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172 sky-high bets

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        "Director Liu, the news that the sample failed to be submitted for review is definitely not from me!"
        The crew members explained excitedly.
        Liu Jianmin nodded to express his belief in him. He had followed his old man for many years. Besides, it was not good for him to leak this kind of information. As for who leaked it, he had a way to know.
        "Hey, Da Liu, I, Liu Jianmin!"
        "Okay, okay, I just finished filming, why don't you call me back?"
        "What can I do, what can I do, I'll send it back after cutting it! Let me ask you something, what are the films that were sent for review at the same time as Liangjian?"
        "I didn't tell you to go to the card house, you just squeak and tell me it's over!"
        "Hmm! Hmm! Okay, I got it, thanks a lot!"
        Seeing that Liu Jianmin had finished the phone call, the fat brother hurried up and said, "How about Director Liu, do you know who it is?"
        Liu Jianmin stretched out his hand to focus on a newspaper on the table, and the fat brother looked down at it: The Spy Sea โ€“ an annual Anti-Japanese War blockbuster not to be missed!
        "Sea of โ€‹โ€‹Spies" and "Bright Sword" were submitted for review in the same batch. You can tell from the name that the historical background of the two films is the same. No matter what the purpose is, "Sea of โ€‹โ€‹Spies" can find 10,000 reasons to find fault, and more What's more, they feel that they are not finding fault, they are just returning the public's "right to know" to everyone.
        "Yihui Film and Television, does Director Liu have anything to do with Yixing?"
        Fat brother endured his nausea, and after reading the newspaper that boasted "Spy on the Sea" throughout the whole article, when he saw the name of the company behind it, he immediately thought of the artist who had married him before.
        "The bosses of Yihui and Yixing are brothers. Do you think it has anything to do with it?"
        "Sure enough, it's not that the family doesn't enter the house, and they all behave in the same style."
        The fat man gritted his teeth.
        "Why? Yixing recruited you?"
        Liu Jianmin asked curiously.
        Speaking of which, Brother Fatty briefly recounted the story of how the artist of Yixing designed the "hotel door" to frame him when he was filming Immortal Sword in Wang Zhi's group, and said that he must return to this place if he has a chance.
        "Yihui and Yixing are said to be two companies, but the relationship between their brothers is better than what we ordinary people think. If you want to provoke them, you'd better think about whether you can resist them both at once."
        "Hey, I mean a mouthful..."
        The fat brother just had a mad and cool look, and when he heard Liu Jianmin say this, he immediately became a dog's leg.
        Just kidding, I'm not a fool, how could I just face the two companies in front of them, and feel disgusting behind their backs, I can still do it!
        When Fat Brother and Liu Jianmin locked up in a small room and pondered how to quell the negative influence of "Bright Sword" on the Internet, the second wave of offensive against "Bright Sword" had already arrived.
        "The submission for trial was actually cut in half. I really want to know what the hell Liangjian took!"
        "To be honest, I was looking forward to it at first, but it turned out to be so watery!"
        "30 million to shoot 40 episodes, and the cost of one episode is only 750,000? Or is it a blockbuster war of resistance?"
        "The Sea of โ€‹โ€‹Spies is 2 million in a single set, and there is no harm if there is no comparison."
        "Dare to read the Anti-Japanese War script written by a young man in his 20s?"
        "Fat brother, I know that you are very good at writing scripts, but even if your script is written like a flower, you have to spend money to shoot it?"
        "I'll just see which idiot TV station will buy it."
        "Whoever buys it, I won't watch it anyway."
        The navy took the rhythm, and a large wave of melon-eating people who didn't know the truth also followed and grinned blindly. Seeing that the fat brother was irritable, what could he do? The cost of filming is a fact, and it is also a fact that he was cut for trial. Do you want to? Tell the netizens that it was not cut in half, but only a quarter?
        Just when Fat Brother and Liu Dao were at a loss, the divine assist from Yihui came online:
        "The Anti-Japanese War TV drama is different from others. It is rigorous and needs to be respected, and should not be used as a tool to make money. I advise Mr. Zhou Bubu to say that in the film and television industry, the most important thing is the audience's word of mouth. To grow up, down-to-earth is far faster than being smart!"
        Why did "Bright Sword" go to trial? Others don't know the reason. Do Liu Jianmin and Fat Brother still know? Aside from the content of the last sensitive period, who would dare to say that he is not good in other parts?
        Even the review team shouted a pity for this film, it was poisonous, let them watch episode after episode, and the rhythm could not stop at all. I would be afraid of you than the audience's word of mouth?
        Fat Brother immediately responded to the past with a Weibo post: "The evaluation of a work should be based on the audience's word of mouth, not the amount of investment. I agree with this point of view! Let's wait and see, "Bright Sword" "And your company's masterpiece, who is better."
        Yihui is getting mad when he sees this Weibo, when the hell did I mention the investment amount? ? ?
        But the attention of netizens was firmly attracted by Fat Brother, otherwise Zhou would openly provoke Yihui?
        The building that criticized "Bright Sword" on the Internet was taken crooked at once, and all the guns were turned around and started to spray Fat Brother.
        "You're young, and your tone is not small."
        "You send it to the trial first, and we'll talk about word of mouth."
        "Filming a TV show like Xianjian's ghost fights made you swell like this?"
        "Resist the sword!"
        Some netizens rationally analyzed a wave, trying to persuade everyone to calm down, but they were sprayed out by those brainless keyboard warriors, and they were defeated...
        Yihui looked at the Weibo posted by Fat Brother, Nima! You are still so arrogant even after being sent to trial? Liu Jianmin gave you the courage to speak to our Yihui like this!
        After being authorized and instructed by the big boss of Yihui, Yihui's Weibo again tweeted Fat Brother: "If Liangjian loses, you will merge your small studio into Yihui; if we lose, we will make it public. I apologize to you!"
        The fat brother was very angry when he saw it, and immediately replied: "If you lose an apology, it's over? Did the person who came up with this idea got water in his head when he took a shower yesterday? Can your apology go to the bank to withdraw money? If you lose, donate 200 million to the Xinghuo Elementary School Foundation I set up, do you dare to accept it?"
        It's hard to keep the rhythm of the water army jumping and scolding the mother below. Netizens' attention has been successfully diverted to this verbal gambling agreement. The acquisition of the studio is a commercial act, and donation to the foundation is even more charitable. As long as Both parties agree that no one can control it.
        Yihui: "Take it! Whoever has the highest average ratings wins!"
        There are only 20 episodes in the sea of โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹spy, and the second edition of Liangjian's trial is 30 episodes. At that time, the fewer the episodes, the more dominant, but the fat brother is very confident in Liangjian, and he is not afraid of losing at all.
        Otherwise, what would happen if the studio went in together? The core of the studio is that Zhou is not. As for the employees who are screaming, I believe Yihui does not want it at all. The studio does not have any assets, only a singer Feng who just debuted. Qiu, and without the support of Fat Brother's follow-up new songs, Feng Qiu became popular faster and cooled faster.
        The result of the second trial of Liangjian came out soon, and it passed the trial perfectly without moving a knife!
        The two films are in intensive negotiations with TV stations, and the first confrontation between "Bright Sword" and "Spy" is about to begin.