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179 Mr. Fu, did you roll over too?

        When Fu Heng and Liu Jianmin were chatting happily, there was a burst of suppressed laughter from the audience below. Many of the audience left the seat and stood up, taking pictures of the people on the stage with their mobile phones.
        Fu Heng frowned slightly, what is this for? We are recording the show, so there is no order at all! Just as he was about to ask the security guard to persuade him, out of the corner of his eye, he swept the fat brother who was lying on the sofa with his head tilted.
        He actually fell asleep? ? ! !
        Not only Fu Heng, but Liu Jianmin and several others also discovered that this strange flower was actually sleeping.
        Chen Wenchang even put his microphone slowly in front of the fat brother's mouth and nose, and the slight snoring was amplified by the microphone, and the audience could hear it clearly!
        "Fat brother actually fell asleep!"
        "I'm still wondering why this thing is so quiet!"
        "I will be laughed to death by him sooner or later!"
        Chen Wenchang, who likes to be funny, came up with a bad idea at once. After whispering a few words to Fu Heng, Fu Heng also smiled wickedly when he heard this, and then stood up and said loudly: "Thank you again for coming to our scene, and applause to all of you. To you, I hope to bring us more and more exciting works in the future!”
        After he finished speaking, he raised his hands to signal the audience to applaud quickly. The audience immediately came back to their senses, and all stood up and applauded desperately.
        The fat brother was awakened by this thunderous applause, and his first reaction was: Damn! I fucking fell asleep? !
        The second thought was that fortunately no one found me, so let's applaud together! Seeing Liu Jianmin standing up and standing in front of the stage, he also stood aside sleepily, trying to make himself look refreshed. After bowing to the audience, he walked backstage on his own...
        Fu Heng and Chen Wenchang on the field were laughing so hard that they couldn't straighten their waists, and all the audience below couldn't laugh anymore. Xie Xin below was about to get under the chair, and none of the on-site staff could. Standing, even the cameraman was shaking with the tripod.
        Fu Heng finally regained his breath, stood up and was about to ask the staff to call Zhou or else come back, when he saw Fat Brother appear confused again, looked at Fu Heng, scratched the back of his head and asked, "Backstage Ask me why I ran out alone..."
        "Ha ha ha ha!"
        Fu Heng couldn't take it any longer. As soon as he lost the microphone, he rolled over on the sofa while covering his stomach, let alone the audience who was wiping tears. He couldn't bear it at all!
        "It's over, it's over! Come on people!"
        Suddenly, an audience member below shouted, everyone looked at the sound, and saw a pregnant woman sitting on a chair and clutching her stomach. The bottom was wet, and the amniotic fluid was broken? !
        "What else are you looking at? Take it to the hospital quickly!"
        Fu Heng reacted immediately. The fat brother behind him reacted faster than him. He rushed down to pick up the pregnant woman and rushed out. The pregnant woman's husband followed behind. His wife was more than 9 months pregnant and her weight had doubled. , How could he hold it, even the fat brother was sweating profusely, and he didn't know if he was frightened or tired.
        "The person in front hurry up and get out of the way!"
        The fat brother shouted while hugging the pregnant woman, and the veins on his neck burst out.
        The pregnant woman put her arms around the fat brother's neck and hummed, "fat brother, fat brother, you have made me miserable!"
        "You are almost born, why are you running around!"
        The fat brother has no good air. This guy is really heavy. Have you been lacking in exercise recently?
        The pregnant woman was willing to say a few words to explain, but her stomach was hurting badly.
        After hurricane all the way to the nearest hospital, the fat brother washed a little and waited outside the door with the staff of the program team and the family members of pregnant women. He was worried about whether the fetus would be hypoxic or not.
        An hour later, the door of the operating room opened, and the doctor came out and said with a smile, "Congratulations, the child is very healthy and a beautiful girl!"
        "Fat brother! I have a father!"
        What a pregnant woman's husband wants most is a daughter, looking forward to finally winning the lottery! The doctor's "little girl" immediately knocked him unconscious!
        "Congratulations! You have a father!"
        The fat brother also happily followed his words.
        Gu Pan on the side rolled his eyes...
        Sitting in the car back to the hotel, Dai Zhiyang sat in the front passenger car and kept babbling, ranting about how the fat brother recorded the show, how can it be so absurd, and actually fell asleep, Gu Pan kept saying let's go to the hospital, The fat brother waved his hand and said that he would be fine if he took some medicine.
        As for the fat brother, after the energy just passed, the whole person leaned back on the chair and didn't want to move. Gu Pan actually carried an electronic thermometer with him and gave him a "drip" from time to time, accompanied by Dai Zhiyang in front of him. The nagging sound, the fat brother fell asleep peacefully...
        After being forcibly woken up by Dai Zhiyang and brought back to the hotel, Gu Pan forced him to pour a mess of medicine into it, and then stuffed him into the quilt. When he woke up, it was already after 5:00 the next morning.
        I slept for so long! But it felt better yesterday.
        "Ah! It's really sick like a mountain!"
        The fat brother stretched his waist and picked up the phone at hand. The phone was muted at some point, and found that Weibo reminded that many people were in Aite himself, so they simply leaned against the bedside and started to look one by one.
        The first is a netizen named "Xiaojun's Music Box". This should be the pregnant woman yesterday. He posted on Weibo and Aite said: "Mother and daughter are safe. The one I want to thank most is the fat brother... Balabala."
        The fat brother replied congratulations, and then asked the child's name, thinking that many people must be sleeping at 5 in the morning, but unexpectedly replied in seconds: "It's called Xiaoxiao."
        Fat brother: "It's a very good name, do you want to laugh often in the future?"
        Music Box: "Because she was the one who made me laugh!"
        Fat guy: ......
        The two of you are really not a family and do not enter the same house, what a wonderful meaning! Do you plan to explain it to her when the child grows up and asks?
        Looking back at the Weibo homepage, I found that the hot search has its own name? Is it the same name?
        Check out the comments from netizens.
        "When can I be as good as Fat Brother!"
        "Fat brother, are you a jerk?"
        "Why are your crew so funny? Teacher Chen Wenchang is bad enough. He even put the microphone in front of Fat Brother to make him snort."
        "Mr. Fu wants you to say that it's polite. How can you be such a stubborn child, and you still get two money to spend!"
        "Don't you think it's the funniest that Fat Brother ran back to the stage with a confused look! I guess the backstage staff is also confused!"
        "Staff: Hey, fat brother, why did you come down? Fat brother: I don't know~"
        "Why do I feel that Director Liu Jianmin is also super funny! He has the same style as Fat Brother, with a serious face..."
        Of course, there are also videos of rushing out with pregnant women in the back.
        "I also think that when you are about to give birth, don't run away!"
        "Who knew that the guest who came was Zhou or this guy?"
        "What you said upstairs makes sense! The atmosphere of Mr. Fu Heng's show has always been relatively quiet."
        "Please, can your program team let you know in advance when recording programs in the future? If Zhou is not going, the elderly, pregnant women, patients with heart disease, and patients with high blood pressure should not watch it."
        "And don't watch it if you just finished eating. I was laughed at yesterday, the first time in my life!"
        "Haha, so it was you who vomited yesterday! Hahahaha!"
        Even Xie Xin commented below, and also forwarded Aite to Mr. Fu Heng: "Mr. Fu, you also overturned? Don't say that I can't control the field in the future..."
        "Fat brother is a master! He broke two CCTV generals at once!"
        Netizens thought that they were here, but they didn't expect to blow up Fu Heng again, and even teamed up with Fat Brother to tell jokes.