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189 Follow the trend

        The entertainment section of the news is never short of news.
        Model couple Li Fei and Fan Mengmeng have a relationship and divorce is imminent? "
        "Yihui and Xinghui join forces to create a popular variety show - "Dad is Back"!"
        "Jiangsu and Zhejiang Satellite TV's large-scale parent-child reality show "Mom is not at home" has been confirmed as a project, and the stars that have been confirmed to join are..."
        "Director Gu Tai and Zhang Lili...and Li Rui held the launch conference of "April Day in the World"..."
        Seeing Li Rui's name, the fat man smiled.
        Whenever Li Rui saw the news of "Where Are We Going, Dad", he would burst into remorse, but soon he persuaded himself again: Isn't I participating in variety shows just to catch the show? It's more popular than the people in "Where Are We Going, Dad", for sure!
        Li Rui happily waited for the shooting to start, and searched for his name on the Internet over and over again. He was very satisfied with the few stills in the search results.
        "The angle of this photo is great!"
        "But what the hell is this one that took my face so big!"
        "The second male actor is confirmed to be played by the famous actor Li Rui!"
        Li Rui imitated the voice of the broadcaster and said this sentence in a full and eloquent manner, and his mouth was already laughing hard after reading it.
        Then read the next news: "Otherwise the studio will sue Li Rui for breach of contract..."
        Li Rui? Same name as me?
        Quickly click in and take a look: "Where Are We Going Dad? The crew... reserve the right to sue Li Rui!"
        Li Rui was a little panicked, and after reading it over and over again, his heart couldn't help sinking!
        "Ring bell bell!"
        Li Rui was startled by the sudden ringing of the phone, it was his manager.
        "Otherwise, Zhou will sue you for breach of contract and will seek compensation from you. What's going on?"
        The manager's frantic voice came from the other end of the phone.
        "Recovery? Me, I don't know... I remembered it!"
        Halfway through Li Rui's words, he suddenly remembered what was going on!
        After he signed the contract with "Where Are We Going, Dad", he asked if he could give the money first, and the program team paid all the money in advance. As a result, after the two sides terminated the contract, he was busy working on a new production crew, and his hands were nervous. See you If Zhou didn't look for him, he would definitely not be stupid enough to take the initiative to pay back the money, but now they have come over.
        Otherwise, this despicable villain! I don't mention it sooner or later. I only came here when my new drama is about to start shooting. This is trying to ruin me!
        After the agent learned the whole story, he quickly got in touch with the other studio, hoping to return the 2 million paid to Li Rui at the beginning, but the studio had been holding back for so long, and there was such a big scene, how could it be possible to just That 2 million?
        "How? Did they agree?"
        As soon as the agent entered the door, Li Rui quickly got up and asked nervously.
        The agent first nodded when he heard the words, and then shook his head again.
        "You're nodding and shaking your head, what do you mean by talking! You're going to kill me!"
        Li Rui said in a hurry.
        "They accept losing money, but not 2 million, but 20 million."
        The agent said lightly, that he was about to cry stupidly by Li Rui.
        "Otherwise, Zhou is crazy about money! Why doesn't he grab it! Every single touch of his mouth will turn me 10 times over!"
        When Li Rui heard this, he became mad and cursed loudly.
        "Otherwise Zhou didn't talk nonsense. When the contract was terminated, you signed the agreement to pay 10 times the compensation yourself."
        Having said that, the agent is already sympathetic.
        When Li Rui heard the words, he knew that it might be true!
        At the beginning, in order to be able to cast here earlier, the procedures and procedures over there were in a hurry. In the absence of the agent and the legal counsel, he signed a lot of various agreements. Dig yourself a hole in it!
        "Did you see that agreement?"
        The agent nodded when he heard the words.
        "Want to piss me off? I won't let you succeed so easily even if I fight with you!"
        Li Rui said through gritted teeth.
        Li Rui revised it, pondered for a long time, and finally posted a Weibo, and Aite, otherwise the studio and Zhou would not: "Otherwise, the studio's "Where Are We Going Dad" program team will kill the co-stars in order to make money!"
        Then he described it as a victimized weak person, saying that otherwise Zhou would be three points more ruthless than Zhou Pipi, which would make a person who hears weeping and who sees it sad!
        In his opinion, this kind of thing is unfounded, just like the yellow mud fell out of the crotch. As a public figure, even if it is clarified afterwards, there will definitely be some people who will still choose to believe in themselves.
        Although Li Rui is barely considered an 18th-tier star, he is still very clear about these things. As expected, a large number of people who don't know the truth choose to believe him, and they are still working hard to follow him. Booing from behind.
        "I didn't expect Zhou to be such a person!"
        "You build a school and donate to an orphanage. Why are you doing such a high-profile charity plan? Isn't that revealing the truth!"
        "It's not that they didn't pay it back, it's just a few days late. As for those who are on the line like this, should they sue the other party!"
        "Agree with the one upstairs. It's only 2 million, it's not enough for Zhou or the car's money!"
        "Another person in the entertainment industry has collapsed..."
        "Isn't it okay for people to have difficulties for a while, or Zhou, it must not be less than 2 million."
        "He just got 200 million from Yihui, how could he be so short!"
        Fans of Fat Brother are not happy at first sight. His fans have upheld the fine tradition of their own inferior idols, that is, no matter who the other party is, no matter how many people the other party is, if they say they are torn, they will be torn, and there is absolutely no ambiguity!
        "You know a Jiebao! Mao doesn't even know that he's learning to talk about it here!"
        "Crash your sister, collapse!"
        "2 million is not money anymore? You are so arrogant, you help Li Rui pay back the 2 million!"
        "Are you justified or what? You should be used to you when you are poor?"
        "Is it difficult to understand this matter? Debt and repayment are only natural!"
        "Isn't this just that the bitter master owes money to Lao Lai, how come it has become a bitter master and shouldn't be forced to make old Lai?"
        "You guys are crowding the bus and eating instant noodles. You are too embarrassed to say that people are in trouble? They still live on the flat floor, how about you?"
        "Do you know what a fund is? Oh shit, I'm actually competing with a mentally retarded!"
        Seeing that the fire was getting hotter and hotter, the fat man was not in a hurry, but Li Rui, the initiator, was a little panicked. Otherwise, why didn't there be any movement over there?
        Two days after the incident fermented, Fat Brother thought that it was almost the end, and finally announced the whole story on Weibo, impartial!
        Li Rui was originally one of the five groups of fathers and sons selected by the program team. After the filming of "Where Are We Going, Dad", he actually took over a TV series. The situation at that time was that the program team had started filming for nearly a week, and the program team's chief director Of course, Li Rui's withdrawal request was not accepted.
        Whose process is delayed?
        Who pays for the expense of eating horse chews every day for such a large program group?
        The other four are also stars, and as a result, the schedules of several other people are also disrupted. Whose losses are these?
        In the end, an agreement signed by Li Rui himself agreeing to pay ten times the compensation was attached, and no one had to say it in black and white.
        Seeing that the situation was wrong, Li Rui immediately began to play the sympathy card again: "My child is still so young, let's not say whether I have the ability to pay back, even if I scrap it together, it doesn't matter if I suffer, my What will the child do?"
        There are not a few netizens who agree with him. Just when Li Rui's navy brought a wave of brainless netizens and started attacking Brother Fat again, Brother Fat threw another video, which made everyone speechless.
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