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186 Born to be a human being, Lao Tzu advises you to be kind

        The next day, when Fat Brother arrived at the studio, he saw Dai Zhiyang clutching his hair and tilting his head, staring at the computer monitor.
        "Lao Dai, you are very fast. I was thinking about asking you to buy a hot search or something yesterday. Today, it will make a headline on Weibo. Your speed is good enough. It took a lot..."
        "I didn't buy it."
        Dai Zhiyang raised his head and replied tangled.
        After a morning of research, Fat Brother finally found out that the headlines and hot searches on Weibo were completely topped by netizens spontaneously!
        Dude, this show seems to be on fire!
        The most discussed topic on Weibo is "Where Are We Going, Dad?", discussing which dad is the funniest, which is the most competent, and which has the cutest and best-behaved children.
        Weibo deliberately held an online polling event, and the most popular dad was Zhou Buuuuuuuuuuuuuu, who made up the count!
        The most popular cute baby is Menger, the daughter who was "sent" to him by the program team.
        "Parents are worthless to give birth to such a daughter!"
        "If I were Meng'er's father, I wouldn't let her call someone else's father if I were killed!"
        "What is Meng'er's surname, and whose child is it, do you know?"
        "I only knew that Fat Brother was a little funny before, but I didn't expect him to be on the show, and his funny attributes were all at a glance."
        "I think Qi Siyuan and the others are very funny, completely different from the image on the screen in the past."
        "Is the first criterion for recruiting people in the program group to be funny?"
        "But I don't think Qi Siyuan was too harsh on Shan Shan. He was trained so badly when he overturned his motorcycle in the second episode."
        "I also think it's a bit too much. After all, Shan Shan is only five years old. He is really good. He is polite and will take the initiative to help other girls."
        "My five-year-old son is no different from a demon king. He knows to find trouble for me all day long, which is far worse than Shan Shan."
        "Zhou Buuuuu and Qi Siyuan are so nervous about Meng'er. I can understand that for the effect of the show, but with a child, I think it's really too much."
        When got here, the style of painting changed a bit, from complimenting Menger for being cute, beautiful and sensible to being a young lady, squeamish and pretentious, and even asking other children to carry a vegetable basket. An adult forced to death, you can imagine how ugly they said.
        But it didn't take long for the sunspots to be rampant, and the old fans of Fat Brother came out to make a scene for him.
        "You know a hammer!"
        "Where is the wild dog barking here!"
        "I'm sorry, it's my dog!"
        "Who the hell are you talking about!"
        The brain-dead blackheads immediately began to pinch the fat brother's fans and some insiders on the Internet. The eighteenth generation of the ancestors of both sides were busy, and finally a slightly sensible insider sent a long article explaining in detail what happened.
        "As we all know, Brother Fat is an orphan. It is inconvenient to say which orphanage he was born in. He has broadcast Menger's appearance in the live broadcast many times in the orphanage, and even took Menger to the playground on the live broadcast, and he will be in the whole process. Menger is well protected!
        I believe that the old fans of Fat Brother are no strangers to this cute little Menger, but it is a pity that God is too fair, giving her wisdom, but not her parents, giving her a cute and lovely appearance, but not giving her health !
        Menger suffers from congenital brittle bone disease. If the external force is slightly heavy, it is very easy to fracture, and once the fracture is extremely difficult to heal, those who do not know the disease can check it online.
        This is why Fat Brother has to protect her so closely. If the motorcycle hits other children, it may be an injury or a broken bone, but if it hits Menger, it may kill her! "
        When everyone was still hesitating whether this sentence was true or false, Fat Brother immediately liked and forwarded it and commented: "There is a sentence I want to send to those who speak out, born as a human being, I advise you to be kind!"
        The fat brother actually showed up, and the fans of justice seemed to have found the backbone at once. The replying team was neat and tidy, and all of them were this sentence "born to persuade you to be kind".
        Pengcheng Satellite TV came out and forwarded it, and Qi Siyuan and other stars who participated in the show also stood up for the first time, accusing these brainless people.
        Even the Pengcheng Public Security Bureau left a simple but imaginative comment: "The Internet is not a place outside the law!"
        Fat brother is angry, but Dai Zhiyang is not in a hurry. In his opinion, this is a good thing. If someone scolds it, it will arouse the attention of others. Otherwise, why are there so many TV dramas and movies before the release of the protagonist and the film crew. To gain attention.
        But Brother Fat is really powerless to these Internet trolls. It is unavoidable to enter the entertainment industry and be carried and trampled by others. He is just distressed for Meng'er. She could have had to bear all of this. She was doing it for Fatty Brother suffered.
        So no matter how busy he was, he would go to the orphanage to visit Meng'er every day. Seeing that she was completely unaware of all the disturbances outside, Fat Brother felt a little more at ease.
        Fat brother's daily life has become regular and busy. He will be filming "Where Are We Going, Dad" three or four days a week. The highest ratings of the second two episodes of the show have broken 4! A staggering 4.2 was achieved!
        This increase simply overturned the perception of Jiang Nan, the director of Pengcheng Satellite TV. He is now in pain and happiness in changing the law. The happiest thing every day is to receive a phone call from some big family, requesting to buy "Where Are We Going, Dad"? advertise.
        What? The title is gone? What about the pre-show commercials? gone? Mid-roll and post-roll ads are gone?
        What is there? Lao Jiang, how many years have we been working together, you see, every time you ask me for help, have I ever said a word of nonsense, think of a way to insert an advertisement for me!
        Every time he gritted his teeth and replied that there was no place for others, Jiang Taichang was bleeding from his heart, and it was all white money!
        In the past, variety shows begged grandpa to tell grandma to sponsor and pull advertisements everywhere, but now it is the other way around. Everyone knows that this change is due to the excellent quality of the show. Everyone is so warm and respectful to Zhou or the people in the studio. .
        In addition to Pengcheng Satellite TV's huge profits, the rising ratings indicate that the studio will soon have another huge income. The program's high popularity is most directly reflected in several star dads.
        The music company is about to release a new album for Gao Zongshou;
        Lu An is about to start a new personal show;
        The endorsements and advertisements Qi Siyuan received made him even more dazzled;
        As for Li Jingping, the director, investors threw cash at his desk, just asking him to put a name in the new film!
        Fat brother is even more pleased to win the title of "National Husband". He is the most eye-catching performance on the show. He can take care of children and coax them. He is skilled in cooking and has a good personality and humor... The most important thing is that people are rich!
        Before he filmed "Bright Sword", some media revealed that he had garnered nearly 800 million yuan just by the TV show of Bright Sword! This time, another insider revealed the way he cooperated with Pengcheng Satellite TV, as well as the income expected to bring him after more than ten episodes of "Where Are We Going, Dad"!
        The girls are all stunned, is this shitty quiet so rich!
        The quality of Fat Brother's fans has been rapidly sublimated. From the past, most of them were big men with big feet, but now they are all beautiful women, and the various styles of the Queen of Royal Sister and Loli are really chaotic and charming. what.
        . m.