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175 The excitement brought by the turnaround

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        General Yang Qingsong was awarded the rank of the founding major general. He participated in revolutionary work at the age of 11, and joined the front line of the Anti-Japanese War at the age of 18. He has won numerous medals and honors, and he still works as a political commissar in a certain army.
        When he attended the Revolutionary Memorial Hall, he sighed to the people around him: "At that time, we were like Liangjianli, we had to go to the enemy to grab anything we wanted. The lucky team was like Li Yunlong. It's gone."
        The reporter on the side saw that the old general was in good spirits, so he dared to ask: "General Yang, a lot of public opinion has recently been saying that "Bright Sword" may be banned from broadcasting, and the protagonist in it is full of foul language and thinks it is not desirable.
        "I joined the revolutionary team when I was 11 years old. At that time, I could not recognize a few words. There were many comrades in arms from mud legs. What's so shameful! Excessive beautification of history is to disrespect history!"
        The old general replied lightly.
        As soon as General Yang Qingsong's comment came out, the demons and monsters on the Internet disappeared, and those insiders and gossip also ceased.
        Yihui had to honestly watch the ratings of "Bright Sword" like a fucking monkey. From 1.9, it quickly broke 2, broke 3, broke 5!
        Eight TV stations have already started to push the advertisements of "Bright Sword" full-time, but what really made the ratings of "Bright Sword" skyrocket was a regular press conference held by the foreign minister of Huaxia. Spirit"!
        Those who haven't watched "Bright Sword", and those who have misunderstandings have all fallen into the pit. Even the foreign minister has watched "Bright Sword", which means that "Bright Sword" is a good film!
        That day's ratings were pulled to 8.7!
        The fat brother was so excited about this that he deliberately consulted Dai Zhiyang. If he made an advertisement: the foreign minister would say yes after reading it! What will happen?
        Dai Zhiyang gave him an indifferent face: "You will be finished..."
        Yihui has stopped posting Weibo, and even deleted the previous Weibo. The most painful thing for Yihui's boss every day is watching the rave reviews of "Bright Sword" and the ratings skyrocketing, and he has to keep talking to himself. it doesn't matter...
        With the popular discussion of "Bright Sword", after communicating with the studio on Weibo, we organized a topic around this hot topic: "Bright Sword" gives you the most profound lines and moments!
        Just an hour after the event came out in the morning, the number of people participating in the topic exceeded 5 million, and it was forwarded more than 3 million times. By the end of get off work, the number of participants in the topic had exceeded 100 million!
        "Second battalion commander! Where's your goddamn Italian gun? The regimental commander is inexplicably happy..."
        "Agree with the one upstairs, haha!"
        "There is nothing in this world that Li Yunlong dare not do. If his mother has one or two divisions, he dares to fight Taiyuan!"
        "The cavalry company! Attack! This bitch made me cry!"
        "I almost gave up when I saw the monk died!"
        "Don't make me look down on you when Xiuqin shouted on the tower, and I was most impressed when Li Yunlong fired!"
        "Monk, monk, go get Laozi that..."
        "When I saw what was said upstairs, I remembered Li Yunlong's extremely complicated expression, silent pain!"
        Not only ordinary netizens participated in the event, but also a bunch of big names.
        A well-known director said that "Bright Sword" is a good drama, with a good filming and a better script, and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with Zhou Buu!
        There are even more celebrity artists who are self-recommended, and some donโ€™t care whether they are suitable or not.
        To say that apart from Yihui, is there anyone else who regrets it? have!
        The first one was Yue Dongzhou. He didn't finish watching the entire episode of Liangjian. He was like an ordinary audience, crying and laughing along. Every time the TV turned off, he let out a long sigh. Originally he also participated in this drama, alas!
        The second is the boss who rejected CCTV's 10 million package price. He heard that the TV at home was smashed, and the whole company was not allowed to say the word "bright sword".
        why? At that time, 10 million was enough for the opening advertisement of "Bright Sword". Now, heard that it has risen to 60 million!
        Moreover, CCTV followed Zhou, or else they learned badly, and they came to price this set according to the ratings. If the ratings of "Bright Sword" continued to rise, it would not be impossible for the advertising fee to rise to 100 million!
        As for the big boss of Yihui, he has already considered how much real estate he has to deal with in order to raise up to 200 million yuan. He will not recognize the shareholders of Liang subsidiary company who are cheap and fat, but you are on Weibo in front of netizens across the country. The bet made on the face of the company must be honored, otherwise the company's stock price will fluctuate, or it will affect the investors' trust in the company.
        "Songtai, the ratings of "Bright Sword" are out tonight. The first episode is 9.3 and the second episode is 9.7."
        "okay, I get it!"
        After Song Guoan hung up the phone, his mood became extremely complicated. He was happy for a while, and sad for a while.
        He didn't expect that the TV series he bought purely for cheap at the beginning would be so amazing!
        Song Guoan underestimated Zhou Beibu, so he subconsciously felt that the ratings of "Bright Sword" would not exceed 5, which is equivalent to no money for the film!
        Unexpectedly, the hurricane has been broadcast all the way, and it has already broadcasted more than 20 episodes and still has enough stamina. Maybe tomorrow's ratings will break 10. According to the agreement, the price after breaking 10 is 25 million per episode!
        Thinking of this, Song Guoan couldn't help but pull open the drawer and touch Suxiao Jiuxin Pill...
        As soon as the fat brother returned to the otherwise studio, he was instantly surrounded by enthusiastic friends.
        "Boss, do you have the last few episodes of "Bright Sword" over there? Show me? I promise not to show others!"
        "Boss, can you help me get an autograph of Li Yunlong?"
        The fat man was stunned when he heard the words.
        "It's Teacher Chen Wenchang! Let him sign Li Yunlong's name!"
        "Fat brother, many show groups want to invite all the creators of "Bright Sword" to participate, do you see?"
        "Why didn't they invite Director Liu directly?"
        The fat brother wondered, why don't you ask the director to ask him a screenwriter for this kind of thing?
        "They said they were hung up by Director Liu..."
        "Then tell me a fart!"
        Sitting on his executive chair, the fat brother shoved Gu Pan out angrily.
        Dai Zhiyang had been waiting in his office for a long time. When he saw Fat Brother coming in, he rarely stood up and said hello.
        "Our studio's reputation has earned enough attention, and everyone in the circle is eagerly waiting to see the final ratings of "Bright Sword"!"
        Dai Zhiyang laughed.
        "I don't care if I'm famous or not, I just want to get the money quickly, haha!"
        In the fat brother's view, breaking 10 is a matter of time. For this, CCTV has to pay 750 million to the studio.
        "CCTV will not be so short-sighted, he still wants to continue the cooperation! In addition, two investment banks have contacted me and want to ask you to meet and chat, and there are several TV stations looking for the second round of Liangjian's broadcast. passed me, you see?"
        The fat brother was stunned when he heard the words, investment bank?
        "What do you think?"
        Dai Zhiyang specially waited here to tell him about this in person, which shows that he personally attaches more importance to it.
        "As far as the current studio is concerned, I don't think it is necessary to use financing. Our input is very low relative to output. First of all, we have no financial pressure. Second, I think the existing resources are completely sufficient. We canโ€™t match even if we leave, but I donโ€™t know much about the situation in Spark Games, so you still need to think about it yourself.โ€
        Dai Zhiyang gave his suggestion after a little thought. The booth of Spark Games is not small. He was worried that otherwise Zhou would transfer the funds of the studio to Spark emergency.
        "Don't worry, Xinghuo is Xinghuo, and studio is a studio. I won't mix it up. The investment bank should reject it first! As for the second round, we will talk about it after the finale of "Bright Sword" in the past two days."