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176 Boss, are you cash or card?

        When the 28th episode of "Bright Sword" was broadcast yesterday, the ratings had reached 11.5, which had already broken the record of "Xianjian" set by Zhou Beibu last time, but the media did not report it too much, because everyone Looking forward to seeing the ratings for tonight's finale.
        At 7:32 in the evening, there are still 3 minutes before the evening theater starts.
        In the past few years, the eight sets have not achieved any achievements, and they have become small and transparent in many central stations. As a result, this one was thrown out and exploded, and everyone was blown up.
        There is a joke behind the scenes that Batai paid more than 700 million yuan this time. Song Guoan was put on the line by Zhou Bu, but the eight sets paid more than 700 million yuan, and they have long since recovered from advertising. It is just a matter of making more and less. That's it.
        "How much are you watching now?"
        At this moment, Song Guoan was still guarding the stage. Not only did he not hold a grudge against Zhou, as outsiders had guessed, or he would join him, but he was very grateful to him for giving him such a great gift!
        Song Guoan pretended to be calm and nodded without uttering a word, but the clenched fists under the table revealed his nervousness, and he didn't even notice his fingernails digging into his flesh.
        Maybe tonight's "Bright Sword" will create an amazing rating, and it will create a score that will last for many years. Every time someone mentions it in the future, they will say that it was introduced by Song Guoan, the deputy director of CCTV 8!
        Don't talk about the distance, just talk about the near, because everyone has different leaders, and the director, who used to be lukewarm to Song Guoan, saw that he smiled a lot more recently. He kindly joked and said encouraging words, Song Guoan. The age of needing this kind of "spiritual reward" has long passed, but this is another sign of his status!
        At 7:35, familiar music sounded in thousands of households.
        "Dad, "Bright Sword" has begun!"
        "I'm coming!"
        In the kitchen, Dad, who was wearing an apron washing dishes, didn't wipe his hands, and the foam on his hands ran out and sat on the sofa.
        "Grandpa, grandpa! "Bright Sword" is about to start, are you still watching?"
        The granddaughter quietly woke up the grandfather who seemed to be asleep in the wheelchair.
        "Ah? People can't do it when they get old, and they will fall asleep after a while."
        The old man in the wheelchair smiled and asked his granddaughter to push him to the living room. There were not many things left in his era to remember, and he was very satisfied with the feeling of being able to find a little bit of the past on TV.
        "Songtai, it has risen to 12.7!"
        The rest of the people are predicting how much the audience rating of "Bright Sword" will be tonight, some say 13.5, some guess 14.
        "Song Tai, what do you think the audience rating of the finale of "Bright Sword" is?"
        "You are all too conservative, I think breaking 15 is definitely no problem!"
        Song Anguo said with confidence.
        More than 40 minutes passed quickly, and Song Guoan couldn't sit still a little, and kept shaking his legs. At the back, he simply stood up and paced back and forth in the office.
        A rating of 15, a number he never even dreamed of before!
        After the ad, the finale begins quickly.
        When the audience saw Li Yunlong and the three bragging in the office, they thought they were too cola, and when they saw the next few people trying to find all kinds of absurd reasons for not wearing the new military uniform, they almost burst out laughing. Are you talking about cross talk?
        As the plot progresses little by little, many viewers can't help but keep watching the time, because when the time is up, it means the end of the whole play, and everyone is reluctant to bear it!
        "Walking at the forefront is the military academy team... They once carried guns and sandals, climbed over snow-capped mountains and grasses, and fought hard for a long time until they were victorious!
        For freedom, for peace, they have paid a huge price..."
        The final picture was fixed on the flying red flag.
        In the tragic and sad ending music, the characters in the film flashed into the picture one by one.
        The end!
        "Have you come out yet?"
        Song Guoan asked excitedly.
        "Right now! Right now! They're still counting!"
        The staff knew what Song Guoan was asking.
        A few minutes later, an employee rushed in panting and shouted, "Songtai! 15.6! 15.6! The ratings for the finale of Bright Sword!"
        Although he was mentally prepared, Song Guoan couldn't contain his ecstasy and excitement at this moment. He took the form and looked at it, then raised it high and shouted, "15.6! We have set a record!"
        "Clap clap clap clap!"
        Eight sets are almost going to be hilarious!
        "Why is it so noisy upstairs?"
        Several overtime employees downstairs in the eight suites wondered.
        "Tonight's "Bright Sword" finale, it is estimated that the results are against the sky!"
        "Alas! I really envy them. The bonus must have been soft."
        "Hey! That's the one time! Haven't you seen the eight sets of people drinking porridge before?"
        Another employee had a sour look in his eyes.
        Fat brother and Han Yuyun received a call from Song Guoan after watching the finale at home.
        "15.6! 15.6! Can you imagine it!"
        Song Guoan was so excited that he didn't even say a word, just a few words back and forth, where is the wise, mature and steady look of the fat brother when he first saw him.
        "Haha, congratulations to Song Tai!"
        "Happy and happy! President Zhou is getting both fame and fortune this time, and our cooperation is a win-win! Hahahaha!"
        The finale of "Bright Sword" has come to an end, and all the golden stalls in the country are relieved, and finally can no longer be with this pervert, but the wave set off by Bright Sword has just begun!
        "The hit drama "Bright Sword" ended yesterday, and the 15.6 super-high ratings hit a new high!"
        "Zhou's original work "Bright Sword" 15.6 has a very high viewership rating!"
        "'Bright Sword' explains to us what it means to be a real hit - the average rating is 13.42, the highest is 15.6, and the share is 38.7!"
        "Shocked! This is the reason why "Bright Sword" is so popular!"
        There are also good reviews online.
        "Everyone knows how hard-won the peace is now!"
        "May I be a Chinese in the next life!"
        "You are in the sky, see?"
        "I really want to watch it again!"
        "Me too, when will Fat Brother replay it?"
        "Xiuqin! Monk!"
        "I miss Yunfei too!"
        "May the motherland prosper and become stronger!"
        "This film is so well done, it's a good film!"
        well shot?Can the book from my brother be good?Fat brother fluttered in his heart.
        Seeing a lot of calls for rebroadcasts on the Internet, I'm almost happy, do I want to take screenshots of these netizens' messages and save them for other TV people who will come to talk about rebroadcasts later?
        Fat brother thought that after the finale was over, he would be able to relax for a while, although he had always been relaxed.
        Unexpectedly, Liu Jianmin agreed to CCTV's talk show without asking him, and also promised others that Original Week would definitely be there.
        Exactly, go to the eight sets to ask when the money will arrive, but there is still something to do before going.
        "Boss, the bright sword is over, are you cash or card?"
        Then got a right to Yihui Film and Television.