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191 Passionate fans

        Just a few days after receiving Li Rui's 20 million yuan, while netizens were still talking about it, the crew of "Crazy Stone" has quietly launched.
        Fat brother is a little unsure if this film will work, so told a few people that we won't do it at the press conference, not to mention saving money.
        When a few people heard it, they thought, um, this is the reason!
        Because the crew "didn't pay attention", the media just mentioned it and said that they were getting together to make a movie, but everyone didn't take it to heart.
        Qi Siyuan plays Bao Shihong, Lu An plays Feng Dong, Gao Zong, who has a taste of an artist, plays Hei Pi, and Fat Brother plays Mike the thief. In order to save money, Brother Dao also let Li Jingping make a cameo appearance, and small supporting roles such as Xie Xiaomeng came from the studio. Two festive-looking people with acting skills were selected to star in the show.
        Although Fat Brother has worked with the crew of "Bright Sword", there is still a big difference between the TV series and the movie. Finally, he can let go of his hands and feet and toss with his own crew. Fat Brother is very excited to be busy on the scene.
        Several other people looked at the set full of "minimalism" and looked at each other.
        "I'm afraid we won't cost 10 million for this play, right?"
        Qi Siyuan looked at Li Jingping a little uncertainly and asked.
        Li Jingping shook his head when he heard the words: "According to his flower method, if he can spend 5 million, he has to check whether he has corrupted."
        "Why don't you save us money, look at you two!"
        Gao Zong didn't take it seriously, he admired Fat Brother's diligent and pragmatic style very much!
        With Gao Zong's affirmation, the fat brother continued to carry forward his style, and he was even more enthusiastic. He asked fans to gather the car to be used for the filming. After the fans who watched the fun personally sent the car over, he was caught by the fat brother for a cameo.
        "Tsk tsk! That's what Yan Guo plucking is like!"
        Qi Siyuan shook his head again and again with a horrible look on his face.
        This time, even Gao Zong is embarrassed to praise the fat brother, your motherfucker is too much.
        However, the fat brother and the fans had a lot of fun, and the national fan group was very lively all day long.
        "Fat brother's new play is not good enough? I can make a cameo!"
        "I, I, I! Fat brother, I am a native of Yucheng, and I am a thief in Yucheng!"
        "Fatty brother, you borrowed an office last time in the group, will you still need it? My new office is renovated!"
        Fans didn't feel that Fat Brother was taking advantage of everyone. Instead, they liked to interact with Fat Brother very much. The stars in the crew were not pretentious. As long as they were Fat Brother's fans, they would greet everyone enthusiastically and take photos and sign autographs. is not a problem at all.
        Fans who came to visit the class from other places sent the photo to the group, and they immediately envy others, especially some local fans in Yucheng. Everyone began to visit the class in an organized manner, and the crew seemed to be almost a tourist attraction.
        However, the fans of Fat Brother are still very orderly and quality. Most of the time they are on the sidelines, they will not interfere with the normal progress of the shooting, and they will respect the request of the crew not to take pictures, etc.
        Gradually, some fans began to follow the group on a daily basis, and some local fans helped the crew allocate local resources, etc., just like filming their own dramas, they were extremely distracted.
        In their opinion, it is a very happy thing to be able to stay with idols and so many stars every day.
        "Crazy Stone" was completed in more than three months, and Li Jingping swore that it was the shortest film in his life, and of course, the smoothest film.
        If he has any new ideas or new requirements, the crew has any needs for venue personnel and resources, as long as he puts it up, Zhou Bei's fans will come up with a solution together, and what can be solved that day will never be delayed until the next day, Li Jingping even joked that this This drama was made with the concerted efforts of the people.
        Rao is the fat brother who is thick-skinned and a little embarrassed. He wants to give them money, but they don't want it. Come and help, if something fails, will take a leave of absence with Fat Brother in the group, which is more conscientious than the regular ar of the crew.
        The fat brother was so moved that he could only silently write down the names of these fans and hide his gratitude to them in the bottom of his heart.
        The later stage of the film is also quite fast, without any special effects, and without any difficult shooting and editing, and it is basically finished in half a month.
        When it was submitted for review and released for release, Li Jingping took it all by himself, and the fat brother could only join in the fun by beating and beating drums.
        After watching the film at Qianda Studios, although thought it was very good, the release time of this film was very embarrassing. It happened to be Christmas and New Year’s, and “Crazy Stone” had to compete for the market with domestic and foreign blockbusters at the same time. It would be nice if people could let them go.
        Therefore, although the cooperation has been negotiated, the number of screenings and time periods are not very good, and it can even be said that it is very poor!
        There is only one show a day in first-tier cities, and it’s daytime. There are only a little more in second- and third-tier cities. The matching resources are still very poor. All the marketing and publicity resources of the studio are given to those special effects masterpieces abroad.
        Fat brother didn't go to fight with domestic and foreign blockbusters to burn money for publicity, just let the starring actors mobilize their fans, send Weibo or something, this kind of New Year's strong file tens of millions of publicity costs are lost Going in may not be able to bubble, or save it.
        Brother Fat himself also made up a Weibo and posted: ""Crazy Stone" is finally set, on December 23rd, thanks to the fans who have provided a lot of help to Brother Fat during the filming, I love you! If you go to the movies If so, then I will love you even more~"
        "Father, are you happy now?"
        "I made a cameo in a movie! Not only will I go, but I will also invite all my relatives to see it together!"
        "What's the matter! Several of the venues are used by our company. When the time comes, I will invite people from the whole company to see it together!"
        "Brother Fatty's debut work, you must support it!"
        "I really envy you fans of Yucheng, when will the fat brother come to our magic capital to film!"
        "I heard that the fat brother is super arrogant, is it true?"
        "The fat guy is super handsome and warm, but he's a little nagging~"
        "When the whole crew was having dinner together, the fat brother didn't let us girls drink, and he asked us to take a taxi home at 8:30 in the evening. He also told the taxi driver that I remember your license plate number. I laughed so hard!"
        "Brother Fatty is almost as good as my dad. Parents will worry about not going home so late, haha!"
        The two female fans upstairs who had been with the group at the beginning originally just said this casually on the Internet, but they didn't expect to be sent all the way up by netizens, and they became the two comments with the highest like rate.
        "I've become a fan of such an idol, my dad should rest assured!"
        "My boyfriend Fan Fat is crazier than me, I just doubt his sexuality, girl!"
        "Mom and dad, you can rest assured, my idol is not a sloppy fan!"
        Fat brother is going to die of laughter by these teasing fans when he sees the comments. He was a little worried about the film's performance, but he is relieved at once. Isn't it just a few million. It can make people who like him so happy. Fat brother feels very worth it.
        Looking forward to looking forward, December 23 finally came.