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163 Something went wrong

        At this time, in the hotel rooms where the teams from various countries were staying, the remaining teams did not rest or relax. They gathered together to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of other teams and their countermeasures, and refused to let anyone except the team members. On the side, the more time this happens, the less they dare to relax. Whether they can take home $2 million or not depends on tomorrow!
        Fat brother was sitting on the sofa and browsing the news, and found that traditional media such as Pengcheng Evening News reported today's event online one after another, but they were all in a hurry, and the label of the news was entertainment. E-sports events can no longer be limited to game entertainment, it seems that Spark still has a long way to go.
        At 10 a.m. the next day, the competition venue was still full, and the layout on the stage was slightly different from yesterday, that is, there was an extra square low table on the stage, and a high glass cover was hung on the low table. There stood a dazzling trophy.
        When all the participating teams looked at the trophy, their eyes were fiery, and they must get that trophy! The champion must belong to us!
        The rhythm of the event was fast, and the final four matchups were decided in less than two hours:
        The Gunners League of the United States played against the Shizuoka team of Japan;
        Huaxia's Guards faced the Ironclad team from South Korea.
        There is a 20-minute repair time before the game. Spark employees are replacing and checking equipment, and each team is also doing final tactical adjustments and psychological counseling.
        "Adams, I'm Allen, my game is about to start, can you see it!"
        Allen was talking on the phone with his brother, even though it was past 11 a.m. local time in the United States.
        "Of course, the whole family is there! And it's live on twtich, Ellen, you're going to be famous!"
        Adams said excitedly that twtich is the No. 1 live broadcast platform in the United States.
        "Tell me what those netizens are talking about!"
        Allen was originally just an ordinary college student, a skinny guy with glasses, no girl in school would notice his loser and little transparency. Hearing this news made him so excited that he shook his hand on the phone. Trembling slightly.
        "Uh, a lot! Some say that you will be your girlfriend if you win, and some say that if you lose, you will be beaten to death! Hey, grandfather said you can lose to Huaxia, he said that Huaxia people are cruel, But you must not lose to Japan and South Korea, because that is too shameful, like an elephant knocked down by ants, then you will be nailed to the pillar of shame!"
        "Damn, don't you think I won't win! The Huaxia team is strong, but we are not weak! I'm about to start, watch my game!"
        After Allen returned to his teammates, the captain was making the final mobilization. His eyes crossed the faces of several people one by one, and solemnly said: "My comrades, I don't think I need to say too much! God bless America! "
        "God bless America!"
        Several people roared in unison.
        At this moment, the prize money has been forgotten by everyone. Although it is only a small game event, in their opinion, this is already directly related to the honor of the country!
        Because just now, they received a notice that the national flag of the country to which the champion team belongs will be raised at the awards ceremony, and the national anthem will be played in the audience!
        National honor above all else!
        The other teams thought the same as them, especially the members of the Huaxia team, who played at home and added various halo buffs. If they lost again, Wu Xiu, the captain of the Imperial Guard, felt that he could consider apologizing with death.
        At the end of the fight, the strengths of several teams were all equal in strength. Brother Fatty felt that it was more luck, but today's Japanese and Korean teams did not know whether it was due to bad feng shui or bad luck. Both outs in this crucial event!
        The audience applauded, not only cheering for the winning team, but also encouraging the losing team.
        Just when everyone was looking forward to the finals for a while, suddenly there seemed to be something wrong on the stage!
        The captain of the Korean team, Kim Jong-seok, did not follow the staff out of the field like the Japanese team did, but made a big noise on stage in Korean.
        It's hard for the audience under the stage to not pay attention, because all the real-time pictures on the stage are projected on the big screens around them, and they are talking about it.
        The fat brother took out his phone and saw that it was Yue Xuefeng.
        "Boss, the South Korean team said they had equipment failure during the game and wanted to resume the game."
        "I am coming over now."
        After explaining a few words to Han Yuyun, Fat Brother turned and walked straight to the stage. The audience at the bottom was very curious when they saw that a young man suddenly stepped onto the stage under the stage, and the security did not stop it but gave way.
        It wasn't until Brother Fat walked up to the center of the stage and took off his hat, that there was another uproar from below. It was actually Brother Fat, who had been sitting under the stage watching the game all the time!
        The fat brother walked over and took the microphone from Lingling's hand, walked to the front of the stage, reached down and pressed the button to signal everyone to be quiet.
        "I just encountered a sudden situation, and the Korean team felt that they had encountered unfair treatment. In order to ensure the absolute fairness and justice of this competition, I would like to delay the progress of the competition, and let everyone know what happened. Would you like to? ?"
        There was a neat answer from the audience.
        "I would like to ask the Korean team. You guys responded that the equipment was out of order. When did you find out that the equipment was out of order?"
        Someone immediately translated Fat Brother's question to the Korean team, and the male host on stage was also doing simultaneous translations in English to the audience.
        "It's when the game is almost over."
        Captain Kim Jong-sik replied after thinking for a while.
        "In what game? Whose equipment failed? Which part of the equipment failed? Why didn't you immediately apply to terminate the game or apply for a single-game rematch after finding the failure? Is your equipment completely unable to control the movement and shooting of game characters? Did you die after the failure?"
        After throwing a series of questions, Brother Fatty stared at Jin Zhongxi's eyes. Jin Zhongxi couldn't help but look away and did not dare to look at Brother Fatty. Fine sweat began to appear on his forehead, and he hesitated for a while after the translation. road:
        "Probably the fourth game, yes, uh, it was my mouse that didn't work, the keyboard, the keyboard was also a little insensitive, and the keyboard and mouse were back to normal in an instant, so I didn't ask to suspend the game. My device The one that was completely out of order, couldn't shoot and move, and I was killed."
        After he finished speaking, the sweat on Jin Zhongxi's head began to slide down drop by drop. He lowered his head and stared at the ground, daring not to look at the faces under the stage, or to look into the eyes of the young man in front of him.
        Nearly 10,000 people on the field watched the dialogue between the two on the stage quietly, and many people took out their mobile phones to take pictures. No matter what the final result was, it would definitely be a topic that could explode the circle of friends.
        As for those in the media, they were even happier. didn't expect that a small game competition could reveal such a rumor. There is no trivial matter in diplomacy, and everyone is waiting to see what Zhou will do otherwise.
        "Call up game footage."
        The fat brother felt that the question was almost done, and ordered to the technical staff in the background.
        The fourth game between Huaxia and South Korea was played on the big screen of the audience. The two teams gathered in Zone A about a minute into the game. The camera switched to Jin Zhongxi's perspective. Everyone remembers this. The Korean team was destroyed by the team here, and couldn't help but stare at it with 120,000 points of spirit.
        The sniper of the Huaxia team knocked out the player on the right of Jin Zhongxi with one shot, but Jin Zhongxi also quickly found the position of the opponent's sniper. A three-shot shot knocked down the sniper of the Huaxia team, and Jin Zhongxi stepped aside. When jumping from the cover to change the magazine, he was shot in the head by Wu Xiu, the captain of the Huaxia team, and then the remaining three members of the Korean team quickly got the lunch box, and the single game ended!
        When the video came out, the audience was in an uproar!