guests in the morning, and it is basically cleaning time. At most two or three cats are in the night, but today all employees of the Internet cafe are canceled. After the sabbatical, the Internet cafe was overcrowded, and many young people of five or five got together and lined up behind.
        "Is the boss okay?"
        "There's still 1 hour before it's our team's turn to compete, what's the good machine!"
        "How long do you have to wait! There are two TV shows over there. What are you doing with the machine at this time? Didn't you see that everyone was busy!"
        "They are all done with No. 64, what are they still doing on it!"
        If it weren't for the stable internet speed of the battlefield Internet cafes, these talents would be too lazy to come. While the Internet cafe owner appeased the players who were queuing for the machine, he asked the network administrator to quickly persuade those players who didn't have competition tasks to help, and quickly let the machine out.
        Who told them that in order to attract business, the Internet cafes promised that the Internet cafes would only be open to teams with competitions during the schedule date, and this "grand event" has been going on for several days, and the boss will be unable to bear it for a few more days.
        "Come and see, the opponent here is the American Gun God Alliance!"
        An exclamation came from the Internet cafe, and then all the players in the Internet cafe who did not have competition tasks rushed over.
        "Where is it, let me see!"
        "Is that the Gunners League that ranked second in the Elite Tournament?"
        "The last time I saw a video collection of theirs, it was a blast!"
        "In this King's Tournament, they shaved their opponents' heads all the way up, so strong!"
        The discussion of the crowd behind them put a lot of pressure on the young people who were playing. Originally, they just thought the opposite team was a little familiar, but I didn't expect it to be so big, and the two hands holding the mouse who were almost able to withstand the pressure were shaking a little.
        "Want to shave our heads? Be careful of getting your teeth broken!"
        The young man in the middle said coldly.
        A few minutes later, a big 0-5 hung on the screen. The young man who was full of confidence just now stared at the screen with a dull expression. He was about to be beaten by the gun god alliance opposite him...
        The players watching behind them did not care about comforting these unfortunate bastards, and they were discussing the performance of the opposing team just now, and if they encountered it, there was a possibility of a comeback.
        The fat brother has basically been in Spark for most of the month, ready to deal with the situation that may happen at any time, especially the server situation.
        "After the top 32 are decided tomorrow, everyone should not relax for two days off, and don't fall short, comrades, we will go out and relax collectively after this wave is over!"
        The fat brother was cheering everyone on in the conference room. During this time, he was tired of watching the fun, let alone those who were working.
        At the beginning of this game of kings, the major media did not pay too much attention to it. They felt that it was just a game competition, and it was not a big deal. Every day young people talk about which team appeared again yesterday and how the team they supported performed.
        This time, there are hundreds of players from overseas countries who went to China. The district government that received the declaration attached great importance to it, and asked to ensure the personal safety of these foreign players and the smooth progress of the event.
        You must know that there are also eight or nine countries and regions around the world who are paying attention to this event at the same time, which will directly affect the global image of our Pengcheng. Whoever dares to break the chain and discredit our Pengcheng at this time, don’t settle accounts after the fall!
        In the second half of the game, there were more and more people looking for Fat Brother to ask for tickets. From the beginning, fans were asking for tickets on Weibo in the group, and later partners, sponsors, and local tyrant fans were asking for high prices. The leaders of all walks of life in the city, and the level is still rising, from the district to the city, with such strong support from the leaders of the family, Fat Brother must be as satisfied as possible.
        This time the Global Kings Tournament follows the rules of the last domestic Kings Tournament, but it is more strict, and starting from the top 32, all participating teams will gather in Huaxia, with venues and equipment provided by Xinghuo, and the whole process will be broadcast live.
        At first, Brother Fat only agreed with the top teams to come to Huaxia. After all, he had to cover other people's food, drink, Lazard and round-trip travel expenses!
        But Xinghuo employees protested collectively and called it an international event. As a result, three or two foreign friends came and said what it was like!
        dig! Can't I pay for it!
        The fat brother covered his heart and felt that he was going to have a myocardial infarction.
        There was still the last day before the competition. Brother Fatty was doing the final inspection at the competition venue. Except for the people from Yue Xuefeng’s department, Xinghuo was able to do this work, not even Zhao Qizhi, so Xinghuo had to pay for a lot of services. Outsource the team.
        Small bunting with the LOGO of Spark and Counter-Strike Global Tournament are everywhere, and an oversized poster hangs on the outside wall of the venue, occupying the entire wall - China Cup CS Global Kings Tournament!
        It can already be clearly felt that the traffic near the competition venue has increased. Many young people are taking selfies outside the venue, and there are many faces of other skin colors hanging around nearby. Some teams have come to familiarize themselves with the venue in advance, so as to eliminate tomorrow. They were nervous, and some were fans who came to cheer with the teams from their respective countries at their own expense.
        The fat brother stood in the center of the venue, looked around the nearly 10,000 seats around, and his heart was surging!
        It all depends on tomorrow!