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167 Please stand up

        The audience went crazy!
        Everyone held up the little red flag in their hands and waved them non-stop, and everyone roared with red faces, venting their excitement!
        A spectator in the front row rushed to a special police officer responsible for maintaining order at the scene, grabbed his shoulders and shouted: "Brother! We won! We China won!"
        "we won!"
        The SWAT responded with a particularly bright smile on his face.
        The voice of the on-site commentator was choked up: "Congratulations to the Guards for winning the first China Cup CS Global Kings Championship!"
        The anchor was also yelling at the audience in the live room: "We won! We won! We are the champions!" These people were so excited that they didn't know what to say.
        Compared to the ecstatic Guards team, the Gun God Alliance seems to have just realized that it has lost, and it is full of disbelief! They were all silently leaning on the chairs and exchanging glances, as if they still hadn't made up their minds.
        The audience in the venue was still revelling. The host led the Guards team to the front of the stage, came to the trophy, and reached out to indicate that this is your glory!
        Several people faced the audience and raised the trophy together, and the stadium suddenly lit up with dense flashes!
        Except for the Korean Ironclad Team, the top 32 teams all came to the scene, but they were in the audience. At this moment, seeing the trophy in the hands of the Huaxia team, their eyes were extremely complicated and tangled. They had hoped to hold the trophy. of!
        This championship is too important for the Praetorian Guards!
        Among the five team members, there are bad students in the eyes of teachers, and children who have gone down the wrong path in the eyes of parents. It was Fat Brother who made them find the meaning of their existence and made them prove their worth!
        "Everyone stand up!"
        A strong male voice came from the speakers of the venue, and the audience who were still revelling at the scene was stunned for a moment, what did they stand up for?
        Immediately afterwards, saw a golden crossbar descending from the top of the back of the stadium. Everyone's eyes were attracted, and all the media's long guns and short guns were aimed at this place.
        Everyone's eyes were focused on the bright red under the bar, and their heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably!
        "Raise the flag! Play the national anthem!"
        The familiar music sounded, and all the police officers stood upright and saluted the national flag!
        Everyone has heard the national anthem dozens or hundreds of times, but it has never been like today.
        "We are united,
        Brave enemy fire and advance!
        Brave enemy fire and advance!
        go ahead! Go, go! "
        The high-pitched chorus of tens of thousands of people flew over the venue. The police officers in charge of security outside the venue all faced the venue with solemn faces. All the staff also stopped walking, put down their things, and sang along with them.
        Teams from other countries looked up at the bright red flag with blushing eyes. It would be great if it was their own national flag!
        "Libi! Please sit down!"
        "Is there anything you want to say to everyone at this time?"
        The host handed the microphone to Wu Xiu, the captain of the Guards.
        "First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Zhou or Mr. Fatty!"
        Wu Xiu no longer had the foolishness he had when he wanted to challenge Team Starfire half a year ago, and led the entire team to bow down to the fat guy in the audience.
        "Thank you for giving us this opportunity to prove ourselves! Many of his classic tactics and play styles with Starfire have benefited us a lot and inspired us a lot!
        In fact, I am just a very ordinary person in my life. My academic performance is not good, and my family dislikes me playing games. Many times my dad has said that Fat Brother is not a good person, and the development of a game has harmed countless students! "
        Speaking of this, there was a lot of laughter from below, and the fat brother looked helpless.
        "But what I want to say is that everyone has a path that suits them, maybe I'm the right path, and I should stand on this stage and compete with players from all over the world for the first place! Instead of continuing to compete in school with People are fighting for the last place!"
        Speaking of which, Wu Xiu almost shouted.
        "The incomprehension of teachers and classmates, and the obstruction of my family, made me want to give up countless times, but this is the only thing I have done in my life that can give me a sense of accomplishment and gain. Fortunately, I persevered. I want to tell my parents and friends, have you seen it! I, Wu Xiu, are no worse than anyone else!"
        Thousands of miles away in Wu Xiu's hometown, all his relatives and neighbors gathered to watch the live broadcast. Seeing his son say these words, Wu Xiu's father couldn't help but be proud of it. Responsibility, it seems that I have never understood my son, and I can only force it blindly.
        "I would like to invite Mr. Xinghuo Game Zhou, the organizer of this King's Tournament, to present an award to our champion team!"
        The fat brother under the stage got up and walked quickly to the stage. The bottom became quiet. He wanted to know if this restless person was going to make some noise again. After taking the microphone, the fat brother waved to the audience and smiled. Said: "I didn't want to come on stage to award this bonus."
        Immediately, a loud fan shouted: "Fat brother, are you worried about money again!"
        This fan really doesn't know what to eat to grow up, and his voice is so loud that it makes the audience burst into laughter.
        This is two staff members who came to the stage with an oversized cheque with 15 million written on it brightly. The long list of zeros made everyone jealous.
        "Originally, 2 million US dollars was more than 13 million RMB at the exchange rate. I thought that in order to make the five of them share a good point, I would round it up to 10 million. Later, the vice president of our company said to me: Boss, you can't do this. Yes, they will sue you!"
        The audience at the bottom was going to laugh like crazy, and the fat brother was caught off guard and started talking about jokes. The live broadcast room has the largest number of people, and the full screen of "Fat Brother Kusou" can't see the back picture at all.
        After Fat Brother took the check from the staff and handed it to the five people, the audience below gave them warm applause.
        "How about I help you save it first and give it back to you when you grow up?"
        The fat brother suddenly said a sentence, so that the atmosphere that had finally been serious suddenly collapsed again.
        "That's what my mom told me when I was a kid!"
        "Don't believe me on stage!"
        "How can you let a joker come to power at such a glorious moment?"
        "Fat brother, stop talking, didn't you see the few people on the stage were about to cry!"
        "Just kidding, congratulations again!"
        After shaking hands with several people one by one, the staff led the Guards team to the backstage to rest.
        "Actually, at this moment, not only the team that won the championship is full of emotion, but I also have a lot to say to everyone, but considering that today's occasion is not suitable for me to express my personal feelings, many people do not want to listen to it, so I will not listen to it today. Having said that, we again..."
        "Want to listen!"
        "We want to listen!"
        "We all want to hear it!"
        "I want to hear it!"
        Everyone below immediately yelled, especially the media who were the most hysterical, and there was never a shortage of news where Fat Brother was there.
        The fat brother smiled and looked around and said, "Since everyone is willing to give me this time, then I will chat with you for a while."