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177 Waiting for you to be taken away by Zhou or else

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        Brother Fat also doesn't know how Yihui came up with these two hundred million, but according to his deliberation, it should not be so smooth, because the money was transferred from seven or eight accounts one after another, adding up to exactly two hundred million.
        "Alas! It seems that these big bosses are not having a good time!"
        The fat brother looked at the phone and sighed, then stepped into the CCTV building again.
        There are good things and bad things. I don’t know if God thinks that Fat Brother’s money is too happy. He was a little groggy last night, and his head is heavier in the morning. !
        This time, Song Guoan is no longer the dick he looked like last time, he is so enthusiastic! The fat brother mistakenly thought that he was going to default on his debt!
        "Mr. Zhou is here! Hurry up! The tea has been brewed for several times!"
        "There's a bit of traffic on the road."
        The fat man was embarrassed.
        Song Guoan had an aggrieved expression on your face.
        "The money has already been prepared, the amount is a bit large, but it should arrive in the afternoon!"
        The fat brother was still thinking about how to speak, and Song Guoan gave him a reassurance.
        "Haha, it's all little things, it's all little things..."
        The fat brother pretended not to care. It was really too fake. Gu Pan, who was watching, rolled his eyes, and didn't know who was sighing along the way.
        After the story of "Bright Sword" was turned over, Song Guoan asked, intentionally or unintentionally, if the studio had any shooting plans recently~ Does Mr. Zhou have any books in his hand that haven't been filmed yet~
        The fat brother knew what Song Guoan meant as soon as he heard it, put down the teacup, and said slowly: "There is a book, but the plan is for next year."
        Song Guoan became anxious as soon as he heard it: "Don't! You let our eight TV dramas drop from the 15.6 legendary drama to one or two points. The gap is so big that I have a myocardial infarction!"
        "I want to shoot too, but the key point is that our studio hasn't started for a long time, and we really can't find any people, Song Tai!"
        The fat brother spread his hands and said with a face full of embarrassment.
        "Well! It's also a hassle! How about we get along?"
        "In harmony?"
        Big brother, why don't you play cards according to the routine? The fat brother originally thought that for his own sake, Song Guoan should say something like "that's a pity" or "we must consider us next year".
        "Co-production! You write the script, and we will find a way for the rest."
        Song Guoan patted his chest, with a disgusting look of me helping my brother to solve your problems.
        This bastard takes advantage of Lao Tzu and still looks sane, as if I still owe him a favor! Who in the circle is not waiting for Brother Fatty's new drama, everyone knows that his script is good, as for buying his script? Most people don't think about it! People have money and scripts, so why should they give you the money?
        It is precisely Song Guoan who is the other small group.
        The status of CCTV and the blessing of his deputy director status, coupled with the recent halo brought to him by "Bright Sword", made him a bit like a full-blown balloon, and he was about to go to heaven.
        "Well, Song Tai, your idea is very creative, I'll go back and think about it!"
        Song Guoan raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, but didn't say anything more, but said with a smile: "Haha, drink tea, drink tea."
        "I'm really afraid that you will flip the table on the spot."
        After the three left the "sphere of influence" of the eight sets, Dai Zhiyang said in a low voice with lingering fears.
        "Our dean taught me from a young age that a man must have the ability to lift the table and the cultivation of not to lift the table!"
        The fat brother said solemnly.
        "Your orphanage still teaches this?"
        I don't know if others believe it or not, anyway, Dai Zhiyang doesn't believe his nonsense.
        "Fatty brother, do you want to say that you didn't lift the table just now, is it because you are cultivated?"
        Gu Pan interjected.
        "No, brother just simply doesn't have the ability to lift the table."
        The fat brother replied with a little sadness, his nose was a little stuffed.
        As soon as the three of them arrived at the backstage of the recording and broadcasting, Liu Jianmin arrived with several leading actors of the "Bright Sword" crew.
        "You kid TV finished filming for you, and the shadows are gone!"
        As soon as they met Liu Jianmin, he scolded the fat brother viciously, and several of the leading actors watched the joke long ago.
        "Director Liu, you have wronged me! You became famous after your comeback. There must be countless directorships of commercial cooperation and major production crews waiting for you. At worst, there are a large number of Yingying Yanyan looking for you. How can I disturb you at such a critical time!"
        It's the fat brother who dares to joke with Liu Jianmin like this.
        "Damn, you're still Yingyingyanyan, let's see how I clean up you!"
        While talking, Liu Jianmin stabbed the fat brother in the forehead, listening to Dai Zhiyang making a small report to him that he has been eating at home all day and waiting to die recently, blinding such a gifted talent!
        When a group of people were joking about Fat Brother, the host of the "Artist" column group, Fu Heng, came over with a smile: "Director Liu, why do I think that the role of Li Yunlong is the most suitable for you, haha."
        Wei Changxing looked like he was in his forties, dressed in casual and loose cotton and linen clothes, he looked like the owner of a restaurant, who was about to appear on the show.
        As he spoke, he looked at the young man who was "lected" by Liu Dao. He was much more interested in Zhou Bubuo than "Bright Sword". He was born in an orphanage, but he was able to traverse many fields in less than two years, and he still made a splash. If he continues to maintain it, it is estimated that Zhou will be able to write about his legendary life in a few years. a book.
        "Artist, I'll tell you the story behind the stage and behind the scenes! Hello, everyone from the audience, I'm Fu Heng."
        Clap clap clap clap!
        "Who is the guest here today, I have to keep it a secret! Let's watch a TV clip first, and everyone can guess!"
        The large LED screen at the back of the stage slowly turned off, and when it turned on again, not a single person who appeared on the screen did not know each other!
        "Second battalion commander! Where's your fucking Italian gun?"
        "What the hell is the elite, what I fight is the elite! What is the Bushido, what I fight is the Bushido!"
        Sections of impressive clips flashed on the big screen, and the audience below shouted: Bright sword! Li Yunlong! Ding Wei!
        "I would like to invite today's artist guests: Liu Jianmin, Chen Wenchang, Gu Peng, Zhou Bubu..."
        There was thunderous applause from below, and Gu Pan forced Fat Brother to take cold medicine before going on stage. Fat Brother felt that he would definitely be able to overcome the disease, but Gu Pan seemed to be afraid that he would die, and he was so nervous.
        The first three people lined up to appear, there was a short space in the middle, and then the fat brother ran two steps behind to catch up with Gu Peng who was at the end, which caused a burst of laughter from the audience.
        After several people introduced themselves, everyone didn't expect that the host was the first interviewer to be Fat Brother, but this was also in line with everyone's wishes. The audience especially liked Fat Brother's funny.
        "Otherwise, I think you almost fell behind just now. Did you wander off on desertion?"
        Fu Heng asked with a smile.
        "I can't come out until I hear you calling my name! If I didn't arrange to interview me, how embarrassing you would say when I ran up..."
        "Didn't the staff tell you?"
        Fu Heng said with a look of surprise.
        "Should have told my agent, but my agent didn't tell me anything, and I came over after I was brought. I was thinking that I could meet Director Liu here! We met no one just now. Tell me about it, and I'm still thinking of coming over to watch the fun, otherwise I'll be out of the CCTV building."
        "Why did your agent take you to CCTV for a walk?"
        Fu Heng's words made the audience laugh again.
        "No, I went to the eight sets to collect the money, isn't this just upstairs from you!"
        As soon as the words came out, the audience burst into laughter. The fat brother was inexplicable. What are you laughing at? What's so funny about taking money? Is it right to pay off debts?
        "Sure enough, it's still that fat guy!"
        "This guy doesn't do anything actively, except to collect money, this makes me laugh to death!"
        The host of "Art Life" Xie Xin also dressed up and sat in an inconspicuous corner in front, looking at the innocent fat brother on the stage, holding back a smile and saying: "Fu Heng, Fu Heng, you Even laughing at me, I want to see if you will be misled by Zhou or this guy today!"